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The Great Change Europe is going into multicultural mode and we must embrace it.

2 Comments | Anonymous

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” — Emma Lazarus The human memory is partial to recalling events by their sights, sounds and smells. Being somewhat musically inclined myself I shall always remember & associate the Great Change with the rapturous tribal drumming emanating from the…

The joker brokers

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We all have financially retarded relatives, but this story from a /biz/ thread takes the fucking cake. It started simple enough with this post from MYNFWavb: You guys have genius parents compared to my father. Can’t get into details ATM, but basically he’s been working a job that makes absolutely…

YouTube to “blackmailed” Juncker interviewer: “You don’t want to get on the wrong side of YouTube and the European Commission”

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A french lifestyle YouTuber selected by YouTube to interview European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker claims an employee from the company blackmailed her into asking only softball questions. The video with the accusation — posted September 18 by Laetitia Birbes — contains hidden camera footage of a man in a YouTube…

Violent clashes erupt at Trump’s “birther” press conference

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Fire and blood at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. tonight, as the GOP nominee’s press conference devolves into a full scale riot and hostage situation. Trump had invited reporters to his new hotel today ostensibly to address the “birther” issue, an irresistible lure of soundbyte drama-rama for a…

Exiting the Vampire Castle

60 Comments | Mark Fisher

This summer, I seriously considered withdrawing from any involvement in politics. Exhausted through overwork, incapable of productive activity, I found myself drifting through social networks, feeling my depression and exhaustion increasing. ‘Left-wing’ Twitter can often be a miserable, dispiriting zone. Earlier this year, there were some high-profile twitterstorms, in which…