30 thoughts on “How the frick do I layer in hot weather? I live in Florida.

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      This but unironically. Florida also has perfect weather in winter. You should go to your Vermont lake house in the summer.

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      i mean hopsack is a relatively breathable fabric but its not magic that will be cool enough to drape over yourself in 85-100 degrees weather

  1. Anonymous says:

    Linen or summer weight wool suits. Either that or cargo shorts, graphic ts, and crocs. Up to you gay
    The suits will actually keep you cool.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In general, you don’t but a more relaxed fit helps a lot. Being able to catch a cool breeze through the wrists and arm pits will help.

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    you live in florida, everything and everyone is trash so you might as well just wallow in the trash since you are trash yourself

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    Listen hear, whippersnapper. I was raised in Palm Beach County and was a year-round trenchcoat/absurd baggy hot topic pants/combat boot wearing mall goth in high school. Just learn to live with the heat. Look at Henry goddamn Flagler. Does he look like the kind of man to whine about the unlined linen jackets? They didn’t even have air conditioning or paddle fans or mosquito repellent. He was the wealthiest man in the state and you live like a king in comparison, driving around with McCafe frozen fruit beverages in your dual climate controlled Nissan Kicks. It’s time to sack up and stop letting the climate dictate how you dress

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      This to be quite tbh. OP, are you a transplant or were you born in Florida? You just kind of learn to live with it. Florida summers are just Northeastern winters in reverse. There’s a certain time of year that you just grit your teeth and bear it and stay indoors as often as life allows. If you have to be outside for prolonged periods, dress light. Otherwise, wear what you like and accept the fact that there will be brief periods of discomfort when you getting in and out of your car between climate controlled destinations.

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        My boyfriend is 18. He hasn’t had enough experience to catch aids yet. I’m 35 by the way. Shit is so hecking cash.

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          >hasn’t had enough experience to catch aids yet
          Is that really how AIDS works? How many poz loads do you get to have blown into you before you reach the AIDS threshold exactly? Genuinely curious. I’m not part of the community so I’m not up on the latest research. I thought the conventional wisdom use to be that a virgin could have sex with a carrier one time and get it? Was that just panic talk?

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    >Warm weather thread
    >Fresco weave and tropical weight wool not mentioned


    If you’re going to layer in the summer, at some point you have to accept you’re going to be hot and possibly sweating and make your peace with it. The key is layering light weight pieces made of breathable fabric.

    Hopsack is good, anything with a fresco weave is good. Tropical weight wool is fantastic as well. Linen is good, lightweight linen and cotton blend oxfords are great. Poplin feels light but I swear I swear more wearing a light poplin shirt compared to a heavier oxford.

    You have to build from outside in.
    Start with an undershirt that will wick sweat away and prevent it from pooling and causing sweat to bleed through at your armpits and back. Get a good quality undershirt, wool works really well for this.
    Same principle for underwear.
    Then go for a cotton, linen, Madras or seersucker shirt in a traditional/loose/relaxed/classic fit. You don’t want slim, skinny or tight here. You want loose and as much space as possible between your skin and the shirt to promote air flow. Same with trousers. Fresco weave, linen,silk blend,hopsack, tropical weight wool,etc sized to give you a flowy, loose silhouette. Make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch, right anywhere is the enemy.
    For the sport coat, get something unlined and unstructured. Meaning you don’t have the canvas lining, no padding either. You don’t want it to be as loose as the shirt so it won’t look sloppy, so pick a breathable fabric just like the trousers. Plain cotton can work just fine here. Silk and light wool blends are great for this as well. Don’t wear a tie if you don’t have to,unbutton a few buttons like guy in your pic and you’ll be ok. I survived summers in Georgia and Alabama that way.

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        If I had unlimited money, I’d buy another of these:


        For practicality if I was going somewhere insanely humid again, bamboo or linen blend undershirts are also fantastic. These are pretty good:


        However if you’re on a sane budget and follow what I said about fit, fabric and layering, basic ass Hanes cotton V-neck undershirts work great too. Whatever you do, don’t get Uniqlo Airism. 88% polyester, which retains heat and repels water so the sweat just sticks to you. Genuinely the worst undershirt I ever tried, this was years ago when I was an idiot and didn’t understand how awful polyester is both chemically and as a functional fabric. They will heck your day up if you sweat.

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      this is a good rec
      ive also been considering a fishing vest… probably kinda goofy and outdated now but i like the look

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