33 thoughts on “Why do I look like I just shat myself. As for the pants I had them adjusted

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shoulders don’t fit.
    Sleeves are too long.
    Pants are too slim.
    Don’t wear black shoes with a blue suit.
    Wearer is too brown.

    You spent money for nothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like how nobody here knows anything about tailoring and so they just went off the rails and started screaming about brown people and hebrews, never change /fashion/

  3. MWAHnon says:

    you’re wearing the pants too low, the collar is too big, and those shoes are…just no…
    you have great facial genetics just stop wearing this type of stuff

  4. Anonymous says:

    Black shoes are fine with navy. Brown would be a better contrast, but black is fine.

    By the looks of it:
    – shoulders could be a bit too wide and are too bolstered.
    – pants look too roomy at the top and too narrow at the bottom. These are essentially carrot fit pants. What you want is a tighter fit up top, decent tapering down the thigh and pretty straight from the knee down.
    – pants are too long. You want a half break. What you have is more than a full break (google it if you don’t know).

    The lapel roll on the suit is somewhat present but the fit is fairly uncommon (especially the pants) so I‘m assuming the suit is half canvassed and fully fused. Consider buying a better suit.

    If you want more advice, take a picture from the front while standing relaxed and tell me who made the suit/what brand it is

  5. Anonymous says:

    real answer:
    the trousers are too long, so not only do they buckle over top of the shoe, but that ripples all the way up the pants
    don’t listen to anyone else in this thread, they’re all stupid
    black shoes are fine with navy, jacket fits fine and so do the sleeves (probably i cant tell with them lifted up)

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