When is it acceptable to wear a bathrobe in public?

I’m a 295LBS, 25 year old man. I am comfortable with my large gut. Some women find it charming. Anyway, I have started wearing my robe out of the house. I often have it on anyway and would like to go and get some food. I don’t bother getting any shoes. I just get some of my Dad’s flip flops from the garage. They’re a little too big, and helps complete the look.

I used to have a robe that was far too small for me, and I got some dirty looks from some workers at drive thrus. It looked kinda like the picture.

When am I not allowed to wear my robe? Funerals? I could get a black one.

Am I legally “indecent” when I go out?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wear this wool robe in public
    gets compliments and nobody ever stares at me
    I prob look stupid but it’s warm so it’s ok i guess

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m autistic and love the brand so you’ll think it’s dumb but I like it
        The brand owner is some old niggahead japanese guy who’s really into Western punk culture + outdoors wear, and ofc he loves the Sex Pistols, and I believe the name "Holiday in the…" is a reference to the name of one of their albums
        so him being into outdoors shit, mountain, + he likes Punk shit. It’s a slogan bro uses

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s acceptable at a sauna/public bath, in a hotel, out the front of your house in the morning or late evening, when you are dropping your children off at school and you are in a rush. That’s about it

      W2c? Looks based

  2. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you’re embracing a comfortable and laid-back style! Wearing a robe in public isn’t generally illegal unless it fails to cover certain body parts, which could be considered indecent exposure depending on local laws. Typically, indecent exposure laws require that you cover your genitals, buttocks, and female breasts. As long as your robe provides adequate coverage in these areas, you’re not likely to be legally "indecent."

    As for when it’s appropriate to wear a robe, societal norms generally dictate that more formal attire is expected at places like funerals, weddings, or formal dining establishments. Wearing a robe to such events might be frowned upon or considered disrespectful. For casual outings like going to a drive-thru or a quick store visit, what you wear is more flexible, and a robe should be just fine, especially if it’s a comfortable part of your daily wear.

    If you want to keep rocking the robe but also adapt to different social settings, perhaps having different robes for different occasions could be a way to go—like a more subdued or elegant robe for more formal settings, as you suggested with a black robe for funerals. That way, you maintain your comfort and personal style while respecting the occasion’s decorum.

  3. Anonymous says:

    a bathrobe is a towel basically so you can think when is to ok to just wrap yourself in a towel. not many scenarios qualify if you’re out in public.

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