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Year in Review: 2016’s biggest freakouts over video games A shortlist of all the video games moral crusaders lost their minds over in 2016.

From sexy clothing to political references, no video game is without sin when you’re on an eternal search for content to be outraged by. The…

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Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans Leaked essay.

Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans is the subject line of a lengthy email sent to Jon Podesta (chairman of the 2016 Hillary…

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Haunted house shut down because of claims it might be offensive to psychos "it is impossible to make the ride emotionally safe enough for Californians"

The jihad on anything fun continues. A Californian theme park has shut down an asylum-themed virtual reality attraction after a brutal kvetching onslaught. The busybodies…

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The Great Change Europe is going into multicultural mode and we must embrace it.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” — Emma Lazarus The human memory is partial to recalling events by their sights,…


The joker brokers A tale so stupid it can't be a lie.

We all have financially retarded relatives, but this story from a /biz/ thread takes the fucking cake. It started simple enough with this post from…

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