33 thoughts on “Thoughts?

      • Anonymous says:

        You could probably make a better one out of fabrics bought at Joann or Hobby Lobby.

        Shit, even Walmart fabrics are probably more stable than whatever the hell that dress looks like it’s made from.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are literally a light skinned black man with an afro who larps as a woman. You lack the skin color, build, and proper genitals to make this look good. Why do you weirdos insist on namefagging and then thinking no one will remember who you are?

    • Anonymous says:

      i heard once if you see the same photo but simply photoshopped for different color and style, the outfit itself will be shit quality.

    • Anonymous says:


      Nobody asked that.

      Just your thoughts on the dress.

      Why are guys so weird?

      buy ads, temu commies.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi im a girl here so ill actually help, the style is cute but the yellow and black contrast is wayyyy to much, also temu quality isnt that great

    • Vieo says:

      i heard once if you see the same photo but simply photoshopped for different color and style, the outfit itself will be shit quality.


      Actual replies.

      Thank you.

      These are the types of posts this board needs.

      Way too much trolling on this board.

    • Anonymous says:

      this. though it’s not slutty enough.

      btw I love how most lingerie you see on chink sites have a dedicated hole for the cock to go through for trannies and sissies. though to be honest it feels much better when my cock is pushing against the tight girlpanties.

  2. Anonymous says:

    b***hes be like
    >omg we gotta save the planet!! mother earth is beautiful, we have to protect her for ourselves and for future generations, also, protect workers rights!!! can you believe women make two cents less on the dollar than men? anyway I love the earth đŸ™‚ oh you vote republican? you hecking climate change denier! we’re all gonna die if we don’t start immediately recycling everything and stop being so wasteful and emitting so many greenhouse gases from making all this cheap worthless stuff we don’t truly need!!
    and then 5 minutes later be like
    >soooooooooo yeah this is my temu and shein haul for this week! it’s weird, one of the tags says "I’m a 12 year old girl and make a dollar a day, please send help" I have no idea what that means! I spent $100, shipped directly from China, such a great value, I’ll wear this stuff for a month and get tired of it and I’ll rinse and repeat every single month forever haha *sips stanley cup, posts angrily on twitter when someone DARES say men can’t get pregnant*

      • Anonymous says:

        Bros, does this work for getting pussy? I see lots of guys(?) defending women on the internet like this anytime someone isn’t willingly letting themselves get stepped on by them. I have to imagine they wouldn’t be wasting time defending random women if they weren’t getting sex because of it? These women are clearly knocking down their DMs begging them for sex, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        gay white knight.

        I guarantee ive crushed more pussy than you and what he said was funny and completely accurate.

        Find a better sexual strategy.

      • Anonymous says:

        bring back white knight shaming, what stopped it? 5 years ago people like you would get a dozen (yous) making fun of you for being the colossal gay you are

    • Anonymous says:

      filtered to oblivion so impossible to tell, alright shape and curves in general though
      >the dress
      ah, yeah. no one cares

  3. Anonymous says:

    as an actual female – not a tranny

    looks like complete SHIT , typical shein chinese sweatshop quality + the pattern / design is ugly

    if ur a man u probably like it because u see her tits but from an actual aesthetics viewpoint it looks like something a middle aged fat woman would wear. horrendous

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