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Discord has a furry pedophile problem 'Furry' pedophile groups survived the Discord purges despite hundreds of reports. Then activists uncovered a nest of furry admins within Discord, Inc itself. #ChangeDiscord

Discord is the framework behind modern online communities. The $2 billion dollar startup claims to have 150 million users, 90 million of which log in daily to share pictures and talk with other fans of their favorite youtuber, hobby, game — or sex fetish.

Everyone understands that a user base of that size is inevitably going to have its share of undesirables, including pedophiles, and finding ways to effectively deal with them is always going to be a problem. But a new kind of problem arises when the platform is incapable — or even unwilling — to reasonably protect itself.

According to Forbes, Discord is probably way past that point and the FBI has launched an investigation into what it describes as its “emerging child grooming problem.”

Discord related child grooming arrests include the 2017 case of a 12-year-old who was abducted after being groomed on Discord, and the Florida case where police sounded the alarm on Discord predators after arresting six men and one woman for sexual exploitation of two teens.

Thomas Cheung aka Elvinelol

And earlier this month, popular Discord Partner, Twitch streamer, and HiRez employee Thomas ‘Elvinelol’ Cheung was arrested in an undercover sting operation while allegedly arranging to have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

So what happened next couldn’t have come at a worse time for the social platform.

The furry mafia

Essentially, users discovered that a number of Discord employees identify as furries (a sex fetish involving full body animal costumes) and actively protect furry groups that share pornographic materials related to “cub play.” “Cub” is a term used by the furry community to refer to underage members or juvenile animals.

Adding fuel to the controversy is the widespread belief and allegation and these entrenched furry interests also aggressively ban groups they personally don’t like or that they perceive as anti-furry.

Noted anti-bullying activist and furdom researcher Mister Metokur documents the Kero Wolf scandal.

The scandal comes on the tail end of a late 2018 scandal where the furry community similarly rallied around and defended Kero the Wolf — a furry youtuber with over 100k subscribers — when leaks revealed that his group’s cub play proclivities included decapitating puppies so that they could have sex with their necks.

The initial spark for the unveiling of the furry mafia came about on the /r/discordapp subreddit, when screenshots of a conversation with Discord administrator TinyFeex revealed he considered “cub” content fair game.

Update: members of /r/yiffinhell pointed out that the image was posted to their subreddit before /r/discordapp: u/alekminassian: PSA: Discord refuses to ban “cub” (cp) furry servers. I wonder why?

The post caused a major firestorm on the subreddit, prompting its moderators to remove the post and instead pin a statement from Discord’s Director of Trust and Safety, who stated: “There is some overlap between ‘cub’ and loli. There is also some segment of ‘cub’ art hat is not, in fact human or humanlike at all, but instead, for example, mythological creatures. This content is significantly grayer, which is why there isn’t a blanket ban on all content that could conceivably fall under the umbrella.”

In other words, if the underage porn is human — that’s not okay. But if the subjects look like juvenile animals, that’s acceptable by Discord’s standards.

Discord users raised a major ruckus and eventually — no doubt helped by heavy-handed censorship on the subreddit — spilled onto Twitter under the hashtag #ChangeDiscord. There they posted their experiences with Discord’s administrators and started putting together the pieces.

It didn’t take long for someone to point out that Tinyfeex himself is a furry.

As is Allthefoxes, another notorious Discord Trust and Safety Team member who also confirmed that underage furry porn is A-OK.

A large thread by MrTempestilence detailed a range of accusations of zoophilia and furry pedophilia on Discord, and its virality eventually resulted in the closure of a Discord server called “Gay Zoo and Feral.” But it’s far from the only server present on Discord to host such content.

Discord users allege that numerous servers exist that host illegal or borderline illegal porn and few of them are ever removed by Discord administrators. The #ChangeDiscord hashtag is rife with examples of the Discord Trust and Safety Team refusing to act on zoophilia and furry pedophilia reports for one reason or another.

Independent journalist Nick Monroe decided to investigate the issue in what became a very lengthy Twitter thread and a powerful argument for the idea that something is rotten in the state of Discord. Among other things, Nick details the numerous allegations of pro-furry bias from Discord administrators.

Further allegations of the platform’s bias against individuals critical of the furry community are also coming to light. @TechGuyReloaded posted a screenshot of a conversation with a former Discord moderation bot developer who claimed the platform has no tolerance for anything anti-furry.

Yep, another furry.

A youtuber named QuackityHQ had his account banned by Discord for allegedly hosting “raids” on Discord communities. In his own video, QuackityHQ claims he violated no such rule, and was instead targeted by Discord for creating a video mocking users on a furry roleplaying server.

The video went viral and has 1,134,563 views at the time of writing. When asked about it by Newsweek, Quackity said: “I googled the moderator’s name…their bio clearly stated they were a part of the ‘furry’ community and after checking their following list, I found out that many of the Discord Trust and Safety team members had this same information in their bios.”

As Discord attempts to deal with the scandal, prominent figures in the gaming community are weighing in with their own two cents on the situation. Youtuber Count Dankula, who also runs a massive Discord server, observed that “The Furry Mafia fallout has caused such a divide in the Discord furry community that Dank Brigade has had an influx of furry refugees.”

Discord has a lot of explaining to do, and even more cleaning up to do as it faces down an investigation by the feds. It would be a shame for the fastest rising star in the gaming community, a $2 billion dollar startup, to be brought down over some mentally ill men in animal suits.

UPDATE: Three days after the release of our article, Discord caved and announced a cub porn policy reversal.

Discord has yet to explain how their Trust and Safety Team came to be run by a furry group or what they’re going to do about that situation. The removal of Discord mentions from the twitter bios of some of the furry employees has led to speculation, but we can find no proof of any of them being let go.

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Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events and owner of Hype Break. Subscribe to for insightful analysis of games and criticism of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games.


  1. N N

    Retarded chink is Alabama posting and too stupid to know most furries are autistics jacking off to cartoon animals. The gently caressing moron thinks he found out about a ‘furry mafia’. He is literally more autistic than they are. Definitely inbred.

  2. Gas Furries 4 Humanity Gas Furries 4 Humanity
  3. Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Oh shut the gently caress up, you are just mad he is right

    • Apollo Apollo

      Furries are cringey and are all mentally disturbed. I’ve been part of the fandom, I’ve been in cons, I’ve been to local events.. it’s all the same cringe. On the one half you got the elitist sex-obsessed voyeur loving fetishists that pretend like it’s not all bad but are still deranged, and on the other hand you have the outright psychotic people that are clearly gently caressed up. There’s no in between, there’s no “it’s not all bad!” No, it is, and the “fandom” needs to be erased. It’s ok to like furry porn, but don’t make a gently caressing cringe community about “acceptance” that’s focal point is a gently caressing fetish.

  4. fox furry fox furry

    I love how this one poopyhole who thinks he’s cool by hiding his name as anonymous up at the top keeps saying furfag. what a dick

  5. Now I understand why people on discord keep asking me if i’m an actual furry. Just for reference, I’m above 18 but below 22. Technically there are 2 or more variations to the sexual side of the community. You have okay, less okay, & not okay. Poor descriptions, I know, but they give a general idea of what we can dictate as allowed, not acceptable, and what we can agree should never happen. Cub is unacceptable in any sexual sense, my opinion anyway. But in a non-sexual way such as art, it is okay…as long as it is similar to how you would picture a puppy, but under no circumstance can there be any sexual organs visible…an actual puppy isn’t quite in control of how it acts, but photographers know not to photograph personal bits, or they should…some people are just delusional…if the art is similar to a stuffed bear or something like winnie the pooh, it should be allowed.

    Suits are not always a gateway for people to behave in animalistic ways. For some, it is a way to act better than they are without a mask, more freedom of expression. They can act crazy and avoid the anxiety they get in their ‘own skin’. I personally don’t own a fursuit or partial. My fursona is a reflection of my true persona, but I find myself being able to express my feelings better with that alternate look. I, personally, can’t see myself acting like a full fledged wolf just by wearing a suit. I’d need to take up acting.

    Still don’t see why I can’t be a furry gamer…

    moving on…where was I…past cub…guess i could go on to common misconceptions…hmm…

    Why have people in the comments typed furfag, but capitalised fag?…Oh well…

    People entering the community get accepted easily, which isn’t always good. Sure it’s supportive and all, but there’s no real safeguarding. Parents sure-as-hell don’t care about their kids as much as they used to…at least that’s the case mainly in America…all those poor XBOX Ones…getting off-track…kids have more freedom…at a much younger age…bad parenting has something to do with that, but good parenting isn’t much better as kids from those ultra-religious high-achieving families will have at least one child who rebels.

    For me the Ultra-religious part is true, but I am much more laidback than everyone else in my family and extended family, it’s like I’m an outsider, or adopted. Not a joke, don’t laugh. Not much of a high-achiever, just smart for my chosen field, computers.

    The reason for rebelling could range from annoyance all the way to lack of free will. Some parents can be too protective. They put the child at risk by cutting them off from the world. This can also lead to inability to properly merge into society when their time for true independence comes around. Most people who join fandoms usually have this problem, they feel like they don’t fit in or are shunned by society. The majority is greater than the minority. Those who stick together with retro ideas frown upon those with a new, unheard of idea. This has been a common case throughout history. Things like depression and anxiety worsen people’s emotions, and they find comfort within these communities with people that have gone through the same experiences. Sadly though, there are individuals who exploit this weakness for their own personal gain. They put out believable information to mask themselves as good samaritans. They aren’t just in the furry community, they are present everywhere, probably even on Instagram.

    A few bad people shouldn’t dictate how the rest of us act. Purge the wrongdoers, whatever that means. Furry Gamers rise up! PC > XBOX > PS1&2 > PS4 #PCMR. Hope this wasn’t too confusing. L8r (Later).

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Apollo Apollo

      Sorry bud, but the whole fandom is cringey voyeuristic elitism and there is nothing ok or normal about proudly being a furry.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Every person in the Stars Wars fandom loves jacking it to jabba the hutt and the whole fandom is cringey voyeuristic elitism and there is nothing ok or normal about proudly enjoying Star Wars..

        That’s generalization, and is completely unfair to any good people by literally degrading them to the bottom of the bottom.

        For the record, I am not a furry, but I firmly believe in letting people do what makes them happy if it doesn’t negatively effect anyone else. For the Furries that are pushing themselves onto others – that’s fked up.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You have got to be kidding me.

      • Anonymous Anonymous


  6. Broonx Broonx

    It is the role of parents to control what their children do on the Internet !


  7. Luthic Luthic

    Hehe, this just made my day.

  8. Hitchslap Hitchslap

    Well this is just disturbing.

  9. Huntyou Huntyou

    Thats nasty

  10. Pansergunnar Pansergunnar

    Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.
    Well, I guess not Steve I guess not.

    • Travis Travis

      Hah, good one !

      • LimpGod LimpGod

        I actually looked it up, and in fact, Steve Jobs said so!! :L

  11. smokemeth smokemeth

    kill all furries, communism has failed, bugs life 2020

  12. Lekhar Lekhar

    well ill be damned, furries have deeper problems? O.o

  13. Balldy Balldy


  14. Anonymous Anonymous


  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    The Comment section here sure is toxic lol. I’ve never seen people throwing around this many insults after being corrected or smth similar. ngl this is giving me strong deep web vibes, and I’ve never even been on there. But damn though, some of y’all act more like a snowflake than any furry I’ve seen here does.
    seems like toxic masculinity and niceguys to me

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I think that the problem with this article is that it doesn’t address the other side’s perspective. Furries did not “rail around kero the wolf” – most people (yes we/they/whoever ARE people, regardless of what they *want* or *wish* to be) were horribly disturbed and echoed the leaks everywhere. There is clearly some anti-furry bias here.
      As for pedophiles and cub porn I think it’s spot on that all of this stuff just needs to be banned point blank.
      As for the “why all the colorful non realistic animals” we have a society steeped in pixar and disney from our childhoods. I think people just want to go back to those joyus places we remember and with some people it gets misconstrued. Just like some people can’t handle their alcohol or drink and drive. Every community has seriously bad crap in it (look at coaches who molest children, multiplayer video games which can be extraordinarily toxic, or sports aggression, it is there). I will say as someone who is in touch with the community I am glad it is bringing this to light, but sad some of these facts aren’t supper accurate.
      Furries are an emotional bunch. It makes them target to be bullied, but it also makes them targets within their own communities. Both of these are problems, and both solely hurt the victims that exist inside of it. I would like to see the energy we put into “pro furry” and “anti furry” used in a light that encompasses our humanity rather than undermines it.
      That said, I am glad for the policy reversal.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous

    So many angry furries…this pleases me. Cry more, furfags.

    • Will T (a non pussy who puts their name down) Will T (a non pussy who puts their name down)

      Like I said. Stop stating the obvious. We are furries. Lots of us are gay. And to speak of a fetish… “this pleases me” to anger… oof.

  17. Think of the bigger picture and impact on society/others. Stop being selfish pricks. Think of the bigger picture and impact on society/others. Stop being selfish pricks.

    Dear furries, please answer my questions.

    Why is it that you guys identify as animals, yet continue to act like humans? Animals can’t draw and animals can’t speak to other animals (We have yet to hear an animal talk to us…). You continue to walk like humans too and you’re using the internet right now.

    If you’re under 18 and are a ‘furry’, have you ever stopped to think that you’re being groomed by pedos? These are adults who’ve created a make-believe world for you to play in. You might not have a fetish for it, but sick adults do.


    The main point of this article is to point out that this is potentially a huge pedo ring. One that pushes for legalisation of pedophilia and bends laws. The whole ‘culture’ is so well crafted, they’re able to have ‘innocent minors’ defend it.

    If you’re an underage furry, you are indirectly supporting a full push towards legal pedophilia. On top of that, if you’re homosexual, you are pushing the same agenda.

    Also, remember this C&H video?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hello, I would like to point out that the furry fandom is NOT a sexual fetish. I also have never seen any furry who actually identifies as an animal. Maybe like a very tiny amount around 1% (or less) of the fandom actually identifies as an animal. We just have an appreciation for anthropomorphic animals. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Try harder. Try harder.

        That’s new to me hearing that you don’t identify as animals.

        If it’s an appreciation for animals, why do you all have a specific personality, persona ect. based around one animal? Why are the animals of interest always strange bright colors, rather than regular normal animals in their actual form? This sounds more and more like a serious mental disorder.

        I’d believe this claim more if furries weren’t all about colorful animal costumes and cartoons. Not to mention wearing the costumes and pretending to be an animal / making up and practicing your own animal personas.

        A normal facination with animals would be regular people going bird watching, sharing pictures of real animals, learning about animals ect.

        A facination with plants doesn’t make people dress up as plants.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I think you’re the mental disorder.

          Ya talking about those colourful animal characters? They are fursonas. They are characters representing the character we want to be, if we were an animal.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Furries do not identify as animals, i don’t feel like wasting time on explaining the basic concept of what a furry is (nothing personnal, just donw it too many times)
      But long story short furries do not identify as animals, that’s just a 2018 meme

    • Will T (the only non pussy here who puts their name on) Will T (the only non pussy here who puts their name on)

      We don’t identify as animals. Just because we like anthropormorphic art doesn’t make us gently caressed in the head. Granted, there are a crap ton of gently caressed up people out there who claim to be furries. In reality, the reason why most of us end up joining is because of how accepting the community is. And to you commenters: I am gay and I am a furry. Say the word “furfag” all you want, I already know who I am. Pedophiles and furries are not interlinked. There are plenty of molesters who are not furries. Also not to mention only five percent of furries claim they have a fetish.

    • Voltys Voltys

      A: I don’t identify as an animal. I am very very happy being a human. I just enjoy having characters, being creative and artistic. No different from owning say a D&D character.

      B: I have never talked to anyone over 18 in a sexual way at all, and if they started doing so to me it’d be an instant block+report…

      What’s wrong with people having fetishes for weird things anyway? The way i see it, if you’re not negatively effecting anyone else and you keep it to yourself (or others that might be into it) it’s fine. Zoophiles are frowned heavily upon in the fandom.

      “me, being an innocent minor, defending it” – why? because I’ve seen the positive side of it. Being an Antifur is much like being in an echo chamber – you only see the bad stuff, and that’s a really dangerous position to get into. I have literally never talked to anyone about any sexual stuff, and on top of that, no furries I know even know how old I am.

      Pedophilia is not ok, and I’m sure many people would (hopefully) agree. Again, it is heavily looked down upon.

      What’s wrong with pushing homosexuality towards being legal?

  18. Hi.

    I’m a Furry, age 10-17, and I’m here to lecture you all about how Furry isn’t sexual, and in fact, how I don’t have the urge to beat off more than once a month and ejaculate less than a teaspoon when I do.

