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Hospitality is a tough sector. Especially because of its high customer retention and need to deliver what exactly was asked by the clients. As each guest’s experience depends upon personal introspection, hospitality industry struggles hard to please its patrons. Though the challenges are high, solutions are also there. Using Business phone number is a possible way to overcome the roadblocks of the hospitality industry.

The cloud-based phone system is one contrivance that helps hospitality industry combat issues such as geographical barriers, time-bound solutions, cost-effective communication, and so on. Here is a detailed view of this.

So many locations, so many geographical barriers
If you are an international hospitality industry player, then you may have your hotel and resorts in different parts of the globe. Though they are geographically apart from each other, they should not be at a distance from each other in terms of operations. There should be constant communication between all of them.

Though doing this is imperative, it is not as easy as it sounds. It demands a lot of planning and resources to bring them together.

If you are using cloud-based operating systems, then it can be a cake walk. As cloud space is accessible from anywhere, your hospitality team across the globe can be in touch with others. You can upload the booking schedule, put the booking rates, upload the sales reports, and do whatever you want to do. Your global team can easily check uploads, download whatever is required, do the changes, and share it further as well.

All things are possible without worrying about geographical boundaries.

Operational cost is high
One of the major hurdles that hinder the process of success of the hospitality industry is the high operational cost. They have set up a phone system in every room and every department. Not only this. Many other departments work in conjunction with each other to ensure smooth hospitality operations. Communicating with all of them is highly brainstorming and heavy on the pocket.

Cloud-based phone system brings a lot of relief in this sector. This is a type of phone system; there are no such hardware requirements. Everything will be managed over the cloud. You will be paying a monthly amount to the VoIP service provider, and they will be taking care of everything. You also need not squander away a great deal of money on maintenance as they will take care of that one too. In short, it cut down to your hospitality industry expenses.

Wee hours, less staff to answer the calls
Your employees may not be working around the clock, but your guest’s can check-in at any point in time. In that case, your guests would like to make a call to you and check about your availability. What if that call goes unanswered?

The use of cloud-based VoIP phone number helps the hospitality industry to deal with this staff unavailability during wee-hours. VoIP allows you to make/receive a call from your home as well. Plus, there is call transferring, auto attendant, and call forwarding facility. All these facilities ensure that no call goes unanswered even if it’s wee hours.

Employee attrition is high
Though employee attrition is a concerning matter for every sector, it is one of the most nerve-reckoning things in the hospitality industry. Here, the employee turnover rate is as high as 31%. When you see employees are leaving, you should be worried. The chief reason for the high employee attrition rate in the hospitality industry is the excessive administrative work and building up coordination between different departments.

Cloud-based hospitality phone systems come with inbuilt integration for CRM, sales, and marketing. That means your front-desk staff can record a call, upload the details of the caller in the system, send a notification to the other team and department, and even get auto-generated reports. What else your front desk staff would be requiring? It reduces their efforts and workload. With less workload, your team will stay longer with you.

High call incurring the cost
Another major issue that the hospitality industry faces is the top call incurring costs. They have to make many international calls, and it consumes a significant chunk of your revenue. Calling rates of the traditional PSTN system is way too high than that of VoIP phone number. As you are making calls on the cloud using an internet connection, international calls cost you peanuts. You can also make SIP trunk calls, and video calls without worrying about the call incurring costs.

In conclusion
Running the hospitality industry is not an easy job. There are tons of issues. However, they are not dissolvable. All you need to do is to use the right tool and VoIP is that right tool.

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VOIP Phone number

VOIP is best for all organization like you mention, how VoIP is useful in hospitality industry.
Great and valuable information. thanks for sharing with us


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