36 thoughts on “which jeans/pants fit is the best?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because modern clothes are fake and gay. They’re pozzed af. Brands will hebrew you as much as possible to milk the most profit. A few years back only women’s clothes used to be cheap and flimsy. But these days it’s all clothes in general. Probably because most men are now soiboi gays who are willing to cuck for anything.

  1. Anonymous says:

    "Baggy fit" and "loose fit" aren’t actually fits. If you ask for that they’re just going to tell you to go up a size on a straight fit. Relaxed fit basically is "loose fit."

          • Anonymous says:

            hecking seriously though what a joke
            the rise/fly on those jeans is huge. the target they had to hit to have the shirt appropriately sized, even if they wanted it long, is massive. how the heck could they miss?

          • Anonymous says:

            read my post anon.
            the rise isn’t the problem. his shirt is too long. it should end between mid fly, the bottom of the fly at absolute longest. because the rise is long its very hard to heck up fitting the shirt, and they managed to.

          • Anonymous says:

            The shirt is tucked in.
            Long shirt is based, the xoomer mind can not comprehend tunics or what their purpose was

        • Anonymous says:


          he’s wearing 2 shirts

          The funny thing is he’s 6 ft tall too so the cut of the shirt is just shit by default. Levi’s sizing is so bad in my experience. I’m usually a large but had to size down to a small on a Levis jacket because of how oversized it is. Idk who they make these long ass clothes for

  2. Anonymous says:

    skinny/slim is only acceptable if you are a big booty latina who is walking in front of me
    I do not care about anything else, jeans/denim suck as a fashion accessory

  3. Anonymous says:

    levis 501s are unbeatable, straight fit is best for jeans but relaxed is good for cargos etc. anything other than straight fit should be an intentional choice as part of an aesthetic, looks like shit if a guy is wearing just a hoodie and skinny jeans unless he has the proportions of a celine model

  4. Anonymous says:

    Help me out /fashion/ggots, which is better 517 vs 527 levi’s? I’m quite tall so i have long legs (low rise might be an issue).

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