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LULZ is an academic journal covering news studies, fact studies, blogging studies, entertainment studies, gaming studies, gender studies, fat studies, youtube studies, and educational philosophy. The science bestowed upon humankind by our articles is held to a higher standard than anything found in current top sociology journals.

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We are currently splitting up some of the custom WordPress work we’ve done on LULZ into individual WordPress plugins and releasing them for free:


Greentext is a simple plugin that enables >greentexting in comments, posts, and pages.

Greentexting, originally from imageboards, is a convenient way to quote, summarize, or tell stories.

The plugin gives any line that starts with the > character (or its HTML entity) a default style of color:green, but you can reference the span class greentext in your CSS to style the greentext however you want. For example: span.greentext{color:blue;font-weight:bold;}