22 thoughts on “So I just have to do this? Every time I was my clothes? Forever?

    • Anonymous says:

      Does it get easier? heck me ironing takes forever. And then you have a hot piece of metal you need to leave out so you don’t start a fire. You gotta set up an ironing board. It’s just so much!

        • Anonymous says:

          I run a company that does million in sales and I hecking hate ironing and my lazy b***h wife doesn’t do a good job of it. Came to the thread hoping for a hack.

          • Anonymous says:

            >Makes millions.
            >Smart enough to run a company.
            >Too stupid to know he can just hire a migrant to iron for him.
            What the heck is your Butler doing?

        • Anonymous says:

          runs a company, doesnt have a maid that does his chores. LMAO

          >runs a company, doesnt have a maid that does his chores. LMAO
          So are low tier men lazy or not? Or is the goal post about to move to "well uh if you pay someone to do it then it’s not lazy?"

          • Anonymous says:

            low tier men have plenty time on their hands to do chores themselfs. Once you run your own company are succesfull your day will be filled up with social activities i.e. networking actual work and other stuff. honestly why would you not have a maid. I dont know any of my friends who do their cleaning themself. So no, its not being lazy its efficient use of time, sometimes you have to spend a bit to gain.

          • Anonymous says:

            We’ve gone from "Only low tier men don’t iron their clothes" to "only low tier men iron their clothes" lmao

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I wash my shirts and pants I wash them on their own and dry them on their own with plenty of space. I fold them and hang them asap. The shirts that get wrinkled I save them for sweater weather. They sell "no iron" shirts, some of them work but I don’t know if they sell them for fancy shirts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ there’s no way a whiny b***h like you runs a company.

    1: Laundry service. Only a couple dollars per item, get them washed and pressed to your liking.

    2: Hire a housekeeper. They’ll do your laundry, clean and cook for you. Also occasionally suck your dick, but that’s hit or miss and honestly not worth it these days. It was a blast for a few years though.

    3: Get better at it and do it yourself. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes total to set up and put away an ironing board,and an iron will cool down pretty quick. Ironing is like shaving,slow going at first and eventually you can blow through it with your eyes closed.

    Train yourself to do it in bulk either immediately after washing your clothes or pick your fits for the week and iron then in advance all at once. Saves lots of time.

    4: Remind your lazy hecking wife that you run a multimillion dollar company and can afford a good enough lawyer to make her miserable during the divorce and not get as much money as she thinks she would.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is why I don’t wear button up shirts. Way too much maintenance. And Ironing them repeatedly fades their color within a few months and makes them look old and cheap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you want to look clean and presentable and not like you just walked out of the hecking dumpster behind Goodwill, yes

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s just part of the weekly routine. Set the timer on your washing machine so it’s done by the time you get up, early Saturday or Sunday morning. Iron all the shirts in one go while you have your coffee and listen to the radio. It’s a comfy ritual and it really doesn’t take long.

    By 8:30 this morning I had washed and ironed eight shirts.

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