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Congratulations #MeToo… You’ve made women employees radioactive CEO's open letter about the consequences of the #MeToo movement was too hot for LinkedIn. We bring it back from the dead.

This open letter about the consequences of the #MeToo movement was posted to LinkedIn on June 11th — archive: — and quickly went viral.…


Swedish woman faces two years behind bars for Facebook meme "What are your views on our multicultural society?" interrogators demanded.

A Swedish woman upset by ISIS news posted the “How to make a muslim” meme to a Facebook group in spring of 2017, and now…


Reddit crowdfunds AM/WF porno to trigger 4chan — and it’s working And now they're raising an army of male asian porn talent to change the face of porn forever. UPDATE: STPeach horrified; DMCAs

UPDATE: Interesting new twist to this story, which appears to have backfired on the subreddit. Updates posted in bold text down below. Revenge porn just…


These technologies will end racism in our lifetime And there's nothing you can do about it.

Racism has plagued humanity forever, or at least since we came across neanderthals in some god-awful primeval forest 60,000 years ago and promptly wiped them…


NY court to determine if Maddox is legally a ‘cuck’ Interesting twist in internet comedian's $20 million lawsuit.

Older readers may remember The Best Page in the Universe and its caustic childrens’ art critiquing writer, Maddox (George Ouzounian). The comedian has in years…


Black Panther bet big on diversity and became king of cinema Black Panther just claimed the title of best movie in cinematic history, and that's no coincidence.

RIP Citizen Kane. Reviewers and audiences agree and Black Panther just claimed the title of best movie in cinematic history. That’s no coincidence. Black Panther…


Study: Majority of online news consumed by Trump supporters is fake news, actually Surprise, surprise.

Science has discovered the reason for modern political polarization, and it’s not Soros. Trump supporters simply do not live in consensus reality, a University of…


4chan launches bizarre Black Panther OP to combat black excellence White supremacist harassment and terror platform in #WhiteFragility throes.

Reviews are starting to trickle in for Black Panther (hint: ecstatic), the highly anticipated Marvel film that explores what Africa would have been like if…

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