45 thoughts on “Coveralls: in or out for 2024?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If ur mechanic or some other blue color wagie yes but if u wear this shit and u aren’t you’ll look like a gay

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very in. You guys copping?
    20 pockets for sauces and tendies

    • Anonymous says:

      these look idiotic


      this dude is fine becuz he probablyactually works on that machine

      • Anonymous says:


        i do a new denim tuxedo every few years, i’ve been thinking about doing overalls instead of pants with my next one.
        i’m an omegatwink & a tradie. should i?

        Overall I highly recommend. Moving around a lot, laying on the ground, bending over, these things are way better than pants. They might be kind of cooler in a way vs pants and belt can get kind of sweaty around your waist on hot days. With the right shirt they even look kind of good. It’s awesome to have a few extra tools around. I’m not that inclined to go the jean route too Amish or hillbilly looking to me. Overweight plumber might be okay with jean version.

        My old ones I even cut the top part off and use as a little storage thing in a bigger bag.

    • Anonymous says:

      i do a new denim tuxedo every few years, i’ve been thinking about doing overalls instead of pants with my next one.
      i’m an omegatwink & a tradie. should i?

      • Anonymous says:

        >wranglers that much better than all cotton 501s?
        wranglers for me, but i think the fit is most important which depends on your body type. here’s the rundown on the differences though:

        fit: 13mwz is better. it hasn’t been changed for 70yrs its effectively a heritage cut. levi’s changes how the non lvc 501’s fit every few years and i don’t think the current 501 cut can compare. the lvc versions of the 501 have a very good fit on par with the wranglers but they’re over 10x the price. note: the fit on 13mwz’s is meant for boots. i wear them with sneakers a lot but they might not look as good with slimmer sneaker silhouettes.

        fabric: 13mwz is better. the 501s use a really generic/standard 12.5oz right hand twill fabric. the 13mwz’s use a broken twill 14.75oz fabric. the broken twill weave makes them look & fade a bit more interesting than standard jeans, & the broken twill weave also leads to the wranglers becoming super soft after a few washes. wrangler is also less "mystery meat" in terms of where they source their cotton from.

        color/dye job: 501 stf’s are better but the 13mwz’s are kind of unique/interesting. the 501’s start off as a much darker, more uniform, and deeper dyed standard raw denim color. the wranglers have a much lighter tone starting off, kind of a loud ‘blueberry’ color, and they’re not dyed as deep so they fade faster. the blueberry tone settles down quickly with about 2 washings. in the long run levi’s will fade with more contrast and will take longer to go white than wranglers.
        note: i’m comparing the dye jobs on the raw and stone wash versions of both jeans. the pre-washed versions of them can use all varieties of different types of dye jobs.

        details/hardware: both are quality. wranglers lean towards western/howdy doody vibe. levi’s lean towards workwear vibe. but either one fits in either aesthetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      i always kek at the fact all the office guys wear the cotton chore company jaket to the cafeteria while the workers hate it and only wear it if they have to for safety reasons.

    • Anonymous says:

      nintendo of america stopped hiring under 18 employees because i walked in on a 15 year old latino twink gagging and literally vomiting on the cock of a corporate guy who looked exactly like this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Only slightly related but one of my favorite artists who larped as a cowboy is now larping as whatever this is. He wears jumpsuits for his live shows. Whole time Dude is a theater kid from austin lmao

      • Anonymous says:

        In this guys case I think it’s just a continuation of his LARPing as a cowboy-blue-collar-type guy despite being a literal theater kid

        >larping as a cowboy
        >now larping as something else
        hecking hate that place

        I’ve only recently learned that a lot of people, Texans included, hecking hate Austin lmfao

        Post Malone?
        Oliver Tree?

        Shakey Graves
        Love his music, never really liked all his LARPing

          • Anonymous says:

            He dropped the solo act and has like a 6-person band now. He’s also pretty big, his shows are always packed. All his new stuff is a lot more normie-coded with a slight psychedelic twinge especially live.
            Barely even uses the drum suitcase anymore. Apparently he always wanted a big band and only did the solo act out of necessity because he couldn’t read music, but I still vastly prefer his old sound.

        • Anonymous says:

          >I’ve only recently learned that a lot of people, Texans included, hecking hate Austin lmfao
          I live in Houston and I used to really like going to Austin like 10-12 years ago but now it just seems terrible

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