    This article makes me soooooooooooooo mad because I’m in a real community that cares about me, unlike all of the people at school, church, and home who bully me and make my life a living hell on a daily basis. One day, I’ll buy a fursuit and spend a lot of money to go to a furry convention to be with my true family for a weekend.

    Being away from my real family is hard, while I store up wads of cash from my Walmart job to go to my first furry convention. Fortunately, I have several furry art Patreon subscriptions so I can be with my real family online to tide me over before I finally meet my true family in real life. Erotica is not porn!

    When I think about my Vietnam POW uncle ordering me to look at the ground while speaking to him in a girly voice, and recite a list of times I went to the bathroom before I’m allowed to eat, I reach out to the warm human glowing screen with the friendly naked animal monsters on the other side and make a true connection with Nature.

    I can’t believe you Nazis would dare insult my race of true lovers that genuinely care about me by calling my true family and race an assortment of pedophiles, bestialists, losers, sadists, and illusions that prey upon disaffected vulnerable youth. You Holocaust-driving monsters. You better pray I don’t find out where you work, or you’ll be out of a job, you poopylord alt right Nazis. I will defend my true family.

    Alt-racist Nazi monsters like you abandon unprivileged people like me when you say this society has no interests in the next generation and propose to head out into the woods to start anew. Not all of us have courage, but did you think about my needs, you little poopylords?! NO! In fact, I bet you guys are the ones raping animals and children, not us, just to make us look stupid. But the furry community is stronger than you Nazis. I’ll show you all! On the phone with Newsweek, BRB.

    • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

      Take a deep breath and look at this thread logically. This thread is targeting only a small population of your community. This thread said nothing about your community being full of losers or such. They did accuse many poof being pedophiles and beastialist because they have proof to back their accusations. Most people, including myself, are fine with furries as long as they aren’t annoying people (this is the same for most communities too). Also, cut the hypocrisy. It appears you had a very rough childhood and it makes me sick knowing just how cruel people can be but uou can’t play the victim card then turn around and call people “holocaust-driving monsters” or “Nazis” because they have exposed clear bias with hard evidence. Writing a hatefully driven comment full of wild and false information makes you and the furry community as a whole look bad. If you really want to help you community try write a more civilized response let’s people know what your community is really like.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Nice try, furFAG. Burn on the stake.

      • Will T Will T

        Nazi much?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      ‘Alt-Racist Nazi’ made me crack up laughing hahahaha. Not sure if this is real or not, awesome troll post if so.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      lol didnt read, end yourself faggot

  19. Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous


  20. Anonymous Anonymous

    Yall need God and Jesus.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA! Who knew furries were such snowflakes. Get mental help. Quick.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      FurFAGs are liberasts by 92% of it, so it’s only natural they’re badly educated, arrogant, aggressive, stupid, lame, and evil.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        2000IQ basement dweller identified! hurhur libtards hurhur. Get a life.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Cry more as I’ll be burning you on a stake, furFAG.

          • DJT DJT

            lmao I hope you walk in on your mother in the bathtub with slit wrists

      • Will T Will T

        Says the person throwing around sexual insults while not having the courage to post their name

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    I am 14 and identify as a furry. I think it’s unfair that people think that we’re all about yiff and stuff, but that’s not the case. I can understand that there are horrible people in this community that do these kinds of things and I agree that they should be stopped. There are many children in the furry community as well (like me) and they don’t engage in furry pornography in any way. I just like to draw furries and have fun talking about our fursonas with my other friends, and I think that this article is aiming hate at us even more and stereotyping us a little too much. “Furry” is not a fetish. We’re more than that.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      All you “furries” under the age of 18 need to get mental help STAT. Where are you parents?

      • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

        First off let me just say I’m not a furry.

        You have no right to tell him how to be. If he’s happy and isn’t causing harm then let him be. Let the kid enjoy his life. He isn’t bothering anyone. He has a really mature and legitimate response while you in the other hand have just another immature hate comment.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          How do you do, my fellow normal non-furry dudes.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You are the mental. So you should go seek help

  23. The response to this great piece of investigative journalism by Ian (and myself) has been overwhelming. 515 comments and counting. Threats of some kind on pretty much every social media account I’ve ever owned. Thank you all.

    We even have furries cutting themselves in my DM.

    The article isn’t coming down. It isn’t going to be neutered.

    If a website called reporting on the #ChangeDiscord affair is too much for you to bear, consider lighting yourself on fire in protest — and livestream it.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Deranged, insecure, degenerate, sick f-u-c-ks that they are in a nut, ladies and gentlemen.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You are the deranged, degenerate and sick gently caress.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Your tears are DELISHUSS. Cry MOAR, furFAG.

          • I am ashamed. I am a proud furry, but I am NOT a pedophile. These furries are a disgrace to the kind, innocent furries out there. Also, being a furry isn’t a sex fetish…

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            imagine actually being this sadistic irl…
            get a gently caressing life

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Luckily I have my Furry Hunting License so Furries Better run or I’mma skin em

      • Just a kid Just a kid

        Well be prepared to be arrested for child slaughter since most of us are children.

        • Niek (Mooskii) H. Niek (Mooskii) H.

          This article is nonsense, first off, being a furry is NOT a sex fetish, but a purely a hobby involving suits. Sure, there are people in the community chasing after innocent children, but that’s only a small percentage of the community. Most of the community is filled with kind and loving people with a true passion for it, not all furries are pedos and not all pedos are furries. I’m proud to be part of this wonderful community and won’t let anyone get me down with a stupid “you have a mental disorder furfag” comment. Kind regards,

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m genuinely joyful at the sight of a bloodied furry wrist. I hope there are more.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Okay, at this point are we allowed to call the police? While I agree the whole wrist-cutting thing is WAY too far and just wrong, what person in their right mind gets happy at the sight of someone harming themselves? I’m fairly certain that’s a huge red flag for psychopathic tendencies.

  24. Just a kid Just a kid

    Just a thing, to define furry as a sexual fetish would mean children in this fandom (myself included) would be into this sort of thing, and that’s not true because we’re gently caressing KIDS.

    The things Kero has done make me sickened to be in the same fandom and I honestly wish he would rot in the deepest depths of hell. This is the diddly darn reason people want us furries gone and it just disheartens me tbh

    • Just a kid Just a kid

      Also just another thing I understand some people are probably gonna laugh at how “defensive” we furries are but if every single member of your community, including yourself, was to be called “mentally ill”, wouldn’t YOU want to point out that bs?

      • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

        I love how younger kids are writing better responses than older ppl

        • I am ashamed. I am a proud furry, but I am NOT a pedophile. These furries are a disgrace to the kind, innocent furries out there. Also, being a furry isn’t a sex fetish…

  25. Anonymous Anonymous

    Omfg is the writer retarded? Sorry no that isn’t fair, is the EDITOR retarded? This poopy is the least sourced garbage I have ever seen. Not only do I know the furries responsible for bringing down a group of puppy crushers that kill and gently caress dogs those same furries worked very very hard to put the people doing it directly in the spotlight to get police to take action. We don’t support them. We want these gently caresss in prison. As for sex fetish this writer literally just decided lol let’s go with what people tell me furries do culturally! Racism works for races :> why not apply the same blanket type statements here? Seriously I really hope the editor dies choking on his own dick. Get some credibility poopyholes.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Not even a furry, but I 100% agree. Why is half of this stuff not even fully related to discord and just badmouthing furries in general?

      • Zach Zach

        Im a furry. Its unfair we get treated like poopy. Yeah, the people who actually rape people are bad but not all furries are bad. Hell im only 14 and yeah im a furry but i dont gently caressing rape people. needs to gently caressing stop this poopy

        • Zach Zach

          Holy poopy its censoring is cringy as hell

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      To be fair, I don’t expect fair and balanced journalism from a website called lulz.

    • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

      The things the editor has written is true though. His claims of bias are support with very sufficient evidence. You can’t get frustrated because the editor is saying things you don’t like. Also, he never said all furries were like that. If you are unhappy with how your community is being portrayed then blame those who are responsible for the scandals, not the reporter.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is absolutely hilarious to a certain degree. If everyone was to actually trace the furry background to it’s very beginning – which would be called anthropomorphic -, everyone would see that we are nothing like that.

    Most of y’all up here is ganging up on us about being “furries” and having “sex with decapitated puppy bodies”. But please, take the time think about more important things like the gun violence, the hate crimes, the poverty, the crippled government that everyone has. Where would Furries fall underneath that? At the very bottom, unless, of course we have the trolls who are willing to drag anything good in the mud just so that they can have their five minutes of fame.

    Look in the news and you barely see the headlines stating “Local Furries rape…” or “Furries did…” or “Beware! Murdering Furries out on the loose!”

    Actually, none of that is in the news. It’s mainly other things that doesn’t concern our fandom. When we do hit headlines, it’s because we donated a vast amount of money to charity, brought more money to local business where the conventions are held and among other things that shine the good light at us.

    If you hate us, then why are you going out to watch (the movie) Zootopia? If you hate us, then why are you having disney themes? If you hate us, then why have a pet? If you hate us, then why even bother paying attention to us?

    No, I’m not saying that a few of us didn’t do those things. No, I’m not saying the ones who did it shouldn’t get punished. No, I’m not saying that our community is completely clean and have no right to be judge.

    What I am saying is that instead of focusing on the few things that outshine the good, focus on ways to make our community better. Support us. Follow us. Go to our cons and stuff instead of believing everything you read or hear about us.

    Trust us, we are far more friendly then the Anime – not going to lie, if you want dirty things to talk about, you should look more into the Anime. At least we don’t portray things sexually, unless of course you specifically search it up.-

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You seriously need to work on your thinking before you type something. That was one hell of a hot mess.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >Look in the news and you barely see the headlines stating “Local Furries rape…” or “Furries did…” or “Beware! Murdering Furries out on the loose!”
      >Actually, none of that is in the news.

      “child predator ring that featured parties at which people dressed in animal costumes.”

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Are you THAT dense?
      It doesn’t matter how small it is. Your people gently caressed up, and your people are soon about to get gently caressing demolished. Furries in general make me sick to my stomach, so seeing this happen to them couldn’t make me any more happy

      • Zach Zach

        I hope you die by a furry raping you 🙂

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I hope your mom beats the crap outta you for saying that poopy online to people with innocent opinions.

          • Theflappableharp88 Theflappableharp88

            Yeah he is just a non-furry who isn’t intending to offend anyone. Dont be so rude Zach!

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Furries are all wrong by default. If you are a furry, it doesn’t matter if you solve a problem Einstein tore his hair out over, you are wrong and your opinion doesn’t matter.

    • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

      While I agree on some points there are multiple points I have issues with.

      Don’t act like nobody is talking about other serious issues like crime and murder. They get way more attention than these stories. Just bc this story got big doesn’t mean the whole world is against only you.

      The other issue I have is your claim about headlines. Your community does hit headlines, like this story. A headine mentioning a muderous furry is definitely news. News sources aren’t targeting your community but doing that. If a criminal identifies as a furry then the news will identify them as a furry.

      I will admit that it is really unfortunate that news sources don’t talk about the good a community does. That applies to almost everything too. You very rarely see headlines about someone or a community doing good and there is a simple reason for that. It doesn’t sell as well. It’s not just your community that the news writes bad stories about you. Don’t get mad at the media for reporting facts, get mad at those who make your community look bad.

      Just because someone likes a kids movie doesn’t mean they are a furry. Saying that you can’t own a pet bc you hate furries is just utter bullpoopy. There is a big difference between a kitten and grown men whole literally raped a murdered puppy’s neck. Personally I don’t mind furries as long as they don’t bother me, which is my attitude towards everything. Haters only pay attention to furries because you give them something to pay attention to.

      Lastly don’t go hating on the Anime fan base just go get attention off of you. You are now just as bad as the people hating on you. You are just being hypocritical.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’ve never seen evidence of “furries” being what you describe,
      I’ve seen plenty of evidence of “furries” being gays in furry suits performing sex stunts in public (read: retards).
      Maybe its time to look for a new hobby ?

  27. Anonymous Anonymous

    Love this comments section. The furry community will forever remain an infinite lolcow because of how defensive it gets st the slightest provocation.

    I’m a furry myself and while I take slight issue with the description ‘furry = fetish’ there’s no denying that it’s an integral part to the whole thing. It’s kinda like saying jumping into the pool isn’t part of taking a trip to the pool.

    People need to grow up.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      While I understand that, I don’t really like having an entire community labelled as ‘some mentally ill men in animal suits’. Seems like the person who wrote this is heavily biased against the community too. But eh, what do you expect, we’re weird.

      • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

        But it wasn’t. He never said everyone was like that.

    • Zach Zach

      The only reason im being defensive is cause its unfair wr gotta get treated like this tbh but ur right

  28. IceTroll IceTroll

    Funny thing, there’s so much problems with American culture. Children are constantly being sheltered from pedophiles in news stories, but parents are still allowing Yuri and Yaoi without truly comprehending the issues. It probably started with Spongebob, Spongebob originally started as an Adult Cartoon.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I agree with pretty much everyone else here. Actually do your research and you’ll find that most furry conventions are based around donations to animal shelters. Our community is ruined by news articles that focus on only the dark side of the fandom. Most people who hate us just accept all information they find on the internet as the one and only truth without any thought or question. This is also known as passive consumption of information. It can be easily stopped by just giving whatever you see in an article, on Reddit, or on any social media a second thought. Please don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

  29. Anonymous Anonymous

    What most off these comments lack, is the understanding that we are all human in one way or another. What we easily tend to forget is that all of us are different, by being different we have different opinions on certain subjects. And we also forget that our opinions doesn’t matter on the internet. But most off us agree that pedophilia is bad, even the people in the furry communities.

    • We are taking the situation seriously. All journalists and associates are accounted for and safe at this time. Statement to follow when we know more. Thank you for your concern.

      • Dan Dan

        When you stereotype an. Entire group based off an inaccurate fetish group. You’re gonna have backlash.

        • Just a normal dude Just a normal dude

          They didn’t label the entire community or use inaccurate info.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Like search up furry. It simply is “liking” antropomorphic animals

        Idc if you want to pick out those few bad people. Every group has bad people.
        Sone in furry fandon only like nice sfw anthro art. Some ONLY like fursuiting. Some do like sexual stuff.

        This is all wrong in the description. Further more irl laws aren’t helpful to the Discord staff. They are based on US laws and it just do happens to have banned humsn child porn. Which is ehy sites containing naked baby animals are fine. If the law would change than this is illegal.
        Also cub =/= pedophilia
        Anthos don’t exist and the attraction basically dies by every furry when it vomes to humans. The ones that don’t are the few bad cheeps every group has.
        It’s not illegal that they allow it. Doesn’t mean they should allow it but you get the point.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Sorry for the many typos :/

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          oh so you’re one of the idiots who likes cub porn

      • End yourself End yourself

        Ok I getthe joke now! This articleis so shjttyandstupidbecause it’s made on a site called LULZ! This is actuallysofunny!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Whoever wrote this article is retarded. Cartoons are cartoons, animals are animals, Until it’s actually human beings breaking the law it’s not illegal. You can’t blanket ban stuff just because you think something illegal COULD happen.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        so then why is discord allowed to ban people for underage anime girls but not cubs

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Gentlemen, we got ’em.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Because cubs arent human dude.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            underage anime girls are not human they are drawings but they still depict something wrong happening same with cub and any immoral thing that could make you think about underage things being fkd. is it not simply that most furries that like cub do not do it because they like the animal, but the person behind that persona?

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Freedom of speech/expression doesn’t apply to everything, only things approved by people that can make money off it.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            A lot of normie trash in here

  30. Anonymous Anonymous

    So many people condemn all furries because a very small percentage support and engage in disgusting things. But these same people argue against the same logic being applied to things they like.

    Burn furries at the stake because a small number engage in activities that hurt children?

    Sure thing, hoss. Also burn gun owners at the stake because a small number end up hurting people. Right?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Y’all wanna be animals. poopys gently caressed.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Everybody knows poopy’s gently caressed. I don’t give a good goddamn. Your uncle sam is a mother gently caresser.

  31. Anonymous Anonymous

    poopy article, bud

  32. missmewiththatagayshit missmewiththatagayshit

    Furries are gently caressing gay lol

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Did… did you have a stroke while typing this?

