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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Buy some solid color sheath dresses
    >wear them with pumps
    >only wear simple hebrewelry like a gold chain/diamond studs/etc
    >carry a simple leather handbag or chain wallet
    >keep your nails painted in nude colors
    >ditch the glasses for contacts

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like shit
    Look like some spiritual hippie wannabe
    The long skirt have nice patterns but its too long and don’t match the black

    The thing on your neck is absolutely horrendous

    • op says:

      LOL thanks for the honesty

      i’ll never give up my necklace tho i’ve been wearing it since forever it’s my lucky necklace

      • Anonymous says:

        >it’s my lucky necklace
        NO its not. Stop trying to pretend theres is some magical thing on ugly accessories. Unless it was gifted to you by someone important throw that shit in the trash

  3. Anonymous says:

    >what can i improve
    Hey dude, first off you need to shop for a large black tshirt to fit your wide shoulders, then a pair of 511s probably a size 30 to fit your narrow hips and then a pair of size 12 Nike Killlshots to house your flapping great man feet in style.
    That man bun looks savage btw
    Good luck bro!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Straight male. You look like you’re probably pretty, obviously we can’t really tell with the face occluded, but you don’t look like shit. That dress is sooo Christian, trad, cottagecore that you look totally unapproachable outside of church or something. Now, a lot of guys really like that. But since you’re asking for advice… Solid colors on the dress would already modernize your appearance a ton, even the same item in black would be 90% less granny. Don’t worry about the glasses. I think big frames are still in style right now and I like women with glasses anyway. (My taste is correct, all detractors are wrong)
    Your hair’s nice. You’re not fat. There’s nothing wrong with your style at all, per se, but if you want to look less trad that’s just a matter of ditching archaic patterns and cuts. Hell, go a little crazy and buy some pants.

  5. Anonymous says:

    are you wearing toe socks, i swear im not a foot fetish person just zoomed in to get a good look at the whole aesthetic and noticed that detail. i like to wear toe socks too so i wondered

  6. Anonymous says:

    for everyone saying she looks like a christian girl, you obviously dont live on the west coast where earthy women everywhere dress like this all the time except arent brainwashed by some cringe desert cult

  7. Anonymous says:

    girl you are exactly my type
    Cum and go
    Drip and dip
    Nail and bail
    Nut and strut
    Plow and ciao
    Suck and duck
    Skeet and yeet
    Ram and scram
    Screw and shoo
    Hit it and quit it
    Shoot and scoot
    Smash and dash
    Squirt and revert
    Skeet and retreat
    Rape and escape
    Hump then dump
    Kiss then dismiss
    Finger don’t linger
    Cuddle then scuttle
    Get laid then evade
    Breed then proceed
    Jack off then back off
    Ejaculate and evacuate
    Go down then skip town
    Blow it apart then depart
    Impregnate and immigrate
    Suck on the toes then adios
    Shoot the jizz then out on biz
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    Bust a nut then leave the hut
    Fill that hole then take a stroll
    Spray DNA and refuse to stay
    Smash mouth and dash south
    Shoot your goo and say adieu
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    Make a baby and run like crazy
    Smash her rear then disappear
    Hit the spot then ditch that thot
    Shoot the glaze then run aways
    Blow your load then hit the road
    Give her meat then hit the street
    Shoot your shit then hecking split
    Get some brain then ride the train
    Paint her face and leave the place
    Give her the dick and get out quick
    Fill the crack and never come back
    Ruin her sheets then hit the streets
    Rock her box then change the locks
    Insert your cock then promptly walk
    Make her your playmate then vacate
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    Fertilize with seed then need 4 speed
    Empty your sack and don’t come back
    Cum on her back then get on the track
    heck her fast then leave her in the past
    Get inside her gown then get out of town
    Please your monkey and leave the country
    Prove you ain’t gay then ruck the heck away
    Take her virginity then change your vicinity
    Give it to the pad then make like a black dad
    Prompt her wetting then change your setting
    Explore your sexuality then reposition your locality
    Upload your genetic information then appear in a different nation
    Perform deepest penetration then proceed to change your location

  8. Anonymous says:

    great outfit, really like the skirt.

    i think some kinda cross body bag would go great with this

    if i really had to nitpick i would say that the skirt is has some great colors but they kinda get drowned out by ur top. green looks brighter next to white then next to black if that makes sense.

  9. Anonymous says:

    if you want male attention you need good features to begin with and to not be fat. not being fat is the biggest part, really.

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