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Chiptune label removes feminist album over one complaint — by a feminist Everything is problematic to feminism, even feminism.

Nothing is safe from cancel culture. With the slightest infraction becoming the only reason you need to lay waste to someone’s entire career, the chiptune…

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CliffyB: my game sucks because of a 4chan hacker conspiracy "Fun fact."

Radical Heights tanked — hard. The ambitious video game by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski (better known as “CliffyB”) attempted to bank on the…

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Twitter and Facebook bans over 200,000 accounts linked to Chinese anti-Hong Kong disinformation campaign

An attempt to undermine the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong has been impeded by Twitter and Facebook as they suspended accounts linked to “significant state-backed…


Meet the “Virtuous Pedophile” network protected by Twitter The "Minor-Attracted Persons" movement is led by a Canadian doctor who demands a "P" in "LGBT," and Twitter is accommodating them.

Social media now has an out in the open pedophile movement pushing to (among other things) add P for “Pedosexual” to the LGBT acronym, and…

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