Frequently Asked Questions

We’re all about ensuring your shopping experience is as smooth as your favorite fabric, which is why we’ve put together this list of common questions. Wondering about something not covered here? Shoot an email to and we’ll answer asap.

A design in your store offends me, will you remove it?

No. We believe that every human has something interesting to say, and that they should boldly express it. We may not agree with some of the demographics we design and market apparel for, but so what? If you are a fainting couch type of person, please don’t buy from us or contact us.

Can I cancel an order after payment?

Our system is automated and all orders go into processing immediately, but email us as soon as possible and we’ll see what we can do on the backend.

Where can I find your size chart?

We include the correct size chart on each product page. Our shirts are pre-shrunk and true to size. Still, tip: go one size up for that perfect fit.