21 thoughts on “Give me a good casual outfit for $250

    • Anonymous says:

      You work for me now.

      I need race, complexion, height, age, bodyfat percentage, weight, citybug or outdoorsy, and if you are masculine or gaygy

      White European, 6’1.5", 24 years old, 15%, 171lbs, live in a big city, masculine.

          • Anonymous says:

            Your import fees will not make it worth it. Theyre just high quality fast fashion. Go to uniqlo if you have one. I would say buy one nice pair of boots, some mid blue jeans, white tee shirts, and a harrington jacket in khaki. If you are going for sneakers I would say onisuka tigers or nike killshot 2s. You guys don’t have red wings, wranglers, or kirkland white tees on top of not having ll bean or banana. You need another yuropoor to help you. You probably won’t find any decent shoes in your budget with the rest of the outfit. But I would say just go to uniqlo. It’s like Gap here, better than h&m but not insanely priced.

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s a bomber jacket. You could but that color may be harder to find. Uniqlo probably has turtlenecks on clearance by now.

          • Anonymous says:


            Middle is a good outfit imo

            Just pick a celebrity with style you like and a similar build and complexion to you and copy him.

          • Anonymous says:

            not that anon. fit’s fine if you tweak a few things.
            – get rid of the cargo pockets makes you look stuck in 6yr ago. pants are fine otherwise. some chinos or trousers in the same color without the pockets would be solid. some selvedge jeans would be solid. straight cut.
            – the crewneck fits really well, for a slim fit. cuffs are too tight but they’ll stretch out with wear probably. get another crewneck just slightly looser fitting, it will pair better with non-slim pants. be sure to always wash it cold so it doesnt shrink. look for a v notch and raglan sleeves on your cotton crew necks, they look nicer.
            – to elevate your fit later on when you got more than 250$$ get some nice wool sweaters.
            – always tuck your shirt when wearing a sweater. don’t let the shirt poke past the cuffs like that @ your wrists.
            – what shoes are you wearing?
            – what belt are you wearing?
            over all fit’s fine if you tuck your shirt and drop the cargos. get some pants. if you already got pants you’re best spending that 250 on some year-round type outerwear or shoes/belt depending on what your answer is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Leather derbies or leather boots: £60-£90
        Moleskins trousers: £50ish
        Linen shirt: £60ish
        Thin jumper or fisherman’s jumper: £40-£60ish

        Comfy but still presentable. Something you could work in or relax in. Literally works in almost any setting you’re likely to encounter day to day.

        • Anonymous says:

          I should note that this should be available in the US for similar prices in dollars and that it might be even cheaper because the cotton for the moleskins can be produced domestically and you won’t have to deal with HMRC making the prices go up as the cost of import tariffs gets passed onto the consumer.

          If that doesn’t get it under $250 swap out the linen for a cotton shirt.

          250 that’s easy you must be dabbing


  1. Anonymous says:

    I need race, complexion, height, age, bodyfat percentage, weight, citybug or outdoorsy, and if you are masculine or gaygy

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hom Boxer Brief ~30$
    White Champion no show socks ~20$
    Light wash Levi’s 512 or 501 ~80$
    White thick fabric workwear T-shirt ~20$
    Champion reverse weave hoodie (color match a low cut sneaker, pastel if you don’t care) ~100$

  3. Anonymous says:

    with basic fits like crewneck + tee + pants, the jacket and shoes you pair it with is going to pretty much decide the fit. you could pair that fit with anything from a harrington to a puffer to a waxed canvas jacket and it wouldn’t look out of place as long as the shoes make sense with the jacket.
    you look good looking enough that basic fits like this will look good on you and your fit doesn’t need to carry your aesthetic (same)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Spada’s latest polo shirt with long sleeves, fully buttoned version, cocoa brown. Armani new EA jeans-like pants beige and last season’s Armani beige shoes from EA7 line (the tall ones).
    You can wear any tank-top underneath, possibly white. This is what I wear and I like it quite a bit.

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