  33. Anonymous Anonymous

    Okay, I personally think that being a furry or anything of the sort, does not make you a child molester. I know many people from different backgrounds and beliefs. I have friends who smoke pot, I got friends and family who are LGBQ. Anyways its not just “furrys” that can be a danger to children. You cant single a entire group out for something a part of that group did. That regardless of what it is, is the basis of racism. I think discord should get its act together and start working to fix some of the problems its having. I think it should also be up to the server owners, and the users of discord to be aware and to share information on how to stay safe. Thats all I have got for now.
    If you read this, thank you for your time. Dont bother replying with troll messages or Bullcrap. I probably wont come back to this artical. Bye have a good day/night. 🙂

  34. Anonymous Anonymous

    “furries are a sex fetish involving fursuits”

    Excuse me? Furries are not sexual fetishes. It’s a warm community with people interested in anthropomorphic characters (animals with human qualities). There’s nothing wrong with being a furry and being with furries, for that the sense of belonging, warmth and friendship is strong in this one.

    There may be a kinky edge to it, but in everything, you can find all extremes. Nothing wrong with that.

    Friendly reminder to the author: I recommend you do your homework first before making insensitive judgements and statements about furries at face value.

    If you normies say that we have a illness while being a furry? That we are deviants? That we are immature?
    Well, then why can we look at the bigger picture instead of focusing and dramatising one very small part of the picture, appreciates each person’s uniqueness and are able distinguish between a interest and fetish better than you damm normies?


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Your not helping

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      So pedophilia & bestiality (raping animals & children) doesn’t deserve attention & scrutiny simply because

      “we look at the bigger picture instead of focusing and dramatising one very small part of the picture, appreciates each person’s uniqueness and are able distinguish between a interest and fetish better than you damm normies?”

      Alright then buddy, another one for the watch list.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I mean I think his point is that you can find those things in any place. But we arent here condemning the church for their well known illegal sex rings. Same with about any other organization.

        Its like if someone said “All gun owners are murders because its the most common weapon.”

        Smart people know it aint true but dumb people will still believe that statement.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Need I say more?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      It’s like you idiots think we don’t know about Rainfurrest and what went on there. You’re all disgusting sexual deviants.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        We focus on the future not the past. Once doesn’t represent or mean all.

  35. Anonymous Anonymous

    Holy poopy Ian, you’re as misinformed as Gaming Journalists.
    Even just taking the first paragraph of “the furry mafia”. Most furries do not own any costume (there are surveys easily found by google) and most of those that do do not gently caress in it, because those things are like 2-5k a pop and can’t really be machine washed. And cub does not refer to underage members but art (you know, pixels) involving underage characters. Which is vile in it’s own right, but worlds apart from real persons, that’s like comparing murdering in a video game to murdering in real life.
    That’s probably why they don’t have a problem with that art. because it’s art. Its pixels or pen lines and nobody was hurt in making it or consuming it. And it’s legal in most countries, so why would discord censor stuff that is legal?
    Guess what, free speech does not only count for stuff you agree with. It’s sad that you have to be told that, you should know by now by the hordes of SJWs trying to restrict your own speech.
    And if someone was really banned for just being anti-furry, that’s poopy as well.

    As a free speech absolutist, you can gently caress right off if you want bans to be handed out for stuff that isn’t even illegal.

    • Steve Steve

      They ban loli art though. That’s just art. That’s legal. But they don’t allow it.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Loli is actually illegal in some countries where cub is not, as far as I remember. I think in Germany it was this way. That may be the reason for it – maybe they ban loli not because they want to but because they have to.
        But ethically I agree, ban both or ban neither.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          ban neither would be my choice, because as said, it’s not inherently hurting anyone, no matter if I’m personally disgusted by it

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Actually, importing loli through customs is illegal in the US. The only instance anyone was every successfully arrested for loli poession was someone who simply pleaded guilty. Anyone else was found to not be arrested for the loli, but because these people also had CP.
          While I get that cub is animals and therefore it’s a tad different – the sentiment is the same. It’s giving that same gratification that loli gives, but just to someone who happens to enjoy animals as a fetish as well.
          While what is happening is truly something to be concerned about, I also believe painting an entire Fandom as animal fuxking pedos is not the way to go about this.
          Sorry to derail. Simply giving my two cents rant.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            It’s miles different with amimals. Every person yi know that likes cub is basically disgusted by human things. Would puke if they see child porn.

            Anthro animals are like a new world.

            Sure there are exceptions but idk if you want to make the exception the rule. Specially if the exception is very rare

  36. PhoenixScarab PhoenixScarab

    Leave the furries alone. The pedophila is the problem not the furries. If a furry is being a pedophile then do what needs to be done. Just don’t start causing this bullpoopy.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Not all furries are the same. Most furries aren’t even into yiff so don’t assume it. And where is your proof of them killing puppies? Give me picture proof along with a link to the person that sent it. It seems that a small group is affecting an entire community.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        See the Metokur Video, Autist.

      • Steve Steve

        Look up videos about the person in question doing said acts and you’ll understand. It literally takes five seconds to go find one of the videos made about that man.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        >Most furries aren’t even into yiff
        Then explain why the “yiffing” communities are always larger than the more general furry ones (but even these are full of the sex stuff)?

        And if you search anything furry related on booru you get masses of the most disgusting tags ever conceived by man, including about eating dog feces and that fetish where the furry wants to be swallowed whole by gigantic animal anus holes.

        Sexual deviancy is as intrinsic to “furry” as any other sex based mental illness.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Pedophile furries (which 98.82% of entire worldwide furfag commune is consisting of) is the problem. Burn on the stake, you piece of s-h-i-t.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        right and where are you getting these numbers? out of your ass? cause thats all your stats are worth. You know nothing about the furry community other than it gives you a way to send hate mail to people you don’t have to answer to, and a way to threaten others without getting put in prison. Instead of venting on the furries, go do something productive.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          He’s saying this because it’s facts, I’m not a furry but I’m not anti-furry either. There has been an increase in pedophiles that are FURRIES on discord lately. Several have even tried to get me and “child groom” me. One of my best friends got raped because of these gently caressing faggots in a costume.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            You mean theres been an increase in pedophiles AND furries. Not pedo furrys.

      • Will T Will T

        Thats a nice made up number there. And yes I am a gay furry, or as you say “furfag”. Thanks and have a nice day you hateful person. Furries are actually some of the kindest and most accepting people I have ever met. I moved from gang affiliation and was still accepted.

  37. Anonymous Anonymous

    The Super Best Friends themselves (shortly before they’ve gone under) in one of their last Podcasts discussed the MODERN-DAY furfag commune in-depth, with “F-U-C-K-I-N-G ROOMS” and “animal pheromone being sprayed everywhere” at your so-called “FurCons”. You pieces of garbage s-h-i-t LITERALLY put separate rooms designated STRICTLY only for your PEDERAST GAY BUTTF-U-C-K-ING and open CHILD GROOMING at those conventions, which was PROVEN to be an ONGOING and REGULAR thing! And such pieces of s-h-i-t as SonicFag “””””attend””””” these BUTTF-U-C-KING CHILD GROOMING PEDOPHILE “parties” regularly. You are nothing more than just a bunch of PEDOPHILE GAYS IN SUITS. MOST of you even bring YOUR OWN children to these “””””events”””””, you are ALL complicit in being PEDOPHILES AND RAPISTS.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You need to chill. Maybe you shouldn’t avoid the filter.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Eat s-h-i-t and die, furfag trash.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Yeah only that sonic fox spent some prize money to 2nd place one time cause theur father was in hospital. Also the child molesting room I literally never heard of despite havibg connections with news from US over Germany till Australia. Another thing, furries tebd to like and make children happy as if they are in a fursuit they want to bring the child in s fantasy world fir just a moment. Sure there are probably bad people cause that is normal to have, but when a furry group protects a child after being harrast, from further harassment (which actually happened) we surely don’t mention that cause heck that would mean that furries are nice lol. Oh wait furries count as one of the most open, supportive and tolerant group that there is out there (mainly to them having a hard live thanks to articles like these). Yeah sometimes bad stuff happens in s community but as other communities of this size, there WILL be horrible people. It’s sadly natural to occcure. Trust me, no furry that has a brain wants child molester. Cub also only refers to anthro animal that also are imaginary. Most who are into cub are disgusted by human appearences already. 2nd liking a cub fox wouldn’t make you like a young child.

          Though I would prefer cub not in my sight, it is not against irl laws (they ae based on humans)

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            >SonicFag spent some prize money to 2nd place one time cause their father was in hospital
            You’re a total imbecile, holy s-h-i-t. You really need to be gassed en masse, all of you.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      One. If you can say this you know nothing of this community and what it does so keep your gently caressing trap shut if you don’t even know what furries actually are and how they work.

      Two. I can bet you that furries aren’t some woo ha of a cult that decides that the underage children of the world to need to have F-U-C-K education early. Wanna bet more? Go visit a Furcon and open your eyes BIG. That is, if you even dare to do it, wuss! If ya can’t, you’re a gently caressing ass lier that doesn’t know fact from rumour!

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        The only thing that’s going to be “opened BIG” when/if I’ll come to one of those PEDOPHILE CHILD GROOMING GAY-ASS “””””parties””””” of yours, is holes in furfags’ heads when I’ll shoot a bunch of you pieces of trash with my trusty sniper rifle. That’s the ONLY treatment you’ll EVER get from me, you GARBAGE S-H-I-T.

        • Will T Will T

          Sniper Rifles are illigal sir. Also you have never shot a gun before. I can automatically tell that. If I could say that every person in my community abhores pedophilia and we have formed a pedophile catfish posse to catch and report them. Have a nice day.

    • Steve Steve

      No, the extremely small minority of furries do not make all furries rapists and pedophiles. Perhaps you’d be better off just shutting up, cause it seems you’ve got some pre-existing emotions towards not just pedophilia (which I would hope everyone that’s not a pedophile would hate, granted), but to homosexuality in general. Maybe you should talk to a therapist, you sound like you need help.


      One, Furfests do not have orgy rooms. That is a false rumor. Furfest/furcon hosts rent out places for a few days, and any sexual activity is not allowed. Two, The pheromones part, I have never heard of. Third of all, pedophilia is banned at any cons, and you will be arrested. And, the furry to yiff ratio is small. Alot of us just like animals walking around doing human stuff. That’s the literal definition of furry.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        >Furfests do not have orgy rooms. That is a false rumor.
        It was LITERALLY discussed IN-DEPTH on Super Best Friends’ podcast AFTER Pat’s girlfriend VISITED one of those CHILD GROOMING PEDOPHILE GAY PEDERAST “””””parties””””” of yours, you LYING piece of s-h-i-t! It was PROVEN to actually be a thing AND that it’s a REGULAR thing at those cons. You’re FULL OF S-H-I-T, you furFAG trash.

  38. Anonymous Anonymous

    Burn, rot, get tortured for all eternity, and be yiffed in hell with a big long metallic spiky strap-on in the ass with no lube whatsoever, furFAGs.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      And you call us the animals. Learn some humanity.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You all will burn on stake.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You kill puppies and gently caress their decapitated throats you sick gently caresss. Can you blame us for being appalled?

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          No. no we don’t. that is horrible and gross and makes me want to vomit thinking about it. Just cause one guy did that doesn’t mean we all think the same.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Dunno what your Problem is bud. Maybe if you’d do a little more research you’d actually know how the Fandom ticks lol
          I’ve never done anything like what you mentioned and even thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Why call them a fur fag. Are you worried that if you call them furries they will come after you? Not all of them like to yiff so take it into consideration.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Because 98.82% of entire worldwide furry commune consists of FAGS. Gay PEDERAST.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Wanna know something, oh idiot? Not all furries are gay. And not all furries are pedos. Like what some HUMANS are. Humans aren’t all pedos, but if one furry is a pedo all furries are? The ones who we should be calling fags are the ones jumping to conclusions and thinking they know how ALL furries act.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            What part of “98.82%” you didn’t get, you PIECE OF PEDERAST SH-IT? Obviously that’s NOT “all furries”, but actual straight FEMALE are an extreme MINORITY in your CHILD GROOMING PEDOPHILE GAY-ASS circle-jerking sect of a “””””commune”””””. No normal (as in “perfectly straight, well educated, and socially successful/prosperous”) woman or girl will EVER want to have anything with you SICKO PERVERTS, so only such utterly sociopathic and sitting-on-her-parents’-neck inept THOT TRASH as Fleki or other similar human garbage as her will ever become on of your “””””kind”””””, due to being absolutely brainless degenerate of a rotting meatbag to begin with. There are NO normal sophisticated women in your circle-jerking sect.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Roughly 50% are gay or lgbt I think (based on last data that I saw.
          And the area of extrem fetishes is rsther small. Like yeah those are really rare.
          You will find a lot who like feet (feet is most gommon fetish on the world so I guess that is expected).

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            >Roughly 50% are gay or LGBT
            Only if you count YOU-ASS-EYE and neighboring cuntries.
            I, however, was referring to WORLDWIDE situation, encompassing it ALL throughout the ENTIRETY of planet. BUTTF-U-C-K-ING GAY PEDERASTS are the absolutely extreme majority in worldwide furFAG commune nowadays, with almost NO women whatsoever at all (and if there are some, it’s usually lesbian THOT landwhales or sociopathic trash akin to Fleki) in there.

        • Will T Will T

          Yep! I’m gay! And I could honsetly beat the S-hit out of you. But would I? No. Hate will never win. It never has, and never will. Also only 1/3 of furries are gay and less than 1 percent are pedophiles. And do the 99 percent of furries who hold morals dear accept that 1 percent? No. They are isolated from the rest of us.

  39. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is like when the dishonored wolf groomed and then bullied a girl off the intentetnet after he tryed to force date a 14 year old on discord

  40. Anonymous Anonymous

    I swear to God if someone says furry is a sex fetish one more gently caressing time

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Exactly! I hate it when they say it’s a fetish and nothing else.

      istg i will gently caress them to death

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Wow, it’s like none of you actually read the article, and are all coming in to raid from somewhere. Imagine my ‘surprise.’

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      furry is a sex fetish
      furry is a sex fetish
      furry is a sex fetish
      furry is a sex fetish
      furry is a sex fetish
      furry is a sex fetish

      Hate to be the one to say it furfags: Society is never ever going to accept you as normal. You’re an aberration. You’re messed up and cringey and EVERYONE that sees you in public gets extremely uncomfortable. People look at you sideways, move to get far away from you. You repel normal humans. They detest you and always will because your community is such a cesspit that it seems to be incapable of presenting anything besides absolutely horrific and disgusting rape of animals, pedophilia, or at the very best, being a complete cringe-fest. The two most famous furries are a guy who literally decapitated a puppy to have sex with its corpse, and a video game player who made a laughingstock out of you in front of millions. The world doesn’t want furries. Get that through your thick, sticky, sweaty, cum-stained fursuits.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I’m not a furry but you just described yourself with this statement troll. “Society is never ever going to accept you as normal. You’re an aberration. You’re messed up and cringey and EVERYONE that sees you in public gets extremely uncomfortable. People look at you sideways, move to get far away from you. You repel normal humans.”

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Guess what. All furries are human too. But oh, you describe the repulse so well.

        You must be an abomination of a monster if you know this oh so well.

      • Steve Steve

        You realize that barely any furries that have suits don’t wear them in public, right?

  41. Anonymous Anonymous

    I think that, while everyone should have the means to express themselves and want and desire what they want, there is a difference between projecting your own beliefs and keeping them to yourself. I am not a furry, but I have no issue with furries, I do have a issue with those who would consider crimes or immoral things to be the norm or acceptable, furries are targeted for good reason. Not because the majority of them are trash, but like every group, they have a small dangerous and unsavory faction and the furry community has, unfortunately, had a majority of their most popular people be loud and the general good ones be quiet, this is of course, not always the case but it has been shown in recent and relative history more than once for it to not be coincidence. Now, does that mean I think you should never question or target the furry community? Gods no, I believe that EVERY group, creed, culture, religion, faction, etc etc is worthy of criticism, otherwise we can’t talk about it and can’t try to change or discuss our issues with it. That and it just so happens that the furry side of things has exploded into popular function, do I think people should be gassed or hunted? No, do I think that anyone should get away with crimes against humanity or the law? No, do I approve of punishing anyone, regardless of creed, for the things they do? Yes. It is a shame that discord does what it does, because while I have no issues with Furries, I do have a issue with ANY sort of child porn or vaguely child-like pornography, regardless of spots and a tail or elf ears and orc tusks, because regardless of if its real or not and its causing no harm, children do not know what consent is or respect the consquences of it as they are underdeveloped and not sexually mature, its why we should or are teaching kids in their teens about sex and not in kindergarten. Somewhat along that line much like the things we enjoy, indulging in the things that we know are wrong does not lessen or weaken those things, it only encourages them. That and hipocrisy is a great sin as well.
    Ultimately, we could all go back and forth all day on the matter of furries vs bad ones vs the ones that just want to gently caress a person in a wolf suit while wearing a cat suit and never even look at a actual animal in a sick manner vs the ones that do horribly maim and rape animals for their own pleasures. That’s a very murky and dangerous subject, but I think the other big issue is the hipocrisy, I’m not trying to undermine the issues of cub porn or anything of that sort, obviously that is wrong from a general moral standpoint, and if you think its okay then you do you, but you should be careful, not that what I’m saying is a threat, but what you like is clearly not accepted in the public eye. I believe that mistrust is a bigger pain and issue that is flowing from discords decisions, you can disagree and hate or be able to agree with someone on a variety of issues, both severe like child porn, and much less softer like the kind of sports time you like, but when you cannot trust people? Then nothing matters, since their claims mean nothing. The censoring and unfavor treatment of many a person regardless of origin or intent on discord just for ‘harassing’ furries, which does actually happen, but for the most part does not, is a rampant problem and only feeds to foster distrust in the platform.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      This guy gets it…almost. Burn the furfags.

