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I got a sport coat for work and tried to wear it casually yesterday. Gray jacket, black v-neck, dark jeans and white New Balance sneakers. I felt pretty confident at first but my wife refused to even look at me and her sister said my top has to match my shoes. “Sandwich rule,” she says.

I like the look. What do you think? Maybe a white t-shirt instead? My only boots are brown.

Summer coming so I may not wear this again for a few months anyway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not the worst thing in the world. There are several things you need to fix before this starts looking passable.

    >Collared shirt
    A t shirt isn’t going to cut it here.
    >New shoes
    You want some casual leather shoes that aren’t sneakers.
    >Hair and beard
    Get a haircut and trim your beard, they both look pretty bad.
    >Sandwich rule
    Sandwich rule is for black guys with colorful sneakers.

    You’re wife and her sister are right that you look terrible, but not right in their advice to fix it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I appreciate everyone’s feedback so far. Tough, but fair.

      Can you refer me to a style you mean by casual leather, not sneakers? All fall/winter I wore waterproof Chelsea boots but with summer coming it’ll be nice to mix it up.
      >hair and beard
      I see a barber once a month. Guess I gotta go more often.

      Could be a great fit. The problem is your execution.
      >sleeves too long
      >waste too low
      >trousers a little too baggy (just a little)
      >sneakers great
      >right color blazer
      >try a lighter shirt, powder blue or even pink.

      Guy at Men’s Warehouse said the jacket fit perfectly ha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could be a great fit. The problem is your execution.
    >sleeves too long
    >waste too low
    >trousers a little too baggy (just a little)
    >sneakers great
    >right color blazer
    >try a lighter shirt, powder blue or even pink.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trousers should be black slacks or white jeans that are more "slim fit" (slightly tighter than loose boot cut jeans)

    • Anonymous says:


      Wtf you did pee. Also center your belt dipshit.

      >listening to the wagie at men’s wear house

      Smear on the glass, not the pants. Also it was the store manager.

      i cant believe people sincerely post this without any self reflection

      this looks terrible 0/10


      • Anonymous says:

        >A guy who became men’s wear house manager
        >listening to him
        I guess this is a lesson in what divides rich and poor

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can either go sleezier or normaler. if you make the outfit more stupid it will be obvious that you know it is stupid and therefore it will be good again. Maybe wear trackpants or sweats instead of jeans, or a graphic tee. get your shoes dirtier . V necks are only for muscular or skinny people.

    You can also make it more normal. A polo would improve the outfit immensely. maybe boots instead of sneakers. also fix your gig line, tighten your belt and tighten your watchband.

    overall you already look better than 80% of people

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bro literally everything about your fit is wrong

    1: Shoulders are massively off. See the divot on your right upper arm where the fabric dips in? Not as noticable on the left but it’s still there.

    2: Sleeves are too long, easily fixable.

    3: Rise on your pants is too low, that’s what makes your jacket look too short. Jacket length should hit mid palm or first knuckle of your thumb when your hand is hanging straight down. It does that, but the low rise of the pants is throwing the look off.

    4: Never wear an suit jacket without it’s matching trousers. Wear a sport coat. Difference between sport coat and suit jacket: Sport coats are normally louder patterns, have rougher texture, are cut a little more relaxed, can have patch pockets, etc. A jacket like yours with flat material is clearly a suit jacket.

    5: Jeans are also too long

    6: Never wear sneakers with a suit jacket.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Going by the rumpling in the shoulders and the bunching up of your armsleeves, your sportcoat is too big. You need to go smaller. The jeans look like they are also bunching up and are too long. Again, get clothes that fit. Also, you really should upgrade from the white tennis shoes to leather shoes. It makes a big difference. If you go for chukka boots you can gain an inch or two of additional height. If you’re going to get good shoes, then go to Allen Edmonds and get fitted and spend the money to get really good ones (as in $400). It’s worth the money. And wear a button up shirt instead of a t-shirt (you can have an undershirt underneath the button-up shirt, made of a thinner material).

    >my top has to match my shoes
    The wisdom is that your leathers (boots and belt) are supposed to match in color, ie brown belts and brown shoes or black belts and black shoes.

    But if you’re getting into sportcoats, you’re on the right track friend. It will build up your shoulders and slim your waist, making you look sharper dressed than most men.

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