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LULZ is an irreverent entertainment, culture, and lifestyle blog tailored primarily for women. We fill up our insides with exquisite living, sizzling confessionals, and bold takes from the entire enchanted spectrum of womanhood.

Land acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that our servers are mainly located on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present, and we honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe. Any beast felled by us on this sacred land will be taken only according to need, and so far as possible every part of its body will be consumed in reverence of Mother Nature and the circle of life. As well, we offer our condolences and eternal thanks to any critters hurt by the infrastructure providing electricity to our operation.

Our team

As a small collective of horizontally integrated online influencers from a variety of fields and belief systems, we are privately owned and 100% independent. Our mission and operations are guided by a proprietary democratic process powered by Group Chat technology.

Views expressed belong to our highly diverse cast of contributors, which we are proud to say have included titans such as Patton Oswalt, Ellis CooperMikhaila Peterson, Natalie ‘ContraPoints’ Wynn, Sam Sugar, Jason UnruheSara Jay, and Meagan x Rose. We also posthumously published an 8 point Feminist listicle written in 1745 by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Interview subjects have included cultural luminaries such as Jennifer Coolidge, Maddox, Piper Kerman, and Buck Angel.

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What defines us

  • Serving and nourishing the demographics.
  • The consensus avocado model.
  • Intrepid mission statements.
  • Sass. Sassy with a cause. Cause-sassing.
  • The vast majority of the Western world’s editors are owned by half a dozen corporations. We reject the notion of mass market outlet writers having to toe an ideological line.
  • Jim Spanfeller fandom.
  • Self-care. It matters.
  • Lifting up dogecoin maximalist voices.
  • A playful approach to movement and thinking.
  • Think Gibson Girl in a dramatic pastel art nouveau setting, responsible hallucinogen usage.
  • Tell Marcia the slide images are missing.
  • Educate. Rejuvenate. Associate.

I saw a spicy article. Is LULZ.com satire?


(But you posted something I disagree with!)

Please read our guiding philosophy:

The internet arteries are clogging up with pornography tens of billions of articles all telling you the same thing (how/when/whether to consume brand or product), and AI and the continued rise of English in the developing world will exponentially widen that content pool in the years to come. Add to that recipe Big Tech’s unrelenting consolidation of eyeballs in front of fewer and fewer websites and media properties.

You might think it’s a parody website, but it’s not. This website is sincere in what they are saying. […] It’s like Satan himself wrote this.

We believe we are in the opening swell of a tsunami of corporate consumer sludge that must eventually extinguish the human spirit entirely. The human of tomorrow (exactly 5 years from now), will be fed a repeating and ever more thought limiting cycle of content algorithmically optimized to hir particular bucket of manufactured personality flairs, and overt attempts to escape it will be stigmatized as extremely weird — maybe even dangerous.

It’s already happening. The interesting stuff is often way back on page 15 in the search results, out-competed by mega platforms and important narrative setting articles from State Department friendly media outlets. The Overton window of denormalized ways to think is a hungry black hole, and we are at the event horizon, paddling like maniacs.

This is why we enjoy highlighting people with fresh ideas and exploring novel new ways of looking at things. And this is why we are trying to build a platform that will still have the ability to disseminate non-corporate information in the future.

But we are not in the business of publishing anything of dubious factual quality.

If you take the time to explore some of our vast catalog of work, almost all of which is entirely uncontroversial, we know you’ll come to agree.

Said about us

We believe in dedicating ourselves to catering to demographics, and audaciously letting inclusivity and diversity make love to our intrepid mission statements. Our corporate ecosystem is a consensus avocado at the intersection of insourcing and trend cycles.

ThoughtCatalog on nootropics. It’s like the Hitachi of websites. WOW

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