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    • Anonymous says:

      This, every trans girl that actually managed to pull it off that i know is super into them. Don’t know why, but they always buy expensive yohji and main line CDG (or at least reps) things.

      • Anonymous says:

        See, when you say "pull it off" you mean "I saw a photo taken under ideal circumstances and heavily edited, and it wasn’t clearly a man". You will never say "I saw one in public and couldn’t instantly tell it was a man" – trannies and tranny enablers don’t go out in public. They are autistic shut ins with absolutely no grip on reality and think that viewing people in photos and through webcam is normal adult social interaction. They are deprived of human touch and never, ever meet up with others in public. This results in a warped detachment from reality and being a disgusting tranny freak is the end result.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol i know them irl kiddo, not all trans people have to be internet delusional weirdos. Some of them are actually trans and go through hormones and therapy, not just "i want to be le anime heckable girl now let me take diy hrt durr" plus they’re literally normies, furthest they can go is Instagram meme pages. stop being weird on /fashion/ of all places.

          • Anonymous says:

            nothing about autogynephilia is "normie"
            saying you are the opposite gender when it is physically impossible on every level, down to your cells, is not normal.
            They’re mentally ill. They are tolerated and lied to by those close to them that they "pass" or that they are whatever damn gender they want, to keep them from killing themselves. No one actually believes it. It’s like playing pretend with a child, except it’s an adult. It’s a kind lie, but a lie nonetheless. Many people don’t want to participate in the damn charade.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re making me CRINGE. I’d post a jak of you, but you’re not worthy of seeing my collection. gay.

      • Anonymous says:

        >don’t know why
        because they’re men with autism so of course they’re drawn to obscure niche brands instead of basic popular shit like actual women are

  1. Anonymous says:

    yo op, it’s notdifferent from wearing women’s wear. you’ll just have to look for sizes depending on your measurements and body type lol. i.e (if ur tall and skinny look for tall and skinny women’s clothes. if ur short/fat/whatever look for those sizes). don’t let ur transness say you can’t wear regular clothes, you’re still a human like the rest of us lmao.

  2. Anonymous says:

    are cardigans trans? I wanted to buy something like this, was going to look a bit unusual but not like an ordinary gay or trans

  3. Anonymous says:

    Serious answer, it depends on what you look like/how much puberty b***h slapped you. If you’ve got a dorito back as MtF then you’re gonna be limited to baggier clothes that hide your upper frame, and you’re also gonna need to try and balance it out by emphasising your lower figure too (this includes actually getting off your fat ass and exercising, deadlifts, squats, etc). Sometimes it’s just best to postpone until you don’t look like a guy in the face. If you’re FtM then honestly 9 times out of 10 you’ll do fine so long as you don’t dress like a child (See Elliot Paige), the biggest thing you need to worry about is height and tit silhouette.

    Taking all that into consideration, you can wear whatever you want, bar obscene autist tier clothes (anything anime, MLP, Chris Chan-core).

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