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  1. Anonymous says:

    former dermatologay medical assistant here,

    All moisturizer is pretty much the same, they’re just different in marketing techniques. Never trust the expensive shit, ~~*they*~~ just want to drain your bank account because you’re stupid.

    Simply get one that doesn’t irritate your skin (everyone is different) and best time to apply it is after a shower/washing your face to lock in the moisture and keep you hydrated for longer.

    I also recommend doing MINERAL sunscreen, SPF 30-50 is fine, (face, chest/neck, and tops of the hands) applied/re-applied every 2 hours that you’re in the sun for the best protection and to keep your skin looking young. You can also get moisturizers that have sunscreen in them for a 2 in 1.

    DO NOT USE CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN, although it soaks into your skin better and doesn’t leave that white/pale cream look to your face, it’s not good for your skin long term.

    Hope this helps you stupids.

    • Anonymous says:

      how do you know if it’s chemical sunscreen or not. also does a SPF moisturiser like picrel count as a chemical sunscreen?

      • Anonymous says:

        dermatologay here

        Google is free. Search up what the difference in mineral vs chemical sunscreens are. Biggest takeaway is to look at ingredients. 95% of the sunscreen aisle in places like Target/Walmart are chemical sunscreens. You gotta look hard for mineral sunscreen.

        NTA, but if they are natural and artificial chemical free it’s fine

        Pretty much this. Bonus points if it’s mineral, but I’ve never used that form of sunscreen to know if they sell it that way. It’s not gonna kill you to use chemical sunscreens, it’s just not as healthy and I’m really health conscious.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was asking how you know if it’s chemical/mineral? Will it say, because I’ve never seen a sunscreen that calls itself a chemical/mineral sunscreen on the bottle

          • Anonymous says:

            you should try and learn to fish instead of asking to be fed.

            mineral = zinc oxide or titanium dioxide
            chemical = octacrylene, oxybenzone, etc.

            more titanium dioxide makes you look more pallid. i just order chemical sunscreens from japan.

          • Anonymous says:

            >you should try and learn to fish instead of asking to be fed.
            him asking you is him fishing

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve used this before its alright, I must have gotten it for free as a gift because I don’t remember paying even the 15ml price.

        I’ve been using Nivea but the night moisturizer during the day and my skin has cleared up since (for the most part I ouch my face a lot etc).

    • Anonymous says:

      are the roll on deodorant bar types of sunscreen fine anon? they’re popular with hikers for the weight reduction compared to a liquid sunscreen but i’m curious if they’re bad for skin.

    • Anonymous says:

      >slightly more expensive
      >$1000 vs $10
      >low tier men
      >reasoning skills
      Sorry to break it to you bud, you’re the only one who doesn’t realize what category you fit into

      • Anonymous says:

        Why does the existence of slightly more expensive things make you so mad ? Is it because you know you simply will never be able to really afford it and there are people who are worth 100000x times more than you? Does it make you feel inadequate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Ingredients: Miracle Broth™, Lime Tea, Moisturizing Spheres
    >Miracle Broth™: Crafted with a blend of sustainably harvested Giant Sea Kelp, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Miracle Broth undergoes 3 to 4 months of fermentation and exposure to light and sound waves, unlocking the renewing power that makes La Mer’s benefits so unmistakable.
    so $1000 for fermented kelp and a crushed up multivitamin, a scam if i ever saw one

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Brian Johnson said the moisturiser he uses is just reasonably cheap stuff and is autistic and rich enough that he would probably drop a million on it per year if he found evidence it would give better results to do so.

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