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Discord has a furry pedophile problem 'Furry' pedophile groups survived the Discord purges despite hundreds of reports. Then activists uncovered a nest of furry admins within Discord, Inc itself. #ChangeDiscord

600 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

Discord is the framework behind modern online communities. The $2 billion dollar startup claims to have 150 million users, 90 million of which log in daily to share pictures and talk with other fans of their favorite youtuber, hobby, game — or sex fetish. Everyone understands that a user base…

4 things to consider before starting your small tech business

3 Comments | Liam Collins

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80% of new businesses make it through their first year, but only half survive the first 5 years. That chart looks even more terrifying — a lot more terrifying — when you include only small businesses. You might even say that when you’re…

Toeing China’s communist party line to own the gamers

10 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

When it comes to censorship, China is an absolute mess. Despite becoming an economic superpower and embracing at least some parts of capitalism to enter the 21st century, the mentality of the Chinese government remains firmly authoritarian and deeply suspicious of humor. Let’s start with the Winnie the Pooh silliness.…

Confirmed: GOG employee fired after using trending hashtag

30 Comments | Ian Miles Cheong

A joke or silly misunderstanding is all it takes to get fired these days. Disturbed people who feel inadequate and left behind by normal, healthy society coalesce into self-radicalizating echo chambers on the internet — and evolve into digital mobs itching for any opportunity to exact revenge against the world…