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Users prank call BattleCam streamer’s mom until she melts down Meltdown with a lil bit of the old domestic slaparoo.

James/Jimmy Derzko is 30 years old, lives in the basement of his mom’s house while drinking all day, and then he wonders why she goes batshit when his troll friends start prank calling her in the middle of the night. (and RIP BattleCam.) Some more lovely Derzko family time: Watch this video on YouTube Watch this video on YouTube Watch this video on YouTube

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Video of father shooting spoiled daughter’s laptop goes viral She's gonna have to pay him back for the ammo as well.

A video of a father firing at his 16-year-old daughter’s laptop after she blasted him on her Facebook page went viral as it sparked hot controversy about parenting and tough love. Tommy Jordan posted the video with the title, “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen” on YouTube Wednesday. By Friday the video was already viewed up to two million times. Jordan posted the clip publicly after Hannah, his daughter, posted…

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Major websites are going black in protest against SOPA Raising awareness of coming SOPA hellscape.

The internet is free, but many tech companies believe that would no longer be the case should Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its sister bill Protect IP Act (PIPA) pass into law. The controversial bill aims to expand the ability of U.S. law enforcement to combat online copyright infringement government. Provisions include court orders to “bar advertising networks and payment facilities from conducting business with infringing websites, and web…

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SOPA author caught infringing copyright Everybody's a baddie under idiotic proposed law, including the lawmakers.

Lamar Smith, author of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), has gotten caught up in his own case of copyright infringement. Jamie Lee Curtis Taete of Vice investigated an archived version of Smith’s official site,, using Wayback Machine, a time capsule that captures different variations of website as far back as 1996. This led to the discovery of an original background image that did not credit its owner, photographer…

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The worst story I’ve ever come across and that definitely really happened the most Cat fight evolved.

“Femanon here. My best friend in high school (and for years before) was prettier than I was. Her boyfriend in freshman year was a guy I liked, but he didn’t like me that way. She was pretty conservative and didn’t put out, but I managed to convince him that what wanted to be raped, that it was her secret fantasy. He did it. Afterwards she cried on my shoulder and…

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New movie tells the story of Epic Beard Man — but changes the races "Based on a true story" movie will cast an hispanic in place of our white transit hero, and white neo-nazis in place of the black amber lamps guy.

Of course you remember Epic Beard Man. The massively viral February 15, 2010 bus fight spawned a multitude of memes — amber lamps! — and the fighting prowess and unintentional comedy of homeless gentleman Thomas Bruso earned him a permanent place in the internet’s black heart. The AC Transit Bus fight was an altercation between two men aboard a transit bus in Oakland, California, in the United States, which took…

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Fainting kittens is the most adorable genetic deformity ever As far as debilitating muscle diseases go, this one is hard to top.

You may be familiar with that fainting goats video that went viral many many moons ago. It’s a condition called “congenital myotonia,” an aversion to loud sounds that makes the animal afflicted with it “faint.” And apparently kittens can get it. And look adorable doing so. Watch this video on YouTube That is really freaking adorable. Kind of cruel (though the animals aren’t hurt by this), but adorable. As far…

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10 most messed up Mass Effect 2 mods Things are about to get dumb.

Prep the Derp Drive, Joker, and set a course for epic lulz. Things are about to get dumb. Days of YouTube lurking led me to this fantastic collection of unintelligible, side-splitting nonsense. I’m starting to believe that the creators of these videos were on some seriously hard drugs and I am concerned for their well-being. Because they need to keep making these. Their ranks were originally determined by the amount…

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Give 2,500 fucks a minute with ‘The Fuck Saw’ According to stats you're probably a fat slob, so here's an actual product that will solve your embarrassing problem.

At some point in your married life, fisting isn’t as romantic as it used to be. But your fellow hog of a wife still needs pleasing, so wat do? An actual product being sold for $169 + shipping will solve your problem. That’s a lot of money for a gadget, but it can hammer her hidey hole at impressive 2,500 strokes per minute. Quotes from the sales page The Fuck…