>start growing my curly hair out because I'm told girls love it. >looks like frizzy shit

>start growing my curly hair out because I’m told girls love it
>looks like frizzy shit
How do you manage curly hair? It’s impossible for it to not be frizzy

25 thoughts on “>start growing my curly hair out because I'm told girls love it. >looks like frizzy shit

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need something to use after washing your hair. Something like picrel. You can try other brands. There are many that work pretty good.

    • Anonymous says:

      BTW I use cheaper ones that are OK too. You just need to learn to use it. Don’t put too much. Just a bit and then don’t spread it like you have straight hair. Feel the curls bro. Feel the curls.

  2. Anonymous says:

    People will sell you a thousand products and everything will still look like shit. Curly hair is tough to manage and it’s not about moisture and oil, it’s about leaving it the heck alone. Use a very wide toothed comb in the shower to unknot it, no brushing, no fine teeth. shampoo irregularly, anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks between washes, experiment with it. Shake it out when you get out of the shower, and then leave it! Don’t even touch it with a towel, do not muss it, do not brush it, push it back if you must. Once it’s dry, run your hands through it gently with a dab of light pommade to control the last strays. It’s about getting the curls to coalesce. Gently, GENTLY!

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone has shit advice so far, except maybe

      But your real problem is not that you have curly hari is that your hair is probalby high porosity. Basically what your hair does not like is moisture, it is countrintuitive but when your hair holds a lot of water is probably when it is the most dry looking and frizzy. What you should do is

      1. dont use conditioner so often, actually trynot using it at all

      2. dont shower so often, wait untill your hair has a lot of oil, is greasy, and then showe. If you cant wait until your hair is greasy which i s most likely the case, because of job or school, just do what girls have been doing for ages. Before you get in the shower oil youur hair. Use something natural like REAL olive oil, or cocunto oil, ricin oil is also pretty popular, whatever works. Just dont use those styling oils they dont penetrate past the surface.

      3. After you shower dry your hair completely, no matter how much you think blowdrying sucks for you, LOW HEAT and get all the moisture out, then you go to sleep (also forgot to mention, showe before bed not in the morning),

      4. If you really need to shower just wash your body. Girls do this all the time idk why guys have such a big problem with understanding this.

      Basically, DONT GET YOUR HAIR WET.

  3. Anonymous says:

    use good conditioner and argan oil. if it’s really hecked you’re not gonna be able to repair it entirely and you’re just gonna have to wait for the damaged part to grow out and cut it off

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m in the same boat. Had buzz cuts and high fades most of my life because I hated my curls. Growing them out now and I’ve found the biggest issue is moisture retention. Takes an continuous regiment but I started with pic related and now my curls look hydrated and shiny.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried googling, "how to take care of curly hair" you absolute moron? Reddit is unironically better than a dead board for this, even just typing in that phrase into YouTube will yield better results.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It may be cringe but the curlyhair subreddit can really help you manage it well. Personally, if it’s like picrel and you’re white it probably best to keep it fairly short but otherwise keep it long

  7. Anonymous says:

    grew my hair out a few years ago because the whole broccoli hair trend made me embarrassed to have short back/sides curls.
    im still working on it but heres the main tips ive picked up and the general routine ive settled into that moved me from a dry itchy hebrewfro to a comfortable curly mop top:

    1. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR DAILY. dont rinse it with water or anything, keep it dry. washing every 3-4 days works for me but some leave it longer, try different intervals and stick with what works for you
    2. when you do wash, USE SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR CURLY HAIR. cantu is what i use but as before, experiment until you settle on one you like
    3. when you get out the shower, DO NOT TOWEL DRY, let it sit for a bit before you APPLY HAIR CREAM. again, i use stuff from cantu (not a shill, just what i use). stuff like this reduces frizz majorly and gives you some control over how your hair sits.
    once youve got the stuff in, try hecking with your hair as little as possible, just let it air dry and you’ll be good to go.

      • Anonymous says:

        curly hair doesnt retain moisture/grease anywhere close to the way straight hair does. if you shower curls every day you will dry your hair out and end up with unkempt frizz. letting the natural oils sit for a couple days prevents this. same reason you apply cream/oil/spray products after showering, to keep your scalp and hair moisturized

  8. Anonymous says:

    The French already found the cure. Don’t know what kind of black magic voodoo they’re doing to make this, but it works even with 100 percent humidity. It’s a godsend especially during the humid summer. Downside is that it’s expensive,

  9. Anonymous says:

    my hair pattern is 2C that gets dry pretty fast, hers’s what I do:
    wet my hair, pet dry with a very soft towel, apply leave-in conditioner by cantu to the strands for moisture, apply a bit of cantu pomade to reduce frizz and lock in the moisture, blow dry with a diffuser on low heat for better texture and hold.

    take a shower, apply heavy curl conditioner by Hask to the strands very gently and leave it on for a few minutes while washing body, rinse it out and exfoliate my body, pat my hair with very soft towel, apply hair serum (coconut milk) by ogx to the strands, let air dry

    I shampoo only when I notice that my hair gets messy and greasy, which happens like twice a month usually. Once or twice a week I also apply a mix of apple cidar vinegar and water to my scalp and hair and let it rest for 5 minutes to make it more shiny and soft, get rid of any dirt on the scalp and promote hair growth.

    I use a very cheap and mild shampoo that doesn’t have any harsh curl damaging ingredients. I checked all of the products I use on curlsbot dot com to make sure they don’t have any shitty ingredients, you should do that too before making a purchase. Don’t rely on a single brand for uniformity, some of their products can be good while others are shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      some thing I forgot to add:
      Before shampooing my hair I like to apply olive oil and let it rest for 5-10 minutes to stop any harsh stripping effects of the shampoo (which u should only apply a tiny bit to the scalp but some of it will inevitably land on your strands anyways). This prevents the hair from getting puffy and frizzy. Olive oil is also good for the scalp I heard.

      Also this could be just my bad luck, but I’ve tried so many different leave-in sprays that supposedly give u moisture and shine and curly texture but they always suck no matter what brand or how I apply them. Idk what it is about sprays specifically but my hair seems to hate them, so probably avoid those.

  10. Anonymous says:

    agreeing with most everything I’m reading so far but figured I’d still through in my two cents since I really could’ve used some solid advice when I started growing out.

    firstly a quick dissent: argon oil has been venture capital harvested to shit and back and there hasn’t actually been any pure affordable argon oil on the market in like 2-3 years so though it was great for a while, nowadays I’d just stay away. don’t believe me, check the back of the bottles it’ll have a little in there but it’s mostly marked up schmuck

    my general routine is to shower once or twice a week, firstly brushing through my hair with fingers/wide toothed comb to take the initial knots out (not pulling too hard, mostly teasing), then to squeeze the water out once it’s more saturated and apply a fair bit of conditioner throughout, continuing to work it through any knots that I might’ve missed. I then leave it for a couple minutes as I wash the rest of my body etc and then completely wash the conditioner out. I let it dry briefly or gently pat dry it, then add another pretty liberal amount of leave in conditioner and let it air dry the rest of the evening.

    I try to focus on products made for black / mixed women. Namely carol’s daughter hair milk conditioner and mixed chicks curl defining leave in. There being a difference between womens and mens hair products is a complete myth, aside from women’s products being somewhat more expensive. davines also makes a good product but it’s damn expensive. if all else fails, just shill out and see an actual stylist, ask around for one who specializes in curly hair and ask a ton of questions about your exact type and what they’d recommend

    good luck, hope this helps

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