      • Anonymous Anonymous


        • Anonymous Anonymous

          We really should start with SonicFag, though.
          Public execution will definitely send “them” a proper mark.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Geez what is wrong with you people. You guys are the real animals.

    • Furries are [email protected]$***@#* communist (insert racial slur here) &@&#&#&#@&@&*&@*#*$&$^£$€$£$¥$#£$£”*#*’*/*$***”*”**#$**$*$*$**&#*&. Now where was i? Oh yeah *more racist insults toward furries*

      • Furries are [email protected]$***@#* communist (insert racial slur here) &@&#&#&#@&@&*&@*#*$&$^£$€$£$¥$#£$£”*#*’*/*$***”*”**#$**$*$*$**&#*&. Now where was i? Oh yeah *more racist insults toward furries*

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          no offence to furries that are suicidal but if you use tictok I will kill you, no matter what

    • valky valky

      Cub is disgusting you aren’t wrong. But do not loop all furries into this. The Kero stuff is poopy but it’s a very tight knit fandom. We tend to jump to the aid of our members. Most turned on Kero as a whole though. You assume like many others that furries are a sex kink when really it isnt. And there are people who like to pretend to be children who had bad childhoods it’s genuinely a psychological system they put into play to help them move past things. Cub can be limited to playing a cub character in a non sexual rp and in my opinion that’s the only way it should ever be. But we all have different opinions and may keep them sorry for staying away from the discord topic but I don’t really have anything to argue about when it comes to that area of it.

      • Valky Valky

        This site has a language system how poopyty

  42. Anonymous Anonymous

    Child porn, whether cub shota Loli or real, is wrong, should be condemned, and will likely end with jail time. The problem needs to be solved by people within that fandom. Pedophiles need help, zoophiles need help, send pedis to prison and zoophiles to treatment centers.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      What about beastiality?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Furfaggotry IS bestiality, but furFAGs will deny this to death.

        • Steve Steve

          No. It’s kinda not. Liking furry art is quite a few very large steps away from beastiality, specifically the step from art to actual animals. Like that’s a step in logic so massive the Grand Canyon would blush at the sight of it.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            YIFF is bestiality.
            Absolute majority of furFAGs are into YIFF.
            2+2 = 4, kid.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      > Child porn, whether cub shota Loli or real, is wrong
      Something is not wrong just because you say so. It so happens that there is nothing with any of these.

      > and will likely end with jail time

      > send pedis
      If by pedis you mean pedophiles then why? Do you support jailing people who enjoy different things than you?

  43. Dev Dev

    I’ve seen that chicken video in one if the screen shots from discord I have also seen people dying and cutting them selves. It’s not discord it’s the people who choose to use it badly.

  44. Anonymous Anonymous

    I know this has probably been pointed out, but a “furry” is not just a sexual fetish. It is simply the liking of anthropomorphic animals. And yes, some people do fetishize it, like with literally every fandom. And I accept their existence. I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me. But people who like disturbing poopy like little kids, that is just damn f***ed up. People like that should be given the death penalty.

  45. Sergei Bondarev Sergei Bondarev

    People need to understand that not all furries are like this. We can be nice and most are ashamed to have cub or other things in the fandom. Nearly every fandom has a sexual side being used on some social media, but furries are arguably the most targeted.

    • isitpietime isitpietime

      The entire furry fandom is based around sexual perversion, buddy. That first sentence is like putting a huge rock under the rug and hoping nobody notices it. Look at how many there are and the amount of degeneracy being spread on twitter (hashtags like furslutsaturday), reddit (the furry porn subs have more subcribers than non-porn furry subs, yikes!), youtube, and more.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Yes, I’m sure that you, someone who seems to have an agenda against the fandom and likely has never even had an interaction with a furry beyond insulting them knows more about the fandom than one of its members.

        Firstly, the fandom isn’t inherently a sexual thing. Yeah I won’t pretend that the yiff community isn’t huge, and I’ll be honest I’m a part of it, but that’s like saying every YouTuber is a gamer or something. It’s just blatantly not true.

        Second, just because some people within the community are pedophiles, or douchebags, or really any other horrible thing, lumping the entire fandom in with them is unfair and equally douchy on your part.

        Third, you can call it degeneracy, you know what, fine. I’m annoyed, but I can’t stop you. All I can say to that is to each their own. As a while we’re not hurting anyone. We’re not trying to tell anyone what they can and can’t be into. Why don’t you return the favor?

        • Solo Solo

          gently caress you you cunt. I can’t believe you read that poopy and just invoke hitler. The reason you cunts stay online or at con’s with big groups is because you’re cowards who rape animals in private. You cunt. I’ve never been tempted but if you were in Australia I’d smash you and every furry in their gently caressing face
          Yiff? You cunt. I hope you die. Painfully.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Wow, and you reflect non-furries? How utterly very….smart…
            You obviously know nothing, just like how furries have their do anime people, so do rich folks with privacy to do such things. But maybe you do to or just have problems in your life to where you need to be that hostile to where its like a monster expanding out your poopyhole or somethin. Only pussies say threating stuff over the internet because…well..let me be blunt with you, you’re a pussy..

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Saying someone is invoking hitler, while they say something to give another aspect on reasonable thought.. Then going off on how you will crush and kill furries. . *sighs* Go to school, sir. Your brain needs the work

          • Will Troxel Will Troxel

            If you are down to fight, so am I! Pull up in Denver in one month! Let’s go!

        • isitpietime isitpietime

          r/yiff has more subscribers than r/furry and you say it isn’t about animal people gently caressing eachother? Okay.

          >Yes, I’m sure that you, someone who seems to have an agenda against the fandom and likely has never even had an interaction with a furry beyond insulting them knows more about the fandom than one of its members.

          I’ve actually had interactions with a few furry friends once, and I respected their choice until they became so full of themselves. They gradually became poopyholes ever since they told me that they were furries. I didn’t even say anything rude to them about their decision, I asked simple questions like “how was your day” and some of them would reply with “pretty poopyty since i have to deal with normies like you” (not joking, these wastes of oxygen UNIRONICALLY SAID THAT IM STILL LAUGHING AT IT TO THIS DAY). They also tried to convert me into a furry, which didn’t work, since at that point I already knew the shtick of furries. Some of them even spammed CUB PORN in a discord group DM out of anger since I wouldn’t join their dog-gently caressing circlejerk they created in hopes that it would convert me.

          Do you not see why I hate furries?

          >Firstly, the fandom isn’t inherently a sexual thing. Yeah I won’t pretend that the yiff community isn’t huge, and I’ll be honest I’m a part of it, but that’s like saying every YouTuber is a gamer or something. It’s just blatantly not true.

          r/yiff has more subscribers than r/furry and you say it isn’t about animal people gently caressing eachother? Okay. Thanks for letting me know that you engage in the acts of jacking off to animal people. Also, that’s a pretty gently caressing weak analogy.

          >”won’t pretend the yiff community isn’t huge”

          You’re only proving my point. The “fandom” is based around the sexual perversion of animals. There are WAY more yiffers than regular furries. (which most likely are yiffers but swept their dirty fetish art under the rug)

          >Second, just because some people within the community are pedophiles, or douchebags, or really any other horrible thing, lumping the entire fandom in with them is unfair and equally douchy on your part.

          Hahahaha, are you blind to the amount of furry-related police reports around children and dogs? This ties in to the fact that over half of the community secretly jacks it to baby animals pooping themselves. Do you not see why every sensible person hates them?

          >Third, you can call it degeneracy, you know what, fine. I’m annoyed, but I can’t stop you. All I can say to that is to each their own. As a while we’re not hurting anyone. We’re not trying to tell anyone what they can and can’t be into. Why don’t you return the favor?

          >as a while we’re not hurting anyone

          Some don’t, most do.

          Anon, before you reply to this, PLEASE visit r/yiffinhell to find out the dark poopy your furry cohorts prevented you from seeing.

          • >Some of them even spammed CUB PORN in a discord group DM out of anger since I wouldn’t join their dog-f ucking circlejerk they created in hopes that it would convert me.

            Could you elaborate? how did they attempt you convert you? For how long did this go on? Did they attempt to convert other people? Was it an overt goal? Do you have screenshots?

      • Sergei Bondarev Sergei Bondarev

        Still doesn’t make it a fetish really, as it’s more of a fandom. It still has meaning to lots of people, and I still agree that these “yiff” places aren’t good at all! But don’t pick on us few because, well, they’re unrelated. It’s considered a fetish to a few, but the furry fandom is still a safe place for lots of people around the globe.

        >The entire fandom is basedmoffmof sexual perversion

        Check the Furry Amino, bud, you’ll quickly be proven wrong.

        • Sergei Bondarev Sergei Bondarev

          whoops kinda messed up on the quote there, my bad.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Пошёл нахуй, помоечный педераст.

      • Sergei Bondarev Sergei Bondarev

        Иди на хуй.

        ты очень мелочный 🙂
        Tакже хорошие навыки Гугль переводчика, мой друг.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Здохни уже, педерастоскотоублюдок. Иди дальше ебись в жопу с Бертом и Гвоздём.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      gently caress off fur fag

    • Furfag deleter Furfag deleter

      All furries are like this dippoopy
      It’s wrong to be a furry

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Not sure what you mean since the number of those peopöe is just as low as in normal communities. Oh look catholic pastor is child molestor. Therefor cstholic community members are child molestors??? No every community of this size has bad people.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Except he never said all furries were like this. Read the article or GTFO. Its called reading comprehension skills, maybe you should get some.

  46. Anonymous Anonymous

    wow wtf

  47. Anonymous Anonymous

    Furry is not a “sex fetish”. It can be, but most of the time it’s just people being themselves. I wish people would see Past the stereotypes and know the reality.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      People dressing up in leather and whips is not a “sex fetish”. It can be, but most of the time it’s just people being themselves. I wish people would see Past the stereotypes and know the reality.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        …But do people gather in public events in fursuits? Yes.

        Do people gather in public in leather and whips? No.

        If you’re “being yourself”, it’s more likely than not SFW. Gun conventions are completely SFW for the most part, as well, and people are interested in that. People are interested in being furries as well, but again, that’s completely SFW.

        Don’t relate them to being NSFW, they’ve never done anything to you, so I suggest you know what you’re doing before you post.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Being yourself is fine. Being a furry is disgusting

          • Aurum Aurum

            Right. Keep telling yourself that. That’s the way to bring people together. Well i for one and proud to be myself, and I’m a proud tiger. And if you think that’s disgusting, keep out of furry business.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            If “being yourself” means being a pedophile and animal murderer, I strongly advise to burn furfags on stake, publicly.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Yeah dude being yourself means hiding your entire body behind an animal suit because you’re an insecure retard. Get out of here and B U R N O N A S T A K E.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Sorry to say but a large chunk of the furry community consider being a furry a sexual thing even back when the community was starting out it was split between the feteshist and the non feteshist they are most definitely not the minority

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >”Most of the time.”

      That’s complete bullpoopy.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yeah ok deviant

  48. Jason Jason

    ““Cub” is a term used by the furry community to refer to underage members”

    I’d like to see your citation on this, Newsweek made a similar claim but I’ve never been able to find any evidence that backs it up.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Search furry porn websites, type in the word ‘cub.’ There’s your evidence, you moron.

  49. Anonymous Anonymous

    There are barely any people in the community who defended him lmfao almost all of us want him in jail and even dead

    Can you please do some research about furries before making a whole ass article about it? Thank you

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m talking about Kero btw. He is now probably the most hated person in the furry community.

  50. Anonymous Anonymous

    There are A LOT of people that are against zoophilia and similar stuff, way more than people think. People need to realize that just because a small variety does bad stuff, it does NOT mean the rest of the community is the same. It’s like saying a few gamers are pedos and that automatically makes all other gamers of the comm. pedos because a few got exposed to be one. They a must be the same, right?

    Furries are simply people who like to cosplay their own made up character. They don’t want to gently caress animals, and neither do they want to be one. They to go to conventions to raise money for animal shelters and for orphans, some draw, some have fursuits, some don’t. There are some gently caressed up people in the community that have weird ass kinks, and we all wish we could somehow throw them out, but sadly that isn’t possible. All we can do is tell them we don’t accept them in our community, but then even they hate on us and tell us it’s not a bad thing what they do. I’m not saying the community is 100% innocent people, but not all of them are nasty dog fu**ers who like cubporn. Please, not all of them are the same. Please stop harrassing furries and actually do some research about the furry community before hating on anyone. (If a person does turn out to be a zoophile though, you can do whatever the gently caress you want to them. As harsh as it sounds, I don’t give a damn.) People have died because of this, even though they did nothing wrong.

    As a fellow furry, I can only say that this just disgusts me. The furry community is actually so peaceful (leaving the 10 yo toxic, 24/7 fighting kids out), but people like these discord dudes always have to ruin it and make our reputation only worse, because people always judge a book by it’s cover. They only look at the bad stuff amd ignore the normal people in it. I am so disappointed and this only makes me want to deinstall discord. Cubporn is the same as normal human child porn. Whether one is an animal or not, they are still both underaged and the fact that one is an animal makes it even more disgusting. These discord dudes need to be thrown out and the guidelines need to be changed ASAP. That is just disgusting.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      This sentence makes no sence “…normal human child porn…”
      I suggest you change it or you and your type are going to get into more trouble.

      It’s not that as you say “normal furries” are being paired up with degenerate furries it’s because rest of the world sees you as degenerates too. They add 2 and 2 together and make it into one degenerate group – “furry” group.

  51. Anonymous Anonymous

    Now this may be bias considering I am a furry, however I don’t support child porn.
    I agree that cub should be okay with their TOS because it isn’t actually human child porn, and therefor can’t really be harmful towards minors.
    People also make the claim that loli should be allowed because it “Isn’t a real human” “It’s just a character…” But it’s a human character.
    Long story short, a pedophile that is into loli pornography could be harmful, because said pedophile is looking at HUMAN child porn, however, furries don’t exist. So when it comes to fictional beings, I feel like no harm could really be done.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >So when it comes to fictional beings, I feel like no harm could really be done.
      F UCK you. These cub play deviants torture and rape animals to death and they have massive audiences and followers.

      Kero alone has 100k subs of fellow cub play deviants, even after some sections of the furry “community” cast him out.

      >Video five: a puppy is drugged and strapped to a log. It is anally and vaginally raped with the wide end of a baseball bat until blood is visible on the bat. The dog begins to visibly spasm.

      >Video five: a puppy is drugged and strapped to a log. It is anally and vaginally raped with the wide end of a baseball bat until blood is visible on the bat. The dog begins to visibly spasm.

      This is the reality of you gently caressers.
      You deserve to be hunted for sport.

      • Aurum Aurum

        This is the reality of a small group. You’d condemn us all for the sins of a few? How quaint. You’re short sided-ness will lead to your own such condemnation before long. believe me. It happened to Hitler, it’ll happen to you to.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Burn on a stake, you piece of furfag poopy.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Whoa, nobody said anything here about supporting that. Nobody does and nobody should. Don’tont put us down just because you glanced over this comment and didnt understand it.

            Burn on a stake. 🙂

          • Aurum Aurum

            Wow. so we’re back on Witch trials? Go back to your Medieval age. It’s people like you that make us want to stand up for ourselves rather than take this poopy lying down. now why don’t you go do your homework like a good little kid rather that trying to get into a debate with someone you can’t even pretend to understand.

          • Bob Bob

            You’re an emotional idiot.

        • Solo Solo

          gently caress you you cunt. I can’t believe you read that poopy and just invoke hitler. The reason you cunts stay online or at con’s with big groups is because you’re cowards who rape animals in private. You cunt. I’ve never been tempted but if you were in Australia I’d smash you and every furry in their gently caressing face

          • Aurum Delta Toxx Aurum Delta Toxx

            Well of course I compare it to him. That’s the closest person you all are acting like. What do you expect. You’re hating on a group of people, telling them to kill themselves, or saying they need gassed, or burned at the stake. There is no difference here than back then. And I ‘invite’ you to try. I’m not scare d of you. I don’t hide behind hateful messages and an anonymous name just to take out my anger. You want me, build up the courage to step away from your computer and learn a thing or two.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          You do know he never said he condemmed furries. You are the reason people hate furries and why my friend got bullied.

