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Bombshell report reveals Cenk Uygur’s slimy past Presenting himself as a pillar of the progressive left and feminism, newly uncovered details of Cenk Uygur’s past reveal he's a massive hypocrite.

A damning report by Cassandra Fairbanks about the neoliberal talking head and The  Young Turks host reveals a depravity of character ostensibly alien to progressives. Before he got to signal his virtue from the mountaintops of YouTube’s front page, Cenk Uygur expressed pro-rape views, championed sexual harassment, prostitution and human trafficking, and racist views of Native Americans. In a now-deleted post from 2003, the progressive ideologue wrote about seeing and feeling…

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Popular breastfeeding YouTube channels promote and sell incest porn Another rabbit hole.

YouTube isn’t just a place people go to post cat videos, political theories, Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie reviews, or rants about Jake Paul. It’s a website where anyone can find fame from any subject. Lately, the website has come under an uncomfortable spotlight for hosting odd videos that prey on children through subversive, and not-so-subversive sexual kinks. The practice, which was first highlighted by YouTubers like Philip DeFranco,…

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Feminist dating guide reveals secrets to being alone and miserable forever They've written an inquisition handbook for the feminist's first date and of course it's everything you expect.

Nothing sets off red flags on a date like being told you might be a sexist, racist, and misogynist. Lara Witt has written a feminist guide to remaining single. Intended as a set of guidelines for “femme-identifying” women to filter out would-be bigots, Lara Witt’s article, first posted on Wear Your Voice and republished on Everyday Feminism, is a terrific resource for questions that intersectional feminists should ask on a…

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The future of humanity depends on this secret society and their 200 million samurai They can raise 200 million samurai at will.

Did you know there’s a war on for the future of humanity? The White Dragon Society meets up in a televised conference in Japan to discuss how they’re going to take over the world with their 200 million samurai they can summon at will. Also, special message to Queen Elizabeth: Isis is upset and wants her crown back. Watch this video on YouTube

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Hate campaign against “homophobic” porn star continues — even after her suicide August Ames was bullied to death for refusing sex with gay men, and Social Justice is a hate that doesn't know how to stop.

The cavalcade of checkmarks and gay and transgender porn actors who hounded August Ames until she committed suicide this week are making excuses for the attacks that her family believes contributed to her death. Ames, whose real name is Mercedes Grabowski, became the subject of a harassment campaign following her refusal to have sex with gay actors. The late adult film actress denied accusations of homophobia, clarifying that she did…

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Porn star hunted by hate mob for refusing sex with gay men has committed suicide The Twitter mob has been after August Ames (Mercedes Grabowski) since revealing that she practices safe sex, which excludes "crossover" actors from gay porn.

The death of porn star August Ames, who was being targeted by a hate mob for not having sex with “crossover” actors (male porn stars who participate in both straight and gay porn), was confirmed by the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office today. Her friends suspected that she committed suicide due to the bullying on Twitter. Sources told the Blast that Ames suffered from long-term depression and that the incident…

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Google Translate AI says men are doctors and professors, women are nurses and maids In languages with no gender-specific pronouns like “he” or “she,” Google Translate decides whether a subject is male or female... Interesting results!

Despite its diversity push, Google hasn’t been able to rein in its machine learning algorithms from spitting out supposedly “sexist” results. With only gender-neutral pronouns in languages like Malay, Google Translate says men are leaders, doctors, soldiers, and professors, while women are assistants, prostitutes, nurses, and maids. The results are similar in Hungarian. According to findings by Strawberry Bomb, Google Translate interprets men as intelligent, and women as stupid. It…

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“Feminist” blog shuts down, says satire can no longer out-crazy actual feminists It is increasingly difficult to tell satire from reality. The founder of "feminist" website Medusa Magazine has admitted that it was satire.

Medusa Magazine‘s satirical feminist op-eds kept getting scooped by the actual liberal media. The website shut down this week after its creator revealed in a blog post. “I am shutting it down because Feminist stupidity has surpassed satire,” wrote the author, who remains anonymous. Describing himself as the owner of Age of Shitlords, an anti-social justice blog, the author says that he and his (or her) “fellow shitposters” published pieces…

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Vice employees are reporting a hellscape of sexual harassment Vice Media’s head of documentaries is the latest casualty in the war on sexual abusers in Hollywood and the media. And he’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The man in charge of the only good element of Vice is accused of having terrible vices of his own — including promoting a “toxic” culture of sexual harassment at the company. The company confirmed with the Hollywood Reporter over the weekend that it suspended Jason Mojica, who is accused of sexually harassing a former employee. Mojica led Vice’s documentary film unit, and was formerly editor-in-chief of the magazine. He…

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Huffington Post: After impeachment, we must execute entire GOP leadership They just can't help themselves, part 351.

Picture this. Your dumb friend from high school shares an article from Huffington Post on Facebook. The headline is ridiculous, but hey, HuffPo is allegedly a respected website, or at least a well-trafficked one. Then you start reading. “Impeachment and removal from office are only the first steps; for America to be redeemed, Donald Trump must be prosecuted for treason and—if convicted in a court of law—executed.” What the fuck!…

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Check out this massive, zoomable evolutionary tree of life 2,123,179 species of life so far.

OneZoom is an interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between 2,123,179 species of life on our planet. Each leaf on the tree represents a species and the branches show how they are connected through evolution. Discover your favourites, see which species are under threat, and wonder at 105,247 images on a single page. Explore it now.

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YouTube is full of toilet-themed Spiderman and Elsa videos Designed for children.

The popular YouTube group H3H3 productions (btw here’s a YouTube video downloader) did a real Walter Cronkite-level expose the other day on the phenomena of creepy YouTube toy channels. The report exposes a motherlode of bizarre and sexually suggestive, toilet-themed videos of grown adults dressed up as superheroes and Disney characters. Toy videos on Youtube are massive popular among young children, and despite their sexually charged, scatological content, these videos seem to be marketed to — and…

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Conspiracy theory: Is Alex Jones an acid house producer? When will Alex Jones tell the American people the truth?

In an ironic twist, Alex Jones sits right in the center of a globalist conspiracy. And by globalist, I’m of course referring to acid house, the global sensation electronic music genre you’ve probably never heard of but your teenage daughter is listening to while taking drugs. Yep, there is a growing mountain of evidence that conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones makes acid house beats on the side. Uncovered by Spin,…

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10 biggest comic-book movie flops ever These aren’t the mini flops—these are the mammoth busts.

Take a beloved, established intellectual property from a comic book, add in some of Hollywood’s leading artists, technicians and performers, then multiply it by millions of dollars in budget and hundreds of millions of man hours and you should have something profitable, right? Well, as the superhero flops below prove, not so much. For artistic, production or marketing reasons, sometimes studios just miss the mark when they try to make…