Why did Fedora's become popular in the 2000s amongst the wrong demographic?

I want to wear a hat that covers my neck when it’s sunny out.
How did fedora’s get such a bad reputation?
From my perspective, they can look good when wearing them for specific occasions:
>With a suit and it’s raining outside
>With a suit and it’s hot/sunny out
>As part of a beach outfit at the beach or on a boat
>The wearer isn’t out of shape or ugly
>The hat is removed when inside or at night time.

18 thoughts on “Why did Fedora's become popular in the 2000s amongst the wrong demographic?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >why did the "m’lady" "born in the wrong generation gentlemen" idolize fedoras?
    nobody will ever know, it’s lost to time

  2. Anonymous says:

    During the 2000s and early 10s some r&b artists wore fedoras and all kinds of other hats. Chris brown ,Justin Timberlake, Ludacris and others wore fedoras and similar hats for like 10 years so it’s not like they just appeared on the heads of fat hecks.
    Why did fat hecks start to wear fedoras ? Because they were popular at the time like I mentioned before and was a way in their heads to dress up an outfit a little. Then the internet grew in popularity,those artists stopped wearing fedoras and only the neck beards kept wearing them and became a meme mostly because lol fat person ugly and stupid

    • Anonymous says:

      The perplexing thing is that while all of the musical artists you mentioned did wear those hats, the styles did not become popular amongst the fans of those musicians/celebrities.
      Fans will often dress in clothing styles similar to the artists they like.
      Fedoras only became popular in the gamer/internet neck beard community.

      • Anonymous says:

        crimers only switch to a somewhat gay new fashion trend if they are explicitly told to do it by someone they idolize.
        for eg everyone mocked foam shoes until kanye told everyone yeezy’s were cool and then black dudes are suddenly wearing them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its just a hat its no different than a pair of sandals. But for starters
    >its a more formal headwear so pairing it with casual clothes is going to clash.
    >Being a fat heck with messy facial hair, minus two points.
    >Final nail in the coffin was the reddit atheist gays, people began associating the hat with them and it was all downhill after that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The same fat stupids who are associated with fedoras wore a lot of dumb shit like waistcoats and pocket watches.

    I think it was steampunk influence?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s basically gonna take Gigachad to restore the popularity of fedoras and trilbys. The damage done to their image by the fedora tipping atheists on the internet cannot be understated. Because instead of people thinking of clean shaven gentlemen of the 1920s wearing one in his 3 piece suit and tie, they think of the graphic t-shirt wearing, 200+ pound neckbeard.

    • Anonymous says:

      It came from the Menswear revival of the late 2000s, part of the wider emergence of what we now call "reddit masculinity". "Old school cool" – beards, bacon, beer, sailor tattoos, Victorian-era fonts, etc. There were a lot of downwardly-mobile hipsters getting to the age where they needed to own a suit or two, but of course they still didn’t want to look like accountants or something, so for inspiration they looked back to when suits were worn by super cool guys, you know, like John Dillinger.

      This new masculine ideal then attracted the sort of guys who gets attracted to new masculine ideals, and their profound autism prevented them from following irrational little rules like don’t wear trilbies with cargo shorts, and then we got what we got.

      Unfortunately hats just seem to go completely extinct in a way that other clothing doesn’t

  6. Anonymous says:


    The big issues are that the ones to the left are too narrow brimmed, with the wearers having too fat faces and too casual clothes. The modern overtly happy looking faces don’t quite help the impression, either.

    • Anonymous says:


      its the clash of old timey formal headwear + casual clothes + ungroomed facial hair that really hecked it up

  7. Anonymous says:

    The meme was worse than anyone who wore one unironically ever was, and the bad reputation came from keyboard warriors on Reddit and Twitter who made it a strawman for anyone they disagreed with or didn’t like. The kids who wore them were either trying to be ska or retro and aside from musicians, the trend was dead by 2010 anyway, years before the stereotypical associations even started.

    Any pic you see with people wearing these that involves religion, politics or gaming was made by memelords being ironic for internet points, and either came from the sites mentioned above or the hat meme Facebook page. The ultimate proof that the stereotype is bull is that even from the beginning, it always had a hundred contradictory definitions depending on who you asked, all of which just boiled down to "anyone who likes what I don’t like".

    Teenagers wore these and sometimes looked silly, that’s the only part that was ever real. Don’t hate kids like the ones in the video or in


    , hate the culture warriors who murdered an innocent accessory.

    • Anonymous says:

      >years before the stereotypical associations even started.
      Not true. I heard about the memes 15 years ago.

  8. Anonymous says:

    fedora are awesome. also I think this is peak fa, more the girl om left but dude on right is near her and both seem to have a certain style so I’d say both are fa but more so the girl with blond hair

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