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Published November 24, 2018

Using the pronoun he for a male or she for a female is now officially a reason for Twitter to yoink your account.

The microblogging giant has a history of suspending people for acknowledging biology, but now the practice is codified in Twitter’s increasingly labyrinthine rules under the hateful conduct section, which is starting to look more like a publisher’s style guide.

The policy states: “We prohibit targeting individuals with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanize, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category. This includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.” [emphasis mine]

Misgendering is the act of not using a person’s chosen gender pronouns, of which there are dozens ready to go with any mood or phase of the moon.

A small selection of gender pronouns provided by a Canadian police department.

According to Britain’s Pink News, Twitter’s new policy against misgendering (and also deadnaming — the act of referencing a transgender’s pre-transition name) was actually added in late October but it’s just now being noticed and becoming part of the news cycle.

LGBTQIAs on Twitter are celebrating the move.

One tweeted: “Excellent news everyone: Twitter has finally updated their TOS such that misgendering/deadnaming a trans person is against the site’s rules. Happy hunting.”

“Hunting,” of course, is a reference to the traditional social justice ritual of searching out people you don’t like and pressuring their services to ban them, often with hyperbolic reports. Many social justice activists believe misgendering is an act of violence.

On the other side of the aisle, @kurisuchaneko opined that “Every day we stray further away from free speech and the truth.”

I could paste another dozen reactions and pretend it’s content, but you already know how it goes. Right-leaning people and communities are overwhelmingly against censorship, left-leaning ones are overwhelmingly for.

What do you think? Tell us in a comment below.

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  1. Randy Randy

    The world is so full of morons today. Yes, I said it. I called you a name. Are you going to complain now because I hurt your feelers?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    I read about the ‘blacklisting’ of the 40s and 50s in college. Little did I know I would live to see a repeat of this dangerous and deadly behavior.

    I used to consider myself a progressive, but now I find myself reassessing lots of my core values.

    “When even one American — who has done nothing wrong — is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth — then all Americans are in peril.” -Harry S. Truman

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    “attacking a protected category report option”
    Oh no no no

  4. Anonymous Anonymous


  5. antiseptic antiseptic

    Why are people still on Twitter? There are much better social networks out there.

  6. Greg Greg

    So Trump can’t block people on Twitter because it’s a violation of the first amendment, but Twitter can ban people that don’t agree with transgenderism hogwash. That’s ludicrous!

    • Trump can’t block people on Twitter … because he’s president. Twitter rightly bans people that … use transsexist slurs.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    In my opinion there is a pragmatic basis for criticizing these new practices from the left because they substitute a generality for approaching a person by what they do. Take some corporation from one of the biggest and most famous class-action-settlement stories (they knew x, internal research showed it, they covered it up – one of those.) If that corporation does their logo as a rainbow and has an elaborate pronouns policy, are they the left? Overgeneralizing from categories, the theme and the focus, is a piece of the left that corporations love to co-opt up and down because they can do it without spending any money and get a bunch of free accolades for their tolerance. That “liberal” corporation, and you, have something in common because by spotlighting the gimmicks, they can carry on with subtle and grinding damage in the subject matter of whatever they actually do – economically – in their business – which might do its damage on entire regions or cities where all different ideologies breathe the air – and by spotlighting the gimmicks you help them.

    • You know, being tough or being accepting sure don’t seem so simple when you look at two passionate sides of an argument and see a general non-acceptance surface which penetrates through all ideals.

  8. Pronoun: worshipful royal highness Pronoun: worshipful royal highness

    Compelled speech. An elegant weapon of a more civilized age.

  9. enough enough

    The solution is obvious: stop interacting with “LGBTQ” people. When did they ever offer anything but grief and drama anyhow.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


      But it hasn’t worked so far. They seem to go out of their way to inflict themselves on others…especially those who really didn’t give a damn. Until they were bothered.

      Most people have patience. They know these problems will take care of themselves. It’s the drama and noise they object to, along with this presumption that tiny minorities make rules others should be compelled to follow.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    Can we just mention that people misgender other people online because, unless you go around saying “Hey, I’m a girl!” or “Hey, I’m a guy!” or any other gender that exists, people probably don’t know what you identify as. This is not their fault, they don’t read minds nor look through the screen to see what you look like…just saying.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    what if we just refer to them as “biological male/female”?

  12. Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh no you can’t go around randomly erasing trans folks anymore this is such a violation of your freedumbs. Such a violation of the sacred freeze peach on a private platform.

  13. Swede Swede

    >erase trans people’s identities and right to exist.
    How do you do any of that by misgendering them? My identity and “right to exist” doesn’t get erased just because someone here calls me “Mohammed”. Why are trannies so over the top hysterical? “You misgendered me, you’re literally murdering me!!”.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >Oh no you can’t go around randomly erasing trans folks anymore this is such a violation of your freedumbs. Such a violation of the sacred freeze peach on a private platform.
      That was intended for you.

      Also Sweden is not a place for hate, you’re only still there because you hide in the shadows.

      • Reality-based human being Reality-based human being

        “You hide in the shadows”, says one Anonymous, not noticing the irony. Anonymous pretends you can “erase trans folks”.

        You cannot “erase” mentally disturbed men who payed a witch doctor to slash their penis so they can pretend to be a woman. However, you can, and you should, call them out for what they are : men with severe mental health problems, who throw a tantrum to be noticed.

        You also can, and should, shame the much more important group of people who invent a problem which does not exist, in order to boss others around so they can satisfy their communist-fascist urges.

        Transsexual people don’t exist. There just aren’t any. Close to 100 % of the world population will live and die without ever seeing a tranny. But born-again communists need them to exist, so they will invent imaginary harm done to the exceedingly rare members of the species.

        Then some homosexuals, even more unhinged that the regular ones, will spot the social privileges that are theirs for the taking provided they “change” their sex, so they take the hint. And presto, you have a tiny-weeny bit more trannies around, but their numbers still amount to practically zero.

        However, socialists, as is their habit, will have invented a problem out of thin air, only to “solve” it in their very peculiar manner, which involves oppressing everybody else.

        And that’s why Twitter has now those extremely stupid rules. Once upon a time, pretending it is possible to “misgender or deadname transgender individuals” would have you burned at the stake. Maybe we should consider reviving the good old customs of yore.

        • Joe K. Joe K.

          Just have a nice day now and do humanity a huge service.

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