42 thoughts on “I was trying so hard to be this guy :/

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      Couldn’t find any pics with indigo stains from raws

      I might just be a literal oldgay but I still think those are pretty cool. Too bad I was poor back then, my DIY surplus GATs never looked as good as the real MMM ones.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Nick Wooster was in charge of jcp at the time so I got some cheap ones from there. Wish I could still get $20 GATs at the mall

        • Anonymous says:

          I got a pair for about that much off swisslink back in the day, right before r*ddit found out about them, and inflated the price of surplus to ludicrous levels. Then I ruined them with a bad DIY paint splatter job.

          • Anonymous says:

            Honestly I think Instagram ruined it. Reddit was always just slightly more bland fa. Instagram was where the hecking businesses popped up with hecking four hundred dollar gats

            #abolish meta
            #kill John len.. I mean mark Zuck… I mean in Minecraft

          • Anonymous says:

            That a good point. I always laughed when I got targeted ads for internet "vintage boutiques" who were reselling thrifted items and surplus at a 500% markup. It’s even worse now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    when i see unattractive people wearing things like this I think they look ridiculous, but am reminded how an attractive person wearing something like this would look incredible. i think the rule here is just to be attractive and don’t be unattractive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone can be attractive if they’re in shape and well groomed. Unless you’re horribly disfigured or Asian.

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