      • Jason Jason

        Kero was outted by furries, and his youtube subscribers had no way to know he was such a monster until he was outted.

        I’ve been seeing this a lot lately

        “Furries are necrophiles and pedophiles, they gently caress dead puppies” and then when you ask for an example its kero the wolf, that guy that every furry and their mother denounced as disgusting and evil.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          >his youtube subscribers had no way to know he was such a–
          No way you can be THIS dumb.
          This is downright sub-20 IQ points tier, folks.

          • Aurum Aurum

            I’ve been a furry for a decade now. And I’ve never even heard of this guy. So yeah. it’s very possible people didn’t know what he was doing till he was outed. And Good riddance he was. No sane person, Furry or not, would wan’t to support someone like that.

    • Anon Anon

      Porn in any form can be harmful to a Minor’s brain, whether it be human or animal. Gore can be harmful to a Minor’s brain, as can being exposed to anything of the sort. It becomes “normal” to them if they’re exposed to it enough, and that’s not healthy

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Wow, you still like this furry=pervert meme. Go back to deep web, fag.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        >a furFAG tries to call someone else a “fag”
        Oh the IRONY is SO THICC that it can be cut only by a mythril axe.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      … what’s to stop degenerates to dress up real children in costumes, add accessories, glue/dress up in fur or even pain their skin to look like “anthropomorphic animal cub”.

      Nothing. They went far enough by kidnapping a child and they surely won’t stop at that.

      So trash as i’m sure others said down below you are part of the problem, you should be tortured till you die of old age and you’re a pedophile.

      No, exceptions.

      • Bob Bob

        I know a bunch a furries, and none are pedos. And none screw animals. On the other hand there are bunches of none furry pedos out there. Y’all are bunch of hate mongerers who like to hate people who you know virtually nothing about except that a tiny percentage are criminal, just like the rest of the population. Get a life.

  52. Anonymous Anonymous

    This entire situation is a joke. The moment furries get called out, everyone drops their poopy and takes up arms. Any other groups, ideological groups, or cultures were to be attacked, it’d be written off in a heartbeat.

    Take the entire article with a grain of salt, collect the last few brain cells you have left, look at the images and facts (not commentary or filler) and see the gently caressing truth. Writing the ***entire*** article off because of the provocative language used to incite anti-furry resentments is utter bull. Find the diamond in the rough, use that puny brain you sad excuses were left with, and make a logical conclusion instead of screaming “I’m a victim” or “you got it all wrong!!!” It’s right there in color and as an image in case you couldn’t read English. Ciao x

  53. Anonymous Anonymous

    They hated him because he spoke the truth.

    • A good feller A good feller

      Yeah the amount of furries here defending child porn is unbelievable

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        There’s a fat difference between defending your fandom as a whole and defending a few people within it. Most of the furry community hates these guys just as much as you do, but because we’re part of the same fandom you throw us under the bus too.

  54. Anonymous Anonymous

    The issue is that they are being hypocritical about it, by banning loli and shota while they allow cub porn. The ideal situation would be to allow everything.

    • Jason Jason

      There’s an extra level of separation from child porn cub has that loli/shota does not.

      Most laws regarding this stuff refers to depictions of children in sexual situations, a child by definition is a human, a cub is not, therefor it’s not a depiction of a child in a sexual situation.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if loli/shota would be allowed if it weren’t illegal in the UK and all commonwealths, and essentially illegal in the US.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Cub play is not any better, sexualizing baby animals. Jeez doesnt matter if its fvcking human or not

  55. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ignore the criticism in the comments below, there has already been something fishy going on here. Some furries are just as bad as anti furries, it’s what we see as a community.

  56. Anonymous Anonymous

    Non-Degenerate-Furry here – Never give ‘Power’ to a ‘typical’ furry who is otherwise, normally, completely insecure, emotionally unstable, probably full of ‘invisible illnesses’ and all of this leads to unwanted behaviors besides social deviancy.

    Giving Power to a Furry, especially Left-wing Furries is akin to giving a radical feminist power or a Social Justice Warrior, you just Don’t. They will destroy your community like cancer, spread their connections and destroy everything others had built.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >Non-Degenerate-Furry here
      You’re a degenerate by default, furfag.
      Because your entire commune began from purely garbage degeneracy to begin with. Walk Disney was a degenerate that was drawing anthropomorphic rats with big dicks before he made “Steambot Willie” (BTW, “Willie”, or “Willy”, is a slang for a dick/cock/dong), which was proven.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        And you’re an poopyhole. Plain and simple.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Slit your paws, furfagpoopy.

          • Aurum Aurum

            Can’t. We got paw’s. How bout you use your hands for something useful other than trying to get rid of Furries for no other goddamn reason than your unatural hate of others being happy.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      One of the best running servers or helping others, communication etc. where also heakth advices etc are given to unsure people don’t do stupud stuff is lead by a furry. That server us also Discord partner. Umm this doesn’t wzite work if there are many examples that go against this. I just named 1.

  57. Anonymous Anonymous

    Leave my community alone. HOW DARE YOU make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” – that because of actions of a very small amount of people, you can use a fill paintbrush for the entire community to be represented in this way.

    We are NOT, and I repeat NOT a sex culture. Anyone who thinks this needs to do their research properly. May I suggest starting from the ground up and give a visit.

    Trust me when I say we are sick of the people who are involved in this, zoophiles and paedophiles have no place in society. Don’t ever think that we, the furry fandom, are supportive of this.

    • Aurum Aurum

      True that!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      lmfaoooo please stop,

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      LOL keep lying to yourself mate. Furries are 100% in it for the sexual kink, and nobody thinks otherwise. You’re making yourself look like a tool when you spout that B U L L

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        check your bullpoopy that is a minority in the fandom

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Furfaggotry literally started as a “masturbate to animated animals” commune, you dumb uneducated furfag poopy trash. WALT DISNEY himself was drawing Mickey Mouse as a masturbating long-schlonged anthropomorphic rat in his VERY FIRST sketches of Mickey (before Steamboat Willie), those Disney corp tries just-oh-so-hard to hide the truth about away from you mainstream poopyheads for decades now. The said sketches were found out of and were posted on the net several years ago. Walt Disney was a gently caressing furfag that was drawing a human-sized anthropomorphic rat/mouse with a long down, masturbating. It’s a FACT, you piece of uneducated poopy. Furfagging commune STARTED with such such poopy. It was ALWAYS full of such poopy. Furfag commune are the very EPITOME of such poopy. You’re ALL it.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        yes. Just like all middle schoolers are the epitome of cruelty. And how they believe every little thing they see online. Maybe you should think before you talk. Back at those times, if they wanted to ‘hide’ it, they would’ve burned it. It was a drawing, duh. They wouldn’t have still had files of it. That’s just more propoganda from furry haters, probably from another kid your age. Don’t listen to everything you see online kid.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Eat poopy and die, furfag pedoimbecile.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Furry men were significantly more likely to view furry-themed pornography (96.3%) than furry women (78.3%). Furry men and women both significantly underestimated these figures (84% and 70%, respectively).

      This is from furscience.

  58. Anonymous Anonymous

    As my furry friend says, the worst part of the furry community is the furries.

  59. Raids Raids

    I’m a freelance journalist currently looking into “furries,” “cub porn” and their relation to Discord staff. I noticed that your article is being raided (attached pic) and things I have read suggest this is a common tactic in the “furry” subculture. Is my impression wrong?

    Have any Discord staff been caught organizing any of these raids or do you guys think it’s organic?


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      My furry friend talks about this stuff all the time. So yes. They do it to each other.

    • Ash Ash

      Mostly it’s organic. Furries themselves are mostly consistent of young adults, anywhere from early teens to mid 20s. With this, there comes divised, yet irrational hatred towards differing opinions. I believe the hatred in this post is simply because of total and hard self-worth purposes, as he defends himself via news article comments.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I believe you should leave my boyfriend out of this. It makes sense for us to be upset when we’re being ousted for something some guy I’ve never heard of has done, and a couple bad eggs in a discord channel.

        • Ash Ash

          It has nearly nothing to do with you, or your boyfriend (apparently). Despite the fact that he has “mis-defined” a word, there is nothing he had used to connect you with that person. Defending yourself in this manner only makes you seem suspicious.

      • Steve Steve

        As a person with an interest in furry art myself, I have no issue with people hating other furries, or speaking out against disgusting people. What I have a problem with is people making furries out to be, as a whole, a group of x, y, or z. Cause basically anyone can be a furry. But when talking about the furry community, specifically the groups that have conventions and such? Yeah that’s where you typically find the worst types of human beings, but mixed in with them is a lot of just decent people.

        It’s a complicated topic, but making all furries out to be sex fetishists is far from the truth, and I feel this article could have done a much better job at, at the very least, describing furries in a less untruthful manner. Keep in mind, I found this article from a google recommendation, I’ve got no prior feelings towards this topic other than knowing about Kero and his disgusting antics, and Discord blaming quackity.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I can assure you that the posted image is not something to do with any kind of “Raiding” as you wrongly put it. That’s just a part of the community expressing distaste in a private journal about something that was mislabelled in the article itself.

      Research will help in not having these misunderstandings. And that includes talking with a furry.

    • A Concerned Furry A Concerned Furry

      just a heads up, yes the furry community has it’s “bad side” just like literally EVERY OTHER COMMUNITY, but no, it’s not the majority, even if that is what it looks like, the ONLY reason the furry community is hated is because of articles like this. Stop portraying us as bad people, the majority; and mind you, there’s a big emphasis on that; of us are the COMPLETE opposite

  60. Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah, um, maybe do your research before posting such a degrading article?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      yeah, um, why are you taking the actions of pedophiles personally?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I would guess that it is either because he is a pedophile (and there is nothing wrong with that) or because your premise that cub = pedophilia is faulty — assuming that he was indeed taking it personally.

        • Anonymous Anonymous


          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Yes? There is nothing wrong with love.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          >he is a pedophile (and there is nothing wrong with that)
          You need to be doxxed. Hard. And then send a squad of diverse folk to where you are. Justice must be served.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Everyone who disagrees with you should be doxxed and murdered, right? That’s some real freedom of speech right here.

        • Steve Steve

          I’d like to think his point was that making furries out to be a bunch of sex fetishists was a misrepresentation of the truth. That, or he enjoys cub porn himself, and that’s an extremely disgusting thing. You defending pedophilia by making it seem like not a bad thing, not even just cub porn, PEDOPHILIA, is a one way ticket to hell.

  61. Anonymous Anonymous

    >Whole thing is a massive claim to pro-furry bias
    >Writer claims furries are purely a sex fetish and that a couple Discord mods being furries means that everything must be biased
    >Assumes all the furry Discord mods are pedophiles
    >Doesn’t realize that many companies put mods that are part of specific groups in charge of moderating those groups
    >Pretty much everything in this is anti-furry bias

    If you’re going to be ridiculously biased about everything, you don’t get to say that someone else is being biased. And to note, somehow I doubt that a couple mods have phenomenal cosmic powers that make every other mod for Discord cower in fear at opposing their views on the matter. More than one person in their mods list has seen these posts, and somehow I doubt they’re all sitting there going “Little kids, hehe little kids” because somehow I doubt every Discord mod that has seen these posts is a pedophile.

    Note: I’ve seen a couple comments saying basically for people this is against to not comment. To that I ask: Are you happy when higher income brackets get massive tax cuts and leave you out to dry without you getting a say in the matter? No? Then kindly go “gently caress” yourself.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      No edit button.
      Another example would be the massive list of “You want my guns? Come get them” rednecks.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yes? I am happy when income tax brackets get cut? Way to undermine your own ridiculously opinionated point with another ridiculous opinion that has NOTHING to do with the topic. You’re just making yourself look like an ideological moron. Eat the fact that there is an increased number of pedophiles in your community, and then do something about it. Reform comes from within.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Well, when they ban loli but allow cub then yes, there is a bias.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      When you get THIS offended over someone pointing out an OBVIOUS problem, you become transparent. You’re projecting so hard you could light up a 200′ screen.

      And I’m VERY happy when taxes are cut. gently caressing pedophile commie.

  62. Anonymous Anonymous

    > discord comes out of left field, beats out traditional voip apps like teamspeak, mumble, ventrillo, skype, etc
    > intergrated into games, seems to have dev/publisher support
    > going to eventually expand and have an ipo. EZ money
    > kept furries on staff who could bring the whole thing down because big surprise, they’re pedo groomers as well
    gently caressing

    this is what happens when you associate with furfags, they should be gassed on the spot. i’m not even a /poo/tard, i’m super left-wing socialist, but furries should be at the very least sterilized, there is no “cure” for them, it’s beyond degeneracy, they are the cancer in any community, gently caressing ponyfags almost made gently caressing deep web unreadable for godsakes, until they were finally quarantined. they will never come back to the “normal” side, they are beyond all hope, beyond all salvation

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      ok one, just because some do this, does not mean they all do. two just don’t assume all furries are like this. three. I hope you have a weary yet open mind to other furries.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Do you even believe your own bullpoopye mate, u should atleast be honest about yourself and your community and maybe then well have an open mind

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Lol but you probably support being gay while some people don’t. Thats fine. Deal with furries being in existence. I do because it’s legal in the USA.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      how dare you call your self altra left wing when you spout alt right wing nonsense!!!!

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I mean this has nothing to do with anything right wing. its just a man outing his frustration about people having orgies in animal costumes. which is pretty gently caressed up, so think this language is pretty understandable

  63. Anonymous Anonymous

    Why are the names of the Discord Admin blur/cropped out?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      So they don’t get attacked any more than they already are.

  64. Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh look, another guy pooping on a fandom and blowing things way out of proportion. We live in a day where “journalism” is an absolute joke.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Requesting all gamers to rise up and help take down the furry mafia.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        yes sir

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        That must happen from within the community.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Ready when you are, sir.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Ebic gamer reporting for duty
        Let’s get this victory royale

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “blowing things way out of proportion”?
      The Super Best Friends themselves (shortly before they’ve gone under) in one of their last Podcasts discussed the MODERN-DAY furfag commune in-depth, with “gently caressING ROOMS” and “animal pheromone being sprayed everywhere” at your so-called “FurCons”. You pieces of garbage poopy LITERALLY put separate rooms designated STRICTLY for your PEDERAST GAY BUTTgently caressING and CHILD GROOMING at those conventions, which was PROVEN to be an ONGOING and REGULAR thing! And such pieces of poopy as SonicFox “””””attend””””” these BUTTgently caressING CHILD GROOMING “parties” regularly. You are nothing more than just a bunch of PEDOPHILE GAYS IN SUITS.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        so what im getting out of this. is you hate gay’s too?

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I couldn’t care less if you’re a BUTTF-U-C-K-ING GAY, really.
          However, what I DO care about is the FACT that each 1-and-a-half of those said GAY furFAGs is ALSO a CHILD GROOMING PEDOPHILE PEDERAST in 92% of cases. It’s you and ONLY you, the furFAGs, to blame for this. Because YOU produced this yourselves. And now you can’t hold it from spreading, you’ve ‘dun goof-u-c-k-ed it ALL up.

  65. Anonymous Anonymous

    Don’t blanket associate Furries with a sexual fetish.
    With the massive percentage and growing of youths in the fandom, you too are normallizing sexualizing children and their interests.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Is that why /r/yiffing has more subs than /r/furry?

      • Anonymous Anonymous


      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Well, there is a very large focus on sexual content in the furry fandom. The online furry presence is shifted massively towards art and animation as well, hence the overabundance of art and specifically lewd art.

        However, it’s really not inherently wrong to see or enjoy fictional characters in sexual situations. And if the issue is nsfw content in general, it’s a bit off-topic.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I mean you are thinking about gently caressing an animal sooooo

          • Steve Steve

            What? What do you mean having sex with an animal? Furry porn isn’t all inherently feral porn, in fact most of it is anthro.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I wonder why?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      This article is a gently caressing joke

  66. PSA PSA

    Kero Wolf was mentioned and there’s a lot of noobs in here who don’t know what furries do to animals. Here’s a summary of the video leaks:

    Keep in mind that the furry community supported and still supports this guy (over 100k subscribers) and you are being lied to by furry shills when they say they’re against it. The article even has a video of furries going on cam to attack people who criticized Kero for “cub playing” animals to death.

