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Hysterical mob targets Pewds after Ben Shapiro guests Meme Review The more ambitious crossover event than Avengers: Infinity War earns wide acclaim — and deranged diatribes.

Okay, this is epic. PewDiePie — the world’s most popular YouTube personality and generally wholesome Swedish funnyman — enlisted prominent conservative Ben Shapiro to help…


In Ice Poseidon’s wake In the hunt for internet fame, some forego ethics and law.

“I Ice Poseidons kølvand” was originally published November 2 in Weekendavisen. Translation by LULZ / swack. Cloudining from the /r/Bjorn subreddit helped with the cover…


Sam Hyde’s dead and here’s the documentary — Blacklisted Million Dollar Extreme fans praise new doc chronicling Sam's last days in the bunker.

You will be forgiven for not knowing about Sam Hyde (✝2011—2018), but you should still watch the documentary youtuber Porsalin just released about the last…


Alt-left bloggers are lying to you on Daily Dot Asian journalist reports on gaming controversy involving gender. That makes him a white nationalist troll. What?

On October 23, games journalist Ian Miles Cheong released a YouTube video and a LULZ article reporting on the doxxing and harassment campaign targeting CD…


Cyberpunk 2077 devs doxed, harassed after misuse of trans* hashtag #WontBeErased Lack of reverence for sacred hashtags will not be tolerated. Game journalists now join the doxing and harassment campaign against Polish game studio CD Projekt Red.

It’s no secret — social justice activists in the gaming community form brigades to pressure gaming studios into firing employees that they deem guilty of…


Reddit quarantines 25+ communities, more to come Right-wingers, communists, even the world's biggest IRL livestreamer. Within minutes of Reddit announcement, subreddits "redditors may find offensive" were crippled.

“On a platform as open and diverse as Reddit, there will sometimes be communities that, while not prohibited by the Content Policy, average redditors may…


Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch” UPDATE: ESR: "threat has teeth." Most of the internet could be affected as some Linux devs threaten to rescind code in response to CoC controversy.

Update (September 24): new response from Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond (ESR) says the license revocation “threat has teeth.” Linux powers the internet,…


Tariq Nasheed: hurricane rescue crews conspire to mass murder black people "rescue law enforcement units are completely infiltrated by dangerous white supremacist[s]."

Prominent liberal thought leader and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed has a unique take on Hurricane Florence: white rescue crews, triggered by a racist hand signal sent…

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