25 thoughts on “What the frick were people in the 2000s thinking?

        • Anonymous says:

          I mean that’s the whole point isn’t it? Is it really an outfit if you don’t look put together as a character?

          • Anonymous says:

            yeah tbh, this is the way people should think about fashion, not just "is this /fashion/?" or "will this get me this kind of girl?" or even "does this look good?"
            you need to be a character, you need to express your personality and interests through semiotics and aesthetic signals, and cultivate vibes, you should think of it in third person like you are a movie costume designer designing a character who is kinda like you but slightly more hyperreal, more "you" than you, and how you convey their background, values, goals, and personality traits through their clothing
            its no wonder women generally have more of an interest in fashion since because of their pathology they’re already basically doing this from the outset
            if you have no character, if you’re just some failed-normie twenty-something dude with a nondescript tech job and no specific interests outside triple a vidya and instagram "self-improvement" then sorry, fashion isn’t for you

            unfortunately if people actually realized this then this board would lose half its activity almost immediately, because a lot of it is dumb entry-level questions from people whos entire idea of whats "fashionable" is a vague idea of what normies think is attractive and/or "put together"

          • Anonymous says:

            Interesting. You seem opinionated about fashion so maybe you can help me please. How do you do a shirt? My mom doesn’t dress me anymore and my old clothes I had since high school are getting a bit tattered up. What’s the best shirt & pant combo to cultivate a vibe these days? Brand, brand, colour, type etc. Any suggestions are appreciated.

          • Anonymous says:

            >spoonfeed me
            that goes against the entire point of what i just said you dumbass
            hope this is bait

          • Anonymous says:

            you need to figure out what your style actually is, i wont tell you how to dress and you shouldn’t want me to, if anything you should look for people who can tell you HOW to think about your style instead of prescribing to you what you wear. Frugal Aesthetic is an okay youtube channel for this

            honestly, if you need me to spoonfeed you, you might need to actually think about who you are and who you want to be and what you like before even thinking about what clothes to wear, and in that case fashion isn’t for you. you first gotta stop living on autopilot and figure yourself out.
            philosopher carl jung called this process "individuation" so maybe start there, watch a few video essays whatever
            meanwhile please leave /fashion/, come back when you’re not a stupid NPC who just wants people to tell him what to do

          • Anonymous says:

            >What’s the best shirt & pant combo to cultivate a vibe these days?
            This is a nonsensical question. What vibe? Do you want to just convey any vibe at all, regardless of if it’s something that resonates with you? Why?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone actually think all these 2000’s "rockstars" dressed in these stupid outfits looked cool? When I was a kid I always found them really tryhard and gay. They looked more like costumes than actual clothes to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone dressed like shit in every decade but because the 2000s were the first time cameras became extremely common with phones we have way more pics than before

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah bro tight pants and man bags zoomers wear now is SO much better than trucker hats and graphic tees and v-necks of the early 200s

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