    • Jj Jj

      This isn’t correct. The furry community was not in favor for kero’s action. Of course, its the internet and there are a few furries which still supported him, and those are the ones who were the most vocal.
      (It seems that most in support were rather young, from looking at their profiles)

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Oh now its the childrens fault isnt it. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! First you fantesize about gently caress underage animals. Then you endorse some guy actually gently caressing a dog and raping children. AND then you say that its the children’s fault. You people should burn in hell eternally.

        • Steve Steve

          You’re the definition of a crazy person. Like honestly, get yourself some damn help, you can’t seem to read a couple of sentences without focusing on one single thing a person said and taking it out of context immediately to fit your narrative. Fix your damn logic before you post about something like this, please.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I can absolutely gaurantee you that the wide majority of the fandom does not support him, and it was Furries THEMSELVES who forcibly dragged all this info out into the light and has been pushing to outcast him from the fandom and supply evidence for a legal case.
      Then theres the MUCH smaller percentage of fools and enablers that are turning a blind eye, and the furry fandom is absolutely actively outcasting them as well. If you actually did your research, the coward announced on his Twitter that he’s “leaving the fandom” for “bullying” you know what ensued after that? Celebration.

      • Zenith Zenith

        Honestly not everybody in the furry community sould be judged for something most of them aren’t even doing, for example, if a bunch of Japanese Terrorists we’re coming to America, would you then distrust and hate every Japanese person you see there? No ( Unless your just really overprotective/Insecure )

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Nobody likes kero lol

    • Skia Wolf Skia Wolf

      Just want to say we don’t support this behavior in the fandom. What I think was a spark was false information being spread to destroy a person’s career like in the celebrity area or being falsely accused of a crime was something that was wanting to be dealed with first before a life is ruined due to a false allegation. As of a while back everything was settled that is was true and we made sure to have him leave so his image would not be with the fandom and make matters worse for the fandom. The ones that had defended him were probably young members that blindly followed due to disbelief and not understanding the world as it is. To say that all or most furries still support him would be a lie and not accurate. If others are still defending him are the ones that still won’t look at the facts and undeniable proof of what had happened because in the world we have people that just don’t want to believe the truth. For a better picture is that those defending didn’t want a similar thing that the United states did to try and get rid of communism but ruined innocent lives just because what they did in life but they had never supported it and having people in Europe not believe the holocaust actually existed and there are people like this in 7.53 billion people on earth.

  67. Anonymous Anonymous

    Furries in 2k19 wtf lol

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Not sure which game this is referring to, but those are called mascots, most sports teams have them, them being in whichever 2k19 you meant is completely unrelated.

  68. Anonymous Anonymous

    FBI has a lot to investigate here. Even the Official FurryPornPages with thousands of followers admit the furry “fandom” is just an orgy of child molestation.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Actually this is him saying underage people joining adult Discord rooms is one of the real problems with the app and that he doesn’t condone that and wants no part of it.
      But plus ultra I guess.

    • Steve Steve

      Did you even read what he said, or did you see one thing that fit your narrative and thought you could force a post about it to make your point seem correct?

  69. incredible moving story posted to reddit yesterday. STOP FURRIES NOOOOOOW! incredible moving story posted to reddit yesterday. STOP FURRIES NOOOOOOW!

    I was sexually abused by furries as a minor.

    I discovered the internet when I was 9 or 10, and I was introduced to a game called Runescape. I became addicted to that game, and in playing it, I became a member of a deep webny-type chat. One time we were urged to raid a chat that was full of furries and I joined that chat to lurk. I found that many people in that chat were pretty nice. I started hanging out more and more and I became a furry.

    I was a member of that chat for a few years and made a few friends. There were some really strange people though. Me being 13-15 at the time and the loner that I was IRL, I was pretty immature and I was desperate for attention. People took advantage of this. They groomed and roleplayed (basically sexted) with me knowing I was underage. It was consensual, but looking back, I couldn’t really give consent due to my age. Many people showed me their dicks and one person even convinced me to send nudes of my 13-15 year old body. One of the chat members even raped his dog, his username was Xanth

    I never reported them because I was afraid of ruining their life or mine because I could get charged with sending child pornography.

    Anyways, I stayed there for a few years and I finally started making friends IRL with people my age. In senior year of high school I rapidly started catching up my social skills to everyone else, and through college I had a good time doing that too. I consider myself pretty normal, I mean I’m pretty gently caressed up compared to normal people obviously, but I’m somewhat functional.

    But. But. I will always remember my past self online. My old identity. I have large aspirations and if anybody ever found out my old identity and the poopy that I posted online that I’m sure still exists somewhere, I would be ruined. Making a difference in my community is something that I would love to do, but I can’t ever run for politics because someone would somehow dig up that poopy. And it’s even worse because that poopy is not a good memory for me, but people wouldn’t want to hear that I was essentially raped online and groomed to give child pornography of myself, they would just see that I was a furry.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Don’t give your children a phone if you have any.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Ok what if there in a situation we’re they need to text or call you and they have nothing… Don’t give them a smartphone just give the. Your standard drug dealer phone to use in emergency.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I’d give my child a AnDrOiD ╮(─▽─)╭

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Have you never heard of a gently caressing radio?

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            maybe during a “fireside chat” (historical reference)

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Dude, shut the gently caress up. I can tell you right now all those people sexting on RuneScape were mostly teenagers trying to explore their sexuality without the prying eyes of adults, and as weird as this sounds, it’s exactly because of that weird sex roleplay that I’m married to my husband today. As cringey and uncomfortable as that is when you look back, you consented; and don’t give me that B.S about “not being old enough” because as far as I’m concerned, by the time you’re 14, you know the difference between right and wrong and how to wipe your ass, it’s by that time that adults give you the ability to make decisions about your life (college, dress, job, sexuality, etc).
      Also, you’re using the word “poopy”? Really? Grow up.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Furry community to child sexual abuse survivor:

        >shut up

        Says it all.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        What in the gently caress is this reply

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Dude delete this this is seriously gently caressed up

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        They’re using “poopy” because the people who own website made a bot to change the cuss word version into something more nsfw.
        What a gently caressing bitch. You don’t know what actually happened to that poor guy as a kid. You’re disgraceful and disgusting. How dare you blame a child for sexual abuse. gently caress you.
        How DARE you tell someone who went through some poopy like that to shut the gently caress up. What the actual poopy is wrong with you dude.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          More suitable for work, not nsfw, sorry. Can’t edit it now

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Liking the look of anthropomorphized characters is not in any way similar to molesting children.

      A broad range of people self-identify as furries, so blanket statements are just going to cause arguments.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        That being said, I’m deeply sorry that this person had to have this experience, and I can only hope that he lives a much better life after that. It’s no secret that there’s a rampant sexual sub-culture within the furry community, and most people who aren’t apart of it know and dislike it.

        However, no one likes to be held accountable for something they had no part in.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If you got harrased by a white person. Would you then blame all whites? Logic please. Also if a gay person harrases you, don’t blsme all gays. If you had bad experiences DO NOT JUDGE ANY MORE THAN THOSE WHO DID BAD.

  70. Anonymous Anonymous

    I can’t believe the FBI is investigating this Fandom on discord. It definitely makes the Fandom look great when that happens!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Actually the FBI is investigating certain groups on discord, revolving around illegal activity like drugs.

      Not discord itself or the fandom.

      (Source: court documents from that Forbes article)

  71. Aurum Aurum

    You can’t blame all of us for the actions of the few. And you can’t blame us for who joins the Furry fandom. In fact, did you ever think maybe its the Pedophiles using the furry name to commit their crimes in what they percieve as ‘safety’? And, I can tell you as a fact, this ‘Cub porn’ doesn’t exist for most Furries unless they draw it themselves. Underage furry art is cracked down on and banned constantly. Cub art is always non-sexual, so I dunno where you get the idea that its allowed. Blame the pedophiles for their tastes, not the Furries for theirs.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      FBI investigation looks real nice for your fandom… Pedos or not. I bet the feds are like “what did we get ourselves into, we’ve got more pressing matters than this crap”

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        More than likely, its fake. Just something they say but don’t really do to appease people like this guy, and other furry haters.

      • Steve Steve

        The FBI is investigating specific discord groups for drugs and child molestation charges, not just every single furry server or the entirety of the furry fandom itself. I have a question for you, where do you get all of your material? Because the size of that blanket for your statement would make a millionaire bankrupt 3 times over.

    • Chad Chad

      The problem is there’s too big of an overlap between furries and pedophiles. Sure, maybe not even 5% of them are pedophiles but probably 80% of the ones that aren’t are willing to look the other way while those people are putting kids (and animals) in danger.

    • Jj Jj

      I agree. The amount of ‘furries’ who are actually pedophiles, or committing acts that would make them one, is very few, less than 1%.
      I think the problem is those percentage of people seem to be the most vocal which doesn’t make the furry community as a whole look good unfortunately.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I have to disagree anyone can find anything sexual. Serch sexual fetishes and apply that to cub art and you see what I mean.

      • Aurum Aurum

        I did say for ‘most’. If someone really wants something, they’ll find it on the internet. theres groups of unsavory people all over. Not jsut furries.

  72. Anonymous Anonymous

    Most people who are furries have the internet so they are always going to be the majority of people responding to these types of things. Where else are they gonna find anthropomorphic animals? In real life?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Not sure if I should thank for saying furries have money or just kinda laugh at you complaining that people use the internet for communication.

  73. Anonymous Anonymous

    The article is very likely intended to capitalize on controversy, even if the inherent issue of pedophilia on discord is something that needs dealing with ASAP. Furry is irrelevant in all regards except to create an us vs. them mentality. This is a problem that requires a scalpel, not a hammer.

    There’s always more to stuff like this than meets the eye – don’t take anything at face value, remember to analyze and be critical of any news nowadays.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yeah, unfortunately it’s easier to wield a hammer than it is to use a scalpel.

  74. Anonymous Anonymous

    Lots of salty furries in the comments. Listen, the best disinfectant is sunlight. At no point in the article did he say ALL furries were like this. Just that it’s a problem on Discord, and in the community, and it is. Lots of people DID come out in defense of Kero the wolf. You should have seen the sheer number of tweets and videos defending him. But, judging from all your poor spelling, everyone who replied is either 10 years old or illiterate and doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘reading comprehension.’ Pedophilia has been, and will always be, a problem in the furry community. That is, unless people start calling them out now. I hope the feds DO investigate. Some people need to be brought to justice. And, yeah, just because they’re’ furries’ doesn’t give them a magical shield from the law.

    Long story short, learn to comprehend what you’re reading or come back in 10 years.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “furries (a sex fetish involving full body animal costumes)”
      Also, claiming that some furries existing in the Discord mods means that they are automatically into this kind of thing.

      These two things together kinda make it sound like he’s saying they’re all like that.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m only responding to the people who are saying that all furries are like this. There’s a ton of them in these comments as well.

  75. Chaco Chaco

    Ian, You’re an idiot. NOTCSLL FURRIES WEAR SUITS. and to call ys mentality ill? YOUR mentality ill if you class EVERYONE who is a furrh into one bias, discrimination based category.
    Those people who are decapitating puppies and that ARE BAD PEOPLE, BUT and this is a big deal so listen up, BUT 99% of furries DO NOT do that. You’re picking the most EXTREME examples and crusifying a whole community based on a couple bad apples.
    I AM NOT DEFENDING PEDOFILES. Cub porn us NOT pedofilia, its art and cartoons. You saying cartoons are real, Ian? You are a moron spreading slander snd hate
    Take diwn the bad apples, but, leave the rest of us alone.
    Oh and I’m a furry and I’m 100% into it sexually. But I don’t have internet in doing the deed with actual animals. That’s disgusting. Not all furries are into that, but again, Ian, you seem to think that? Well it’s not true.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Also I’m sorry for spelling errors, my phone’s auto-correct sometimes messes up. I just can’t believe the bias in this article, and I’m not denying there’s bad apples with in the otherwise perfectly fine furry community.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      yeah. you’re a gently caressin retard alright

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Bruh cartoons or not its feeding a desire the bang underage humans in weird suits or huminoid like creatures. Also tell me this what is the next step up from this poopy….. Yea Yea nothing good at all. It doesnt matter if it illegal or not to me its still feeding sick gently caressers something they can beat there dick to.(And dont play it off like its an animal not a kid, its made to look like a child version of it)

      • This guy speaks truth ^ This guy speaks truth ^

        I couldn’t have said it better man! Preach the truth

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “Cub porn is not pedophelia?!” What the gently caress? It’s almost like you’re defending this sick poopy.

    • Steve Steve

      Firstly, cartoon or no, its existence feeds to the sexual interest of a pedpohile. Second, they banned loli porn, of all kinds, so if they can ban all loli porn, but not all cub porn, simply because some cub porn has diffrent breeds of ancient animals or some bullcrap like that? Nah, that sounds like a defense for pedophilia existing on the platform.

  76. Chadworth Chadworth

    This article is meh, not that many solid points and uses too many logical fallacies. But you get your point across so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      What was the point?

  77. wasafurry...was wasafurry...was

    i use to be a part of the furry community and i can tell you the fandom use to not be this way. a vaste majority were actually sensible, gave hundreds of thousands to charities and actually cared about the other societies they were a part of, actively working to change the way they were seen as.

    now of course, the furry community is tearing itself apart. it isnt just those like these this article is describing that they’re shunning. if you’re in the furry community and even remotely have a slightest difference in thought as compared to the rest, they will call you a nazi, slander your name with false information and do anything in their power to make you bleed. (figuratively)

    I use to be in the furry community not for the porn (no thank you) or the attention. I had joined the fandom to follow what the fandom once believed in. Unity being among them. As a result i have a lot of friends and even a boyfriend that share the same ideals.

    All of us have left the furry fandom because of what it’s become. A group of people that, though they say they accept you for who you are, will go on a witch hunt for you and say it’s your fault for being unlike them and condemn you for it.

    There were, and are, things in this article that speak truth about the fandom and im happy i left the fandom when i did.

    • Hitler Hitler

      “The scandal comes on the tail end of a late 2018 scandal where the furry community similarly rallied around and defended Kero the Wolf — a furry youtuber with over 100k subscribers — when leaks revealed that his group’s cub play proclivities included decapitating puppies so that they could have sex with their necks.”

      Very few people actually defended him, and those who did defend him were trying to prove he didn’t gently caress dogs, not that it’s ok.
      Please do a bit more research Ian, you’re making yourself look like a garden gnome.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Sure, whatever you say.

        • Jj Jj

          Yeah, and these few people make up how much % of all the furries?

          The issue is these few people are the most vocal, unfortunately, and people give them the attention. There are tens of thousands of furries and very few (Maybe less than 1%) were in support of him.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            >and these few people make up how much % of all
            You clearly KNOW this is NOT the point, you piece of s-o-y gargling buttdevastated piece of furfaggotring pedo degenerate trash.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Wtf, i agree pedophilia is bad
      But calling furries “a fetish”
      Is Just bad
      Y’all don’t do any research on anything

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Calling mister metokur, “anti bullying” you do know who this guy is right?

      • Steve Steve

        All I know about him is he tore into Mundane Matt because he deserved it, as well as Tonka Saw because he also deserved it.

  78. Anonymous Anonymous

    I just want to say this:

    I am a furry, and this entire article reaks of biast, prejudiced horse poopy. Do some actual gently caressing research next time you ugly millennial cunt.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      can it degenerate

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        The important question is can Richard funk?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      The article doesn’t go far enough. Time to grow up and stop being a degenerate pervert.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Not all of us can live our entire lives without a hobby or desire.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Pick a new one. Be beneficial to society and stop gently caressing in animal suits.

  79. Anonymous Anonymous

    gently caress this media, and gently caress everyone on it, you all hate furries because you can’t ask furries yourself or do actual research. Peace bitches

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      no need to offend the canines.

  80. Furry Slayer Furry Slayer

    Furries are just mentally ill people, no different than someone with split personality disorder.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yes still got some problems for that to be what there into but no nothing like split personality disorder. Id say more of a really creepy roleplaying to be used as some sort of escape.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I know right? I hope in years to come we learn more about these “Furries” and how their brains work. Maybe they’re the next evolutionary step in humanity?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Yeah because furries are the only groups of people who roleplay, right?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If liking the design and creativity that goes into artwork is a mental illness, so be it. I’m enjoying myself anyway.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Furry artwork isn’t the only artwork that exists. Sounds like a bs excuse. Go follow an arist with some sanity, it’ll be good for yours too.

        • Steve Steve

          How about you go get an actual argument that’s not an insult or a misrepresentation of the argument in question, and then try to talk some sense? Cause that level of hatred towards not a group, *but a damn art style for Christs sake*, on an article about a serious issue doesn’t seem very sane to me.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      do your research idiot.

