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That logo is more sinister than you might realize.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton’s daughter and one of her closest advisers posted an odd photo on their social media accounts:

chelsea clinton, hillary logo

This raised some important questions.

Why is there a projectile violently flying through two buildings?

That’s a representation of 9/11, the islamic terror attack that killed thousands of Americans.

Wait. Really? 9/11?

That’s right.

Let me get this straight: Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is posting symbols associated with islamic terrorism online?


But it’s just her daughter and one of her closest advisers, right?

hillary clinton logo tweet
clinton rally omar mateen
It’s her official campaign logo. Hillary’s entire campaign centers around the celebration of gruesome islamic barbecue of thousands of Americans.

Just curious: Who else is in this photo?

Notably, Omar Mateen, the pro Taliban father of the Pulse nightclub terrorist whose slaughter of 49 people is so egregious that he was banned from life. The rest of the crowd is an assortment of pro terrorist activists such as representatives from Black Lives Matter — the terrorist group famous for killing cops across America.

This is horrifying.


What can I do?

P.S. Are you using Brave yet? Delay the skynet by using the browser that automatically strips all tracking and ads. Brendan Eich (of JavaScript fame) is its CEO.

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Can you let commentators add pictures. I have a perfect smug anime girl to reply to this story with.