10 work tools you should have in your office

Productivity is the biggest factor in the success of an employee but it comes with some assistance. From the boss’s motivation to the supportive working tools, different things can help you be more efficient at work. However, office workers are not usually fully aware of their requirements which lead to their disappointing performance. By having ample resources, one can work more conveniently and productively. This blog will guide you regarding most effective working tools which will make your life easy during working hours.

Laptop Stand

Nowadays laptops are the most widely used devices in offices. It is portable and lightweight but its small size can disturb your posture while working. You might have to hunch forward to get a better look at the screen that can stress out your back and shoulder muscles. You might be wondering what’s the solution for it? Adding a laptop holder for desk is the way to go.

Using a laptop holder for your desk helps you improve your body posture which automatically has a positive impact on your productivity. You can choose the laptop stand that best suits you according to your height.

Writing Pad

In an office, blank papers are always in high demand whether you need to write something as a reminder or want to make your to-do list. Using loose papers can serve the purpose but is not a good idea for keeping a track record of your daily tasks. Writing pads provide once and for all solution to your writing needs. You can choose from a wide variety of writing pads of different sizes and styles according to your requirements. It’s always good to have a spare option available just in case you lose the first one.

Phone Holder

To avoid cluttering on your desk, keep fixed places for all the items including your phone. Whether personal or official, the phone is an integral part of any employee’s desk. Using phone stands will provide a place for your phone with easy access. You can use a corded phone stand for your office phone and a smartphone holder for your personal phone.


Usually, within an office, employees are eager to know when their pay is due and the calendar tells them that. The scope of the calendar is not just limited to your pay but it also serves in many other ways. You can incircle or highlight the important dates of your monthly official meetings, deadlines, presentations, and other important events. A calendar will remind you constantly about the due dates so that you are prepared for it well in time.

Office Management Tools

Office work is all about proper management and having some help in this regard can be a blessing. Modern technology has come to the rescue of workers for managing their office affairs in a better way. There are many tools available online that will help you keep a record of tasks, save data and process it. You can also schedule your future tasks and set a priority list.

Another important aspect of working in an office is in communication with colleagues and bosses. In a big setup, it can become a tricky task because you cannot get to everyone in person. Team management tools can solve such problems by providing an efficient communication mechanism within an office.

Online tools like ASANA will provide you all your tasks with their allocated deadlines. You can check your task completion history and productivity. You can also interact with different members of the group separately and collectively.

Table Clock

Every employee wants to keep track of time while working in the office. Turning your head round to look at the clock or taking your phone out several times can be a distraction. To avoid that you can have a table clock on your desk. It will not disturb the momentum of your work while you check out time. You can also get several other features in portable table clocks like smartphone charging, Bluetooth connectivity and LED display.

File Holders

Even though in today’s corporate world most of the office tasks are done digitally, papers are still involved in many ways. From sticky notes to official documents, you have to deal with different types of paperwork during your working hours. You can keep all your paperwork organized neatly by using file holders.

If you want to separate important office documents, you can use colored file holders for different categories. It will save a lot of inconvenience and time resulting in better productivity during working hours.

Paper Weight

Paper weight is one of the oldest office tools and still plays a significant role. Many times you have to keep several documents on the table for a task but organizing them can be challenging. Paper weight can help you keep a pile of paper in one place while working providing you the required focus.

Desk Lamp

If you are thinking is it important to have a desk lamp in a well-lit office, the answer is yes. The reason for that is, it can save you from eye strain and help you concentrate better. Also, in cases where different employees within an office have different lighting preferences, a desk lamp can come in handy. In addition to that, it can also contribute to the aesthetics of your desk.

Paper Shredder

There are many confidential documents involved in the working of any business. You cannot take any risk with these papers carrying sensitive information. Throwing them in the bin is not enough. You have to remove complete evidence or proof to keep the privacy of the document intact. In such cases, a paper shredder is the best tool to have at your desk. It cuts off paper in little fragments removing chances of its information being used in any way.


These are only among the basic work tools you should have in your office. They do really come in handy more than you expect. To be more organized and productive, make sure to have these work tools stored properly in your office!

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All great ideas! nice post


Personally i find keeping my desk cleaner is better only having a few things like a phone charger and a coaster to hold my drinks and thats it other then my keyboard and mouse!


I’m using like a half of this tools. Pretty good for work in office.