  81. Anonymous Anonymous

    you know you are mixing lots of bullpoopy right? first of all, the Furry FANDOM is not a sexual kink or else, some people don’t understand that, even if a part of them have sexual intercouses with their suit (which people doesn’t have the same suit when they are with people and the one for this), second of all, you are mixing a Telegram Drama that has been dead for the past week because Kero is GONE.
    and third of them, and unfortunately the not so good, yes. degenerates in a fandom exists, but its everywhere. in every fandom you can find, i’m pretty sure you can find the same poopy on other, its just we are one of the biggest fandom existing, but with tons of SJW, Toxic/trolls, and mentally ill like those.
    its just a bit irritating that you mix those with the others that have nothing to do with that poopy.
    and about your last line. you spit on all the people that has nothing to do with it.
    you’re supposed to be a reporter but reporter seek further than their original point to not irritate/anger the people. and you miserably failed.

    • “I’m not angry, but I’m gonna explain to you in a really emotional and unstructured way why your article doesn’t bother me while also using all caps to indicate that I’m angry.”

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        There are literally 2 capitalized words.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      that’s where your wrong kero reactivated his accounts and is back i used to be a furry and i can say its garbage what you’re saying furries are sexually charged …. all the time even around children i left the fandom after a local furry was caught touching a child and they did nothing because the whole con staff is baby furs and pedophiles just because you believe the fandom is good doesnt mean it is and more often the not furries who go after children don’t get reported because the child is scared

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yeah let’s all forget about Kero and what he was up to. He’s been gone a whole WEEK! Anyone that thinks dressing up in fur suits is a normal thing needs to see a psychiatrist for that reason alone. Let’s not even start exploring the perverts that go way too far by any society’s standards.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Yeah! All those mascots and entertainment workers and people who host costume parties and anyone who wears anything but jeans and a crew neck shirt on any day other than Halloween needs to have their brain removed and examined.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          At least they’re not having sex in them!

  82. FuckFurries FuckFurries

    Furries are gently caressing retarded kids that wish they were animals and the fact that their are furry dick riders here disgust me they should all honestly kill there selves.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      i agree with you as an ex furry i left after i found out a lot of them are pedophiles because i cannot get behind that

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      How about gently caress you. We have done nothing wrong, it’s certain people who gently caress it up for all of us. 95% of us don’t partake in that poopy, but poopyholes like you just make it gently caressing worse, so shut the gently caress up and have a nice day you gently caressing retard. How about grow the gently caress up

    • 1.*their
      2. Atleast we arn’t garden gnomes

      3. Don’t worry dude I won’t tell the cops about your loli porn

    • Crown Crown

      95% of people who tell others to kills themselves are also suicidal themselves.

      Stop. Get some help.


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Besides the obvious troll (At least I hope). A wide range of people call themselves furries. It’s like generalizing all “Americans” as wearing the american flag and jeans, shooting guns, morbidly obese, and disgustingly rude. Sure there’s a group of people like that, and there seems to be a good portion of them, and yeah, they’re an issue here. But they cannot and do not represent the entire population.

      • Steve Steve

        I mean ehh? I wouldn’t call that the most common thing in America. You’d be much better off comparing the generalization of furries to its polar opposite type of generalization, Canadians. The stereotype for Canadians is they’re basically all extremely nice people, some French, and they’re extremely patriotic. When in reality, that still exists, sure, but on a political level, most Canadians you see, even on live debates in their own country, are extremely uncivil. As well as the fact many you meet online won’t come off as the nicest group of people either.

  83. You went from having made an atrocious article trying to slander Warski and the Killstream, to suddenly making an article exposing the furry menace that lurks among us. There are naysayers in the comments saying that not all furries are in the fandom for sexual deviancy, but almost 100% of them are. Keep focusing on the real news, this is what really matters.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Its true that not all furries are paedophiles but paedophilia is grossly over represented so its disingenuous to say that its not a problem

    • sky sky

      Can I get your sorce for that claim?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        He has none. Rofl

    • Steve Steve

      Perhaps consider, for a moment, that maybe it’s true that a good portion of the furry community isnt in the fandom for sexual desires? Perhaps consider there is a massive amount of furry artwork that isn’t sexualised?

      Then go back to the echo chamber that is your brain.

  84. Anonymous Anonymous

    There just targeting select ppl like the cunts they are and saying that furry is a sexual hobby and I’m like wtf I been in the fandom for 7-8 years now and what the gently caress is wrong with everyone like goddamn ppl don’t have common sense now…

  85. no longer a furry no longer a furry

    I stopped being a furry bc of all the drama and rampant pedophilia

  86. idontlikefurries idontlikefurries

    furries are gross

    • Hitler Hitler

      No u

  87. Shrimp Shrimp

    I want everyone here to know and understand that its not FURRIES who are pedophiles. Being a furry doesn’t make you a child gently caresser. Being a human who wants to have sex with a child IS what makes you a pedophile.

    Pedophiles do often stumble upon our community and assume that they are welcome, when truly they are not.

    I’m sick and tired of articles like these completely avoiding the idea that furries are people to, and people can be monsters.
    I’m sick of it because this just gives the cumstain baseball gently caressers at my school a “”reason”” to pummel and make fun of a 16 year old furry such as myself.

    This article is fine by itself, (I’m all for pedophiles getting called out on their poopy!) but the fact that it avoids to mention that “furries are people too” pisses me off.

    I am not a pedophile. YES the community I love and go to may be odd and sexual, but no, we are not pedophiles.

    • lolurafurry lolurafurry

      the fact you’re 16 and a furry does not surprise me

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Yeah, most 16 year olds are these days amirite

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I have a few friends who are part of the fandom and they are completely against this kind of stuff

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      People just like to hate on large groups, especially when most of them have really, really extreme kinks. I would think 90% of furry art is porn, and 75% of that porn has kinks that would make a war-torn veteran cringe.

      There are a lot of gently caressed up people on FurAffinity, or in the fandom in general. Enough to be a majority. But you know what? That’s how it is for the entire world.

      Everyone on this Earth has a dirty secret. Even me. And those dirty secrets pile up into a cesspool of vile, sickening sludge that we call humanity.

      Just look at Gosnell.

      • Steve Steve

        I mean a lot of people have kinks, if one of those is furry art, and they happen to be on the weirder side, what’s the issue with that?

        Because the main issue here is pedophilia, not kinks.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Explain why furry pedophiles don’t get arrested at cons it’s because constaff doesn’t want them to ruin their con now that’s just gently caressed up that safety of a child is less important then a pedophiles freedom maybe you should pick a better Fandom I used to be a furry it’s not a good Fandom kid you’re to young to see the dark side but a lot of them are gross

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If furries want to be animals so bad we should be legally allowed to hunt them.

  88. Looking for a pedo furry cult on discord to report on?

  89. An open minded person An open minded person

    Furry is not a sex fetish. It is a community. A fandom. Would you consider “Trekkies” a sex fetish? Or people cosplaying as elves from a fantasy world or cosplayers of a game a sex fetish? No, you wouldn’t. This article is very biased and clearly written by a person or people who are prejudiced against furries. Do not target an entire group for the actions of a few. All you’re doing at that point is becoming a whinny child begging for attention and your 5 minutes of fame.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      What the actual gently caress is goin with this world and trying to demonise furries I mean a am one but there are a select few that are kinda odd but why so much hate against a community…

    • Rose Dandy-Ba Rose Dandy-Ba

      Came here to say the same thing. That line is what made me hate explaining my love of the fandom in college. And the argument it was all about the yiff… I’d point out tons of porn of Disney, marvel, dc and just about any anime or video game. You don’t condemn the entire population for the actions of a few.

      Keep on being awesome. ^_^

  90. Being a furry is a hobby not fetish Being a furry is a hobby not fetish


    Subscribe to PewDiePie

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hear Hear!

  91. Poppy Poppy

    poopy article, you clearly didn’t do your research. Go back to a journalism class, or two. Yes we have problems in the fandom but you make it out to be a Pedo sex cult. Not surprised this form of Media is dieing, I won’t miss you.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Your a sick gently caress

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yet theres proof behind what they are saying if you had actual evidence to your claims I’d take you seriously but I can’t most furries are sexual they defend pedophiles or are baby furs the only ones that aren’t are asexual or are younger furs

      • Steve Steve

        You say to give evidence when that’s damn near impossible for one because not everyone that talks out about pedophilia is so ingrained into the furry fandom that they’ll make that known from a quick glance. But then you make a blanket statement that a fandom as large as the furry fandom is all pedophiles except for the ones that are asexual and younger? Are you an idiot? Wait, no, an idiot couldn’t answer that correctly. Just do everyone a favor and shut up then, you’re talking crap.

  92. A furry who knows the truth A furry who knows the truth

    I have been with that fandom for quite a while and the only people I know that do this are the extremists furrys and there is only a select few that do this and let the fandom down

    • Ash Ash

      Based on this being a run-on sentence, and the fact that you claim to be a furry, I’m going to assume you are under 18.
      The sexual deviancy within the fandom is reportedly low, based on polls- however this is false. With actual polls not shown in front of biased proctor’s, it had shown that 60-70% of the furries took part in sexual activities. Simply that alone is not bad enough to some, but with a little searching, you can find that 20% of that group are essentially pedophiles.

      • Anony Anony

        Wouldn’t it be wrong to say that 60-70 percent of regular people have also engaged in sexual activities at some point in their life? Being a furry isn’t a fetish, it’s a hobby and simply a branch-off from any other lifestyle.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          No, it’s someone who never really grew up. It’ll be gone in the next 50 years.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        >Actually polls
        > Doesn’t list any
        > 20% of furries are pedophiles
        > Provides literally no evidence or indication of how you came up with that number.

        Are you brain dead?

        • Hitler Hitler

          1. Why the gently caress did you green text here? This id a comment section for a news article
          2. Sorces?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Lmao you are stupid. Ive been apart. And see this ahppen

  93. Kiranta Kiranta

    I’m disturbed by the report made here. It’s obvious that the report was made with a fair deal of bias against furries mixed in with what is a real issue on Discord. I’ve had two or three run-in’s with Pedohiles on Discord. Considering that I’m 16 and one of them was targeting me, I agree wholeheartedly with what is a bad situation. The issue is, my server reported the Pedophile and he was banned. He made an alt, came back and we did the same thing again, banning him from the server prior as server bans are IP based.

    I do not agree with the frequent slander used in this article. The Fandom js not purely a fetish. Some see it as one and some don’t. The fandom is changing from what was once a safe haven for people to seek shelter in as the outside world was against the whole idea. Now that tolerant and accepting community has been forced to accept all kinds of disturbing fetishes and mindsets that only endanger the members. Let alone all of the bullpoopy drama.

    Moral: Don’t stereotype we’re here to read facts without a biased and incredibly one-sided opinion mixed in with things.

    • Ash Ash

      Correction: server bans are not IP-based. This is specifically why alternate accounts have right-of-passage.

    • J.P. J.P.

      You guys are mentally disturbed.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


  94. Last to Cross the Finish Line Last to Cross the Finish Line

    I have been reading through the comments and I keep seeing “gently caress”.
    I thought it was some new internet lingo for a while and it took me far too long it was this site’s auto-correct for the F-Word.


  95. Anonymous Anonymous

    Yikes, looks like your article sucks just like your personality to the fact that people that aren’t furries are even criticizing you.
    But you probably deserve it with how misinformed you are. :c

    • Up Your mom's ass Up Your mom's ass

      Yo faggot he wrote the article to inform you. If you use your head you’ll probably know

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        So you just believe everything you see on the internet without question?

        Nice, very smart.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          If I believe it’s true in my head, it must be true! If I believe I’m a freaking anthropomorphic animal in my mind, it must be true because… because that’s just the way I feel! Therefore, it’s fact!

          • Anonymous Anonymous


  96. Ex-Furry Ex-Furry

    srsly all u gently caressing furfags need to take that silver spoon out of ur ass and agree that ur fandom is one of the worst ones out there. and if u say “nOt AlL fUrRiEs-” then imma just stop u right there, bub because i was part of the fandom for a while and i had countless of cub play sent to me along with messages from pedophiles when i was around the age of 12-13 basically tryna have sex with me and poopy and it was disgusting. i left the fandom for good and whenever i saw things liie this happen, i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt since sure, there r lovely people there (even tho 90% of the ppl I’ve met didn’t agree with certain views i had) but now there’s no point in doing so since everyone has such a biased opinion and they’d rather call everyone “anti-furries” than to oh idk, ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT TO FIX IT.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Recently, as of me being a furry for around 4-5 years, I haven’t encountered a single pedophile, cp is bad yes, but in all honesty, most people dislike it. One thing a lot of people forget is that they are a lot more people who use the “lolis and shotas aren’t underage children” when they make art of them, which is truly disgusting but the attack against the main population of artists and actual people who work at anthro-cons and are just normal people who want to be different. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t bad furries, but look at it this way. There is an entire country who marries twelve-fourteen year old girls to fourty-five year old men, which is siberia and some other countries near that, now being seventeen and have made many long term friends and patrons to the art I make, which is sfw art, mainly headshots of their characters for free, is nice. I grew up being made fun of for not fitting in and being a victim to burns and abuse from my father, I grew to have comfort in furries because it was the only thing that wasn’t too disgusting and didn’t weird me out, I’m sorry you got perved on but people who act as if they know every furry and why they’re a furry then you’re truly disgusting, learn to respect others, and hear me out, if you do get stalked or perved on then just tell your parents, okay? Tell someone, and before you say “you haven’t had someone perv on you” or something like that, just know that I have and it was in real life when I was nine, I was at the library and some random dude started following me, even when I walked home, I had to go under witness protection because of who he was and what he was a part of, now just quiet down and learn that there are people who are not furries who are worse than what you think furries are, a lot more people who don’t identify as a furry commit the sin of beastiality, rape, murder, cannibalism and oh so much more! But you guys don’t care huh? If anything isn’t about humans then it should be burned at the stake? Hm, okay I see no reason to your hatred when who you should truly hate is yourself, because you all are horrible people who hate every furry for being well… a gently caressing furry, god gently caressing dammit, people wih your mindsets sicken me to my core.

      • Skyler Acevedo Skyler Acevedo

        That is one of the most narrow minded responses I have seen on this sight. Really shows your intelligence.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “Don’t say all furries aren’t pedofiles because I was a furry and wasn’t a profile!”
      Holds up.

    • Hitler Hitler

      No you didn’t you dirty garden gnome

  97. Kero the wolf was kicked and brutally shamed . Nobody defended him and we especially DONT want him back.

    And furry isn’t a fetish, it’s a hobby. This article is grossly written and false . Child abuse happens round the world and it doesn’t stop within furries.

    We don’t support kero or any other disgusting figure.

    • He has many defenders, people still defend him on Twitter. You’re lying to us because you think nobody is gonna check the comments under his last few posts. He has too many defenders to consider his actions an isolated incident. This is 100% without a doubt a sexual fetish you engage in. I cannot say that enough.

      • Steve Steve

        So because a youtuber is…well, a youtuber, with brainwashed fans thinking hes hot crap, a whole fandom full of people with both sexual interests in the art (and to a much lesser extent suits), as well as people that just like to express themselves through art and costumes, are all now part of a fandom that is 100% a sexual fetish? I want whatever gum your brain is chewing, because that stretch in logic is insane.

  98. Anonymous Anonymous

    Look … Furries may be sexual, they may not be.

    The point here is about child pornography.
    Child pornography is not ok in any way, human or not.

    If something goes on between two consenting adults, furry or not, it shouldn’t be banned.
    If a child is involved however, something is very wrong and it should be banned.

    I run a furry porn server on Discord and one of the few rules that get you instantly banned is posting child porn, be it real, loli/shota or cub.

    For those of you who just hate furries for whatever reason, not all of us are complete deviants, no reason to paint us all with the same brush.
    It’s like calling all black people, diverse folk or all gays, faggots.
    There is a clear distinction between the two, just like the clear distinction between furries, ‘normal’ people and pedos.

    Just to be clear, I am a furry, I do not promote nor tollerate child porn of any type be it real or drawn, human or animal. It is wrong that the Discord admins are allowing child porn servers to exist, something should be done about this.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Wow … The site blocks use of the N word which describes people of black decent whom are a problem in civilised society unlike the black people whom behave like normal members of society.

  99. hmmm hmmm

    Could this article be politically motivated? Seeing as we furries all voted for Hillary and Ian is chummy with the drumpfsters. I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I am a Furry/Scaley and I voted for Trump.

    • Jon Jon

      Obviously, just the pedos voted for Hillary and his rapist husband

  100. Anonymous Anonymous

    Let’s first start with a definition…
    A cub in the furry community is a anthromorphic representation of an animal that would be considered underage by human standards.

