37 thoughts on “will this ever be out of fashion? it seems they simply made a perfect jacket too soon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bomber jackets are great but anything with an attached hoodie made out of different material and in different color looks like shit

  2. Sieg heil says:

    Aren’t these called gay jags?

    Because you bite the little patch while getting hecked and the elastic waistband is cut high and sucks in tight so keeps away from your exposed asshole?

    • Anonymous says:

      no it doesnt
      military is always in, not to mention its quality durable shit
      you can wear it in the woods, you can wear it in the city

      • Anonymous says:

        ok i noticed my dad is anti-color anything except black, grey, dark green, or dark blue. He calls out anything brightly colored for nigs
        Is it really that bad to have some fun color in your life?

  3. Anonymous says:

    >be me
    >haven’t looked at /fashion/ for 5+ years
    >let’s see whats changed
    >jesus hecking christ these aspies are still talking about MA-1 bomber jackets 10yrs after they were fashionable

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