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Antifa activist DEMOLISHES My Little Pony nazis in emotional video Stunning.

The internet is in love after transgender Antifa personality Christine Chandler decided she’s had enough of nazis in her My Little Pony and uploaded a…


Why are women and people of color being excluded from cryptocurrency? An examination of the needlessly complex process of obtaining cryptocurrency, and how the space is perfectly designed to keep out women and people of color.

You’ve heard of Bitcoin’s atmospheric rise from pennies to thousands of dollars. TV, radio, internet — it’s everywhere. And maybe you’ve had the thought that…


Could it be time to deny white men the franchise? Troll campaign against this important essay proves it correct.

The following article was posted on Huffington Post South Africa on April 13, 2017. A shitstorm ensued in right-wing corners of the internet and Huffington…


Are your kids experimenting with Minecraft sex? YouTube is brimming with videos of Minecraft sex targeted to kids.

I have two young cousins, and whenever they’re not playing Minecraft, they’re watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. Many kids spend all day sifting through videos…

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YouTube is full of toilet-themed Spiderman and Elsa videos Designed for children.

The popular YouTube group H3H3 productions did a real Walter Cronkite-level expose the other day on the phenomena of creepy YouTube toy channels. The report exposes a motherlode of bizarre…