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Twitch competitor Stream.Me gone after threats against owners’ kids Ethan Ralph: "They just decided it wasn't worth it."

The abrupt disappearance of Texas-based streaming platform Stream.Me earlier today has set the internet ablaze with speculation. The rapidly growing livestreaming site first errored out with a 404 Not Found, then a 403 Forbidden, and users soon noticed that all Stream.Me apps had been removed from the app stores as well.

With no updates from Stream.Me staff, the livestreaming world quickly developed a comprehensive mythology of conspiracy theories. A popular theory advanced on some talk show streams held that the streaming platform was merging with Ice Poseidon’s upcoming, which he will supposedly angle to become the 4chan to Twitch’s Tumblr. Others claimed the site had been deplatformed at the domain registrar level.

But Ethan Ralph, host of Stream.Me’s biggest channel and known associate of the site owners, just now reported via a provisional youtube edition of his Killstream show (zencast mirror) that he has spoken to them and been given the real reason for the disappearance.

“What is going on is, there’s a board on 8chan — they doxxed the owners of Stream.Me,” said Ralph, referring to the /cow/ board on the infamous imageboard popular with edgelords, neo-nazis, and communists. “They doxxed their family, there were calls made to the owners saying ‘we know where your kids go to school, we know where they live’ — and they decided to pull the plug on the entire site.”

The owners’ wives also received photos of themselves covered in the trolls’ semen, a practice called tribute.

“[The Stream.Me owners] have a lot of other business interests,” he continued. “I would call it a vanity project. And it’s run at a loss. So I certainly understand them just saying ‘fuck this, it’s more problems than it’s worth.'”

Referring to the streaming platform’s future, Ralph said the Stream.Me owners are going to have a meeting about it on Wednesday, but he rated the chances of it coming back at all “very slim.”

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    Everyone fighting over “ALT-RIGHT” and “LEFT” are the actual shills that drank the Kool-Aid. This is why America will never be “Great Again” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean? When is “again”? When slavery was legal? When the Natives were getting murdered? When Americans started killing themselves because one side wanted slavery and the other didn’t? When Ford created the Automobile and then sold them to Nazis? When black people were getting murdered on a daily basis and caused the Civil Rights Era? Please explain, I don’t get it.) because you people have allowed them (The Elite) to turn you against others with LGBT, sex scandals, racism and all types of things to turn your attention away from how the overly rich are gently caressing you over constantly.

    If anyone did it, it was someone working for Twitch/ Google and used double deep web as a scapegoat though it’s hard to tell with that site full of weirdos.

  2. Chocolate_pipette Chocolate_pipette

    Someone posted the owners doxx on double deep web and shortly after that everything that was listed above happened.

    Some speculation from what i personally have seen over the last year. Up until recently had very few streamers who would pull 10 – 80 viewers max with some minor exceptions like Keemstar. That all changed once youtuber ‘TheRalphRetort’, ‘Mr Metokur’ and others from the Internet Blood Sports community joined TheRalphRetort joined after being banned from YouTube for reading out insensitive and bigoted donations, the others joined out of fear that they would have the same happen to them. The people involved in Internet Blood Sports have a lot of enemies and poopy disturbers who will attack them, their platform, or anyone involved with them as long as it hurts them in some way. These people tend to post on places like kiwifarms and double deep web with personal information or real / fabricated personal messages that are used to expose them or provoke others to attack / harass them. I would assume that someone who dislikes TheRalphRetort or Mr Metokur found the doxx on the owners through an organised raid on a discord server and made them public on double deep web to get to one of them.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Imagine being a wellfare junkie liberal who wants everything for free but pay no taxes. Keep on bringing in those illegal aliens so they can destroy the entire country. Just take a look at how they ruined california. Yikes. gently caressing democrat scum. The democrats love being told how to live their life by big government and collecting their monthly wellfare check because they have no life skills and are either jobless or work for minimum wage.

    • Anon Anon

      ^ Imagine being this retarded.

      • nigger nigger

        Do you even live in california?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous


  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    > was never a profitable site and the amount of money it gave away during the weekly contests was pretty absurd. Someone with less than 40 viewers could make thousands off the contest. It wasn’t until last year when Ethan Ralph and Mister Metokur moved over to that the site even had somewhat popular streamers, discounting a brief period beforehand where Keemstar attempted to win the contest and lost. Anyway the site was mildly popular for a while because of its extremely relaxed community rules, you could say anything in chat and show anything short of porn and gore on stream without much issue.

    >I have heard that the owners make most of their money from pornsites and that was a vanity project and one that was made for tax purposes.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      SPCC was there long before any of those guys. He got screwed by this poopy. Meh, spcc is screamin on his own site instead now. Ralph is back on garden gnometube. RRU

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anyone that thinks the doxxing came from the right and not the left are grade-A retards. xD

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Cope. was populated by mostly alt-right streamers and viewers. The most popular left wing streamers had less than 30 viewers. But go ahead and believe the leftist boogeyman did it.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        So what? Everyone deserves free speech. Not just the people you like. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t go there.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Gonna be honest, I’d bet money it was just some guy who didn’t give a poopy about politics either way and just wanted to gently caress with someone.

