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Ion Fury bows to ResetEra mob, will donate $10k to LGBTQIA movement over dev’s Discord comment Ion Fury dev busted saying he doesn't think babies should be gender reassigned.

“The mother of idiots is always pregnant.” That’s a classic Romanian saying and it seems that Planned Parenthood is clearly not doing its job any…


NBC News: Heterosexuality unnatural, a global conspiracy to oppress women Beware the heterosexuality rays.

NBC News claims in an August 16 think piece that heterosexuality is unnatural and that a global male conspiracy is programming internalized misogyny into women…


ESA doxxes over 2,000 journalists and content creators attending E3 The accidentally released excel sheet contains names, e-mails, phone numbers, and addresses.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has doxxed over 2,000 E3 media attendees by accidentally posting a list containing their sensitive personal data. The excel sheet,…

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