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LULZ Posts

New Twitter rules ban misgendering, deadnaming "Happy hunting!"

32 Comments | swack

Using the pronoun he for a male or she for a female is now officially a reason for Twitter to yoink your account. The microblogging giant has a history of suspending people for acknowledging biology, but now the practice is codified in Twitter’s increasingly labyrinthine rules under the hateful conduct…

Toeing China’s communist party line to own the gamers

10 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

When it comes to censorship, China is an absolute mess. Despite becoming an economic superpower and embracing at least some parts of capitalism to enter the 21st century, the mentality of the Chinese government remains firmly authoritarian and deeply suspicious of humor. Let’s start with the Winnie the Pooh silliness.…

Confirmed: GOG employee fired after using trending hashtag

30 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

A joke or silly misunderstanding is all it takes to get fired these days. Disturbed people who feel inadequate and left behind by normal, healthy society coalesce into self-radicalizating echo chambers on the internet — and evolve into digital mobs itching for any opportunity to exact revenge against the world…

Youtuber banned after hilarious murder—of female video game character

17 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

When Shirrako discovered an “annoying” suffragette in Red Dead Redemption 2, he thought it’d be funny to dispatch her in various creative ways and upload the clips to his YouTube channel about gaming. One of the videos showed his character using the cowboy game’s lasso to drag her to an…

Hysterical mob targets Pewds after Ben Shapiro guests Meme Review

60 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

Okay, this is epic. PewDiePie — the world’s most popular YouTube personality and generally wholesome Swedish funnyman — enlisted prominent conservative Ben Shapiro to help respond to memes on the November 2nd edition of his meme reviewing show. And the boo-hoo now being cultivated in the chronically too online petri…

In Ice Poseidon’s wake

6 Comments | swack

“I Ice Poseidons kølvand” was originally published November 2 in Weekendavisen. Translation by LULZ / swack. Cloudining from the /r/Bjorn subreddit helped with the cover pic. For six years Bjørn Lisdorf tried to augment his Danish postal service salary by streaming video games on YouTube and Twitch, platforms where viewers…

Sam Hyde’s dead and here’s the documentary — Blacklisted

17 Comments | swack

You will be forgiven for not knowing about Sam Hyde (✝2011—2018), but you should still watch the documentary youtuber Porsalin just released about the last couple years of his career. Sam is the guy history will record, and not Alex Jones, as proof that censorship just works and is a…