    Let’s take a look at their community guidelines….

    Section Heading: The following is not tolerated. We will remove content and issue a warning. Subsequent misconduct and cases of extreme severity will result in account deletion:
    Bullet Point: Sharing ||ILLUSTRATED|| or digitally altered pornography which depicts minors (such as lolicon or shotacon).

    Section Heading: The following is completely unacceptable and will result in immediate content removal and account deletion:
    Bullet Point: Sharing content ||RELATED TO|| minors that is sexually suggestive or violent. Do not share or post links to ||IMAGES|| that ||DEPICT|| minors or ||UNDERAGE INDIVIDUALS|| engaged in violent, sexually suggestive, pornographic, shameful, or otherwise inappropriate situations.

    Looks to me like they are violating their own rules.

    Now while California State law does not consider artwork of that nature as Child Porn (California has the strictest child porn laws in the US), artists believe that drawing underaged characters is protected under freedom of expression… which is not an amendment right in the US Constitution, and other Countries would label Shota/Loli/Cub pornography/hentai as Child Pornography.

    The Author is not attacking Furries at large, just the Upper Tier of moderators and admins at Discord. I myself am a Furry/Scaley and I find what they have allowed to happen disgusting. This article is fairly on point with what my friends who have been banned for similar reasons experienced when attempting to report groups they themselves would be banned.

    I know plenty of people who are into Furry for the Aesthetic and those who are into the more sexual fantasy. Then there are those who Fetishize the Furry lifestyle and those are the ones who defend “Cub”.

    Furries… like Regular people have a spectrum… There will be some dark… dark… fetishes. Some okay… others completely detestable… But until we take responsibility and push for legislation to consider artwork depicting loli/shota/cub as child porn… nothing will improve.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      shut up, pedo

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      is furry hunting legal yet?

  101. Fang Fang

    An olive branch to all that are a bit uninformed and even to those who might be informed about the furry world, watch this video
    (Hopefully commenting with a link to an outside website doesn’t violate any terms of service because everyone in these comments and the author of the article needs to watch this video)

  102. Blue Moon Blue Moon

    The definition of a furry is just someone who likes anthropomorphic animals. Anthropomorphic means taking a thing or an animal and giving it human characteristics. This article gives a fake definition to the term furry. Yeah the furry fandom as a bad side to it but so does a lot of fandoms and communities. Thier are definitely some creeps and weirdos in the fandom but a lot of individuals in the community are actually really nice people. I know this article was talking about a certain group in the community but the way this article is written could be misleading to some so that’s why I’m giving the actual definition to the term furry and explaining what anthropomorphic means for those who don’t know. It is sicking that this stuff is going on and I hope things get figured out and those who have done wrong get Justice brought to them. This article has its flaws but it makes some good points about horrible stuff going on Discord that needs to be talked about and discussed.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Thank you, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  103. God God

    Man reading about furfags and nazis argueing in tbe comments is hilarious your all gently caressing retards so atleast you have one thing to agree on

    • Hitler Hitler

      What…what if im both?

  104. Anonymous Anonymous

    So I think it would be a wonderful idea if we implemented that new garbage collector for Unity, I mean let’s be real that thing is archaic, and freezes my game development, oh right this is a back and forth bickering over the internet, I say let people do what they want to do in their life as long as they don’t cause harm to others, enjoy your moments of life, but you know what would make me enjoy my life more, that new garbage collector I tell you what.

  105. Anonymous Anonymous

    The bias ignoratism of this article amazes me. “I dont agree with Fetish X therefore it must be banned.” Hate to break it to you but several of the fetishes mentioned here aren’t even illegal, nor should they be. This is America and just because you dont like something doesnt mean it should be banned. Maybe you should go live in China if fascism is what you crave.

    • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

      The furry fandom isn’t a fetish.

      Yes. Im WELL AWARE of the few people who are super sexually active (and they creep me out) but I, myself, am a furry and have never had this happen on ANY of the servers im on.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Cub and bestiality are both fetishes that I was referring to. And both are being compared in this article to laws that apply to humans by definition.
        Cub stuff doesnt fall under pedophilia unless the cub is human, in which case it’s not cub… pedophilia is defined as a HUMAN child.
        Bestiality is also defined as sex between HUMAN and animal. So again a furry character does not fall under that legal definition. In regards to bestiality itself… it’s actually NOT illegal most places.

        If you want to argue that girly characters ARE human than someone’s feral character would have to be considered human as well and thus not bestiality either.

        Now what your opinions on cub or bestiality are is for you to decide and I wont give my opinions on them here. But neither of them are illegal and neither of then are against Discord TOS.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          My phone auto spelled furry to girly and idk why… lol

    • NauQ NauQ

      How did you get from furries to fasciam

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        My point exactly, brother. This article is obviously by someone who has a concerning Bias against us, and a load of people ALSO hate us.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          There’s “Nazi furries”, apparently.

          • Hitler Hitler

            Sadly there are some unironic nazis.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        The author saying something should be banned because of his personal beliefs and dislikes for it is facist.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Personal beliefs or not, this delves into the part of moral territory that qualifies as “not moral”.

          Additionally, you haven’t provided any proof to the fascism part.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        >How did you get from furries to fascism
        Absolutely majority of furFAGs are insecure anti-fa and LIBERASTS.
        Anti-fa are the ACTUAL modern day NAZI. So there. Count 2+2.

  106. NauQ NauQ

    BeInG a FuRrY iS a MeNtAl IlLnEsS aNd AlL oF yOu ArE pEdOpHiLeS REEE

    But on a serious note, dear article reader, on most furry discords there is a rule in place stating that cub porn is banned. And also, yes that 8 precent fact is true, there aren’t a lot of furries that are into the sexual side of the fandom.

    Btw what kero did was wrong and pedos need help, don’t think I’m siding with them.

  107. Anonymous Anonymous

    Smh these triggered furfags in the comments

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      This article is defamation. Wouldn’t you be triggered if someone called you a pedo?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You furfags really are amazing, I’ll give you that. You all have an amazing ability to completely downplay and justify the absolute cesspit that is your community. Some of the most horrific stuff I’ve seen on the internet has come directly from you. Every time someone gets in a fursuit outside of one of your disease-ridden conventions, people get uncomfortable. People don’t want to be anywhere near you. Everyone looks at you sideways and cringes. People know what you all are.

        and no, I wouldn’t be triggered if someone called me a pedo because I know that I am not a pedo. But every time you mention pedophilia and furries together, you suddenly get a looooot of angry furries trying to deny it as hard as they can, instead of just ignoring it like a normal human does when they know accusations have no basis whatsoever. The reaction of the furry community speaks volumes about how messed up you all really are.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          So what you are saying is that, if you played video games, and someone were to post a news article that said everyone who plays video games is a violent sociopath who is going to shoot up a school.

          You wouldn’t post a comment calling it out as being bullpoopy.

          This is the same, this article is bullpoopy and you are bullpoopy.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            At least gaming isn’t a sick fetish.

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        My point exactly, brother. This article is obviously by someone who has a concerning Bias against us.

        • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

          This was to the one that said that this is defamation

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Kys you simple minded disgusting little diabolical deviant. This is not a fetish amongst fetish, it’s not something to be admired or tolerated. Now get the hell out you butt blasted cretin.

        • QuaN QuaN

          Dang, you guys are a truly righteous example for your so called “Fandom.”

  108. Anonymous Anonymous

    This article is really inaccurate. It’s like the author watched that one CSI episode, took all the opinions there and did research with it, and wrote an article. I do agree, cub porn should probably be banned from Discord, but it’s not like every furry is posting it. Think about the public people who aren’t furries, posting Shota and Loli. I think those, even while banned, heavily outweigh the furries. Maybe you should do more research? Or perhaps you just have a bias against furries?

    • Koryo Koryo

      It never fails. Furries blaming one episode of CSI that NO ONE REMEMBERS as the source for all the fursecution, instead of their own degenerate actions.

      Own up, furfag.

      “BuT oThEr GrOuPs LiKe ShOtA aNd LoLi” classic whataboutism.

      “NoT aLl FuRrIeS” that is factually incorrect.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      lmao imagine actually defending furries, living failures who dress like animals and fap to gay animal porn

      • NauQ NauQ

        Right?! What losers!
        They need jesus! Who would help them?


  109. Anonymous Anonymous

    When I saw the headline I was horrified and I read on to find out what had been going on. When I got to the admission that he thought cub porn was pedophilia I just lost it.

    I don’t know what’s up about Kero, this is the first I’ve heard of that, if he really was involved in killing puppies or whatnot I’ll condemn it alongside you. But it’s this splashing about of the word “pedophile” when no children are actually involved that I take issue with.

    Look, let me walk you through this since you seem to be having trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, admittedly only in select instances which makes me think you really know better than this. Cub art isn’t real. It’s a drawing. The character depicted within it doesn’t exist. No harm can come to it because of its lack of existence. There is no consent to give or to be unable to be given because of an age that, again, does not exist.

    Let me explain why I think you know that, Ian. This is happening on Discord. You do, of course, know that Discord is marketed towards gamers. And you know what’s still a popular form of multiplayer game? First person shooters. Or, using your terminology, MURDER. That’s right, if this means Discord is infested with pedophiles, then it’s far, *far* more infested with murderers. Yet this doesn’t disturb you. And I find that all kinds of gently caressed up.

    No? That’s not enough? What, popping an opponent in the head with a bullet and watching the blood spray out behind them is totally normal to you? Okay, how about torture? Cast your mind back to early 2018 when the video game A Way Out was released. In at least one stage in it you torture someone by shooting him in the knees with a nail gun. As this was a co-op game I’m sure many people were playing it over Discord with their friends.

    All of these things are accepted without complaint. It’s what Discord is for, after all. But get furries involved and suddenly the outrage kicks into overdrive. Spare me your selective difficulty understanding the difference between reality and fantasy. And consider that you find sex to be a much more hot button issue than murder. That’s gently caressed up, man. Yes, the reality of pedophilia (with, ya’know, human children, who actually exist) is harmful and wrong and we rightly treat that kind of thing very seriously. But this isn’t real, and if you think a crude cartoon image of something is just as bad as the real thing then you should be far more worried about the much higher resolution depictions of killings in the video game world that Discord is built around. But you don’t, and that makes you a hypocrite, among other things.

    Otherwise this article is similarly weak sauce. You think someone saying “double knotting” is into bestiality, but that’s pretty much going to be impossible in reality with real dogs, it can’t have been an expression of such experience. It is, again, an element of furry fantasy. But the gently caressed up thing is, you think that qualifies as bestiality, but you think cub porn is pedophilia. If you truly believed furry characters counted as animals than it couldn’t be pedophilia. But to you it’s both at the same time even though they’re contradictory terms. Sure, why not. All fuel for the outrage machine, right? It doesn’t have to be coherent if it sounds controversial.

    You don’t have to like furries, and you’ve made it clear that you don’t, you didn’t really even try to pretend that this was really just about supposed pedophilia. You don’t have to like cub art, it’s a niche thing within an already niche group. People, furries and others, can be into all sorts of odd stuff. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to engage in it. But so long as it doesn’t harm others you don’t get to have a say in it because it’s none of your business. But trying to call for it all to be banned just because it makes you feel funny by trying to conflate fantasy with reality while is just goddamned pathetic. Especially when we’re talking about a platform that’s associated with the notoriously violent world of video games.

    But the thing is, it’s worse than pathetic. It’s despicable. You’re using the natural concern for children as a club, as a weapon to attack a vulnerable minority. You’re not protecting children, you’re just trying to hurt people. Children are just a tool to you, a means to an end. And yet you think you’re superior.

    I’d rather be a furry than a moral scold with his underoos in a bunch because some people have wilder fantasy lives than he does.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      shut up pedo furry

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Lmao what are you, 12?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      holy poopy this is 100% some pissed off furry in denial
      furries are freaks, every single one of them

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        You gently caress! Did you even READ what they said?? You cant just say that someone is a freak because they are interested in something else than you. Go eat a tide pod or..oh gently caress you have air pods, too? We’re ALL doomed!!

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          you’re a weird role playing furfag and the world will never accept you. face it, your fandom is made up of rejects and losers. get out now before your life is permanently ruined over it

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      this guy is actually trying to claim that violence in video games is worse than furries who want to have sex with animals, furries should off themselves for the good of the world

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        Not all furries are into Beastiality

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      So by your own comparison drawing loli and realistic children naked and in sexually explicit acts is fine because they aren’t real and no harm can come to them. Gotcha, makes everything A-Ok

    • FtheSJWs FtheSJWs

      This reply is better than the article itself. Personally i disagree with the discord TOS. There is nothing illegal or wrong about loli material. I don’t like said material, but it pisses me off that it is censored and compared to pedophilia when it has nothing to do with it. That’s like trying to make old art and paintings illegal just because they portray naked “what-could-be- considered-minors-in-case-your-eyes-and-brains-tell-you-that’s-what-that-group-of-paint-and-colors-create-together”. It is even more annoying that there are idiotic white knights of self-righteous justice that go around autistically yelling for action against people with loli material. If we apply the same logic that goes into censoring and banning loli material, then we’d have to ban all kinds of fictional and fake gore, violence, murder, thievery, drugs, etc… and Art, Entertainment, and heck, even scientific books would cease to exist. We would all become mere mindless NPCs in this sjw’s utopia. I’d rather kill myself.

      Cub is even further away from reality than loli is, and no action should be taken on it. If people fail to tell reality and obviously fictional material apart, then it’s not the fault of the people that use that material. It’s just that those people that fail to tell reality and fiction apart are either mentally damaged and should be thrown into an asylum, or are extremely stupid and their opinions and tantrums should be disregarded.

      Now, i believe all this “movement” thing are mostly people angry that loli is banned, but “furry crap” as most people consider is left untouched, so they act “holy” and call for cub to be banned. It doesn’t feel like an anti-fictional minor porn movement. It feels like an anti-furry movement, triggered by the fact that furries and discord admin furries abuse their power against anyone who dislikes furry stuff, which is just another form of censorship i disagree with. I feel like this movement has justice behind it, not due to cub being a problem (which isn’t), but because of the abuse and favoritism from the discord staff. Personally, i’d rather discord allowed loli stuff than ban loli AND cub.

    • I am no one and everyone I am no one and everyone

      Its good took the time to type this

    • QuaN QuaN

      Cub porn is essentially a furry pedophiles easy way to get off without going to prison

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Holy poopy are you a scarecrow? There’s so many strawman bullpoopy arguments in this reply I lost count

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      >it’s this splashing about of the word “pedophile” when no children are actually involved that I take issue with
      Cubs ARE ANIMAL CHILDREN, you DUMB liberast s-o-y gargling imbecile. If you think “human child’s life > animal child’s life” – you should be gently caressing doxxed to hell and send a large group of blood-thirsty N-I-G-G-E-R-S to wherever you are sitting and typing that RETARDED garbage of yours from. You should be offed with extreme prejudice, after a long and very painful torture.

  110. Jill Jill

    Wow, what a well researched, unbiased article. True masterwork. No lack of research at all.

    • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

      Lol love ur sarcasm there

  111. Anonymous Anonymous

    To everyone who is bashing the author for calling the furry fandom for a sex fetish:
    You’re missing the point. The entire article is to bring attention to the disgusting inactivity of the Discord administration and allowing communities that participate in child porn and other crimes. He brings up the term fetish because in the article he is focusing on the part of the fandom that DOES partake and consume SEXUAL content. He doesn’t need to talk about the people who just make art or have SFW fursonas because they AREN’T the problem. Fetish is the correct term: what else would you call a group of people who is into sexually explicit subsection of a group and has terms such as “cubbing” I understand that he probably shouldn’t have labeled the entire group as part of a fetish, but as it stands the article focuses on the part of the whole that is involved of the fetish scene.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If cub porn is child porn, root beer is vodka

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur


        • QuaN QuaN

          Porn is already bad for you, Cub porn is literally making it worse. Root beer and vodka is also bad for you.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Also not all furries are sexual or a fetish dumbpoopy

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I understand what your saying but it does miss lead a lot of people who don’t even know what furries are. For people who have never heard of them it can cause more misconceptions. I’m not a furry myself but I have friends who are. It’s like referring to gamers as “people who are toxic as hell, Have no lives and have no respect for anyone” (describing a small part of the gaming community). He should just remove the description, correct it, or just state the he referencing to that part of the fandom.

      • The Fur "Fag" Who isn't Gay The Fur "Fag" Who isn't Gay

        Yeah I agree

  112. Mark furry Mark furry

    Discrimination against furies is like saying every black man is dangerous or every white man is loaded with cash, it’s dumb and can not be explain when asked apon furies are just another group of being with something in common saying that all furies are acosiated with sex and weird