  7. Appeal to the alt-right and they still turn around and threaten your family. What have we learnt today kids?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      This. Right-wingers are like evil children from a horror movie, except exceptionally stupid, like down’s syndrome level. Fookin hell.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Yeah because right-wingers attacking and harassing the one plausible alternative to YouTube TOTALLY makes sense. It surely couldn’t have been any of the left-wingers who make it their life’s mission to get everyone on the right banned from all social media!

        What a retard.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          So you’re basically admitting to being a conspiracy theorist. You know that’s a banning offense and got Alex Jones banned from all internet? Even worse it’s an alt right type conspiracy to put blame on the people Hitler blamed for reichstag fire this is extra illegal.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Are you serious or are you just joking? I cannot believe that I have such a hard time distinguishing between a troll, idiot and leftist, but it has come to this… Everyone with 2 brain cells knows that there is nothing to be gained for the right to doxx an owner of one of their platforms. This is 99% a left leaning person’s doings. The 1% is left for someone who just wants to watch the world burn and does not care about either side.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        No one believes this was the right. Not even you two.

    • StalinLovesCIAfakeMSM StalinLovesCIAfakeMSM

      Yeah I’m about a billion percent positive it’s [p]Anti-Fa[g](s) and the libtard left thats the definition of fascist and always doxxes. What we learned today is how droolingly stupid and easily brainwashed the newer dumber left STILL is despite losing all the real leftists to the right and two years of fake news. Get bent.

      • This is grade A level Autismo right here. But hey, I’m sure crying some more about the libs is going to help you guys develop an actual brain cell.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          good argument bro people who are right always reply with ad hominem and in no way makes you loo like a cock gobbling soy boi.

    • Richard Richard

      the far-left did this

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      It was the cow board. There’s nothing political about them.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    I think we all know the culprits were Mundane Matt working alongside Wings of Redemption.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Shoutout to sean ranklin

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        big ups Liquid Richard

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    I feel the cowardice of these people lead to a bigger issue. Giving the power over to those who harass others will change nothing. If they wanted you or your family they would have done it. If maybe you can’t protect your family in the first place don’t put yourself out there. Your information is public. Anyone can find anyone doesn’t matter that they were doxed.

    If there was a problem take the steps to see that justice is server. The steps to protect your loved ones. Change how and where you live for starters. There is a great deal that can be done people just don’t want to spend the effort or money on doing it. But then again maybe they are really scared. Who knows at this point.

    • Not Gavin Not Gavin

      The first paragraph of your comment would have made a lot of sense 20 years ago.

      Today they can critically hurt you without getting physical or even putting in much effort, and in many ways what they do now is worse than anything physical. Complete loss of dignity starting with your career and social circles, then endless gaslighting, dehumanization.

      Look at Gavin McInnes, complete light-weight to anything right-wing. Even his oldest friends are shunning him due to the dehumanization campaign. His neighbors are yelling at him.

      We have been born into a special time. A lot of revolutionary stuff, and the rest is complete clown world. It will be written about endlessly until the end of our species.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I will say this mate, look at the KICKVIC movement. Not going so well when everyone is getting sued. It’s coming, more people need to get litigious about this sort of thing and go after x and y when they do this kind of stuff. It isn’t cheap but the more that fight back the more that people hear about it and it quells the stupids a bit more.

  10. Well that’s what they get for permabanning me for silly prank calls. Let’s just say I emailed them a few times and they politely agreed to do what I say 🙂
    So yeah nobody cares they got shut down so far. BYE BYE!!! BYEEEEEE!!!!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m not clicking your link. Who are you and what happened? Your post isn’t making any sense.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      OK, so by the statement you made you are a confirmed idiot.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You were being an poopyhole phoning Pizza’s to their other streamers to harass them and were dumb enough to broadcast yourself doing it. You should be banned from having an internet connection at all and not just banned from that site.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        It’s called comedy, moron.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          “comedy”? holy gently caress you’re the dumbest poopy in the world right now…

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Are you really jmaa or pretending to be him to frame him? Both seem like strong possibilities.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    (And that’s a good thing)

    (they gave platform to alt right types)

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I hope you aren’t a real left winger because if this is what most left wingers think, our country is in for a real problem.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      everyone deserves a platform. No justice in silencing people or not allowing them to speak.

  12. Anonymous Anonymous

    Why would they go after There is no reason for it. Was it actually the normal /cow/ people doing this or people using the board to run an op? Who are they really who did this? Think.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    Bro have you ever actually met the people from /cow/? Go to their IRC. They are completely harmless kiwifarms rejects. They are afraid of Feds and kiwi infiltrators so they don’t do poopy except troll autists. It’s the people who read the board, not the ones running the board, that are the ones who will actually do poopy like this.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous

    PAUL I KNOW YOURE READING THIS gently caress YOU AND gently caress CX NETWORK


    • DannyPounder DannyPounder

      Good Morning Ice. You have declined 90% in Monthly views since April 2018. Have a great day.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      lmao new set of conspiracies already. Did Mr. X tell you that one?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        wtf I said ->Q<- not mr. X

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