27 thoughts on “where would I get a suede shirt (used) for like 200?

    • Cecil "CHAD BALDWIN" Drake says:

      Because ain’t nobody gon be paying a few hundred for a shirt!

      Used suede shirts, and suede shirt anything, is pretty rare though. It is more in demand.

      • Anonymous says:

        buy a welding jacket made out of pigskin. they are essentially cut like a button down shirt

        only found shitty tight fitting shirts for well over 300 on ebay. well, I’ll keep looking

    • Anonymous says:

      a new shirt is like 700-1500 depending on the brand. and I’m not even talking about Loro Piana or something. RRL is fifteen hundred.

    • Anonymous says:

      thanks man that one is actually good. hope they ship to europe. this stuff doesn’t even show up in good for nothing google bcz region

  1. Anonymous says:

    >are you going to wear used clothing
    as long as it’s not damaged and dirty, yes

    >for like 200
    if the price drops down 80%, always

  2. Anonymous says:

    What the heck is wrong with brands.
    I get that Americans earn like 120k due to inflation now but at some point people outside of the US simply won’t be able to buy US products anymore, shrinking the US economy dramatically, eventually crashing the dollar and wasting all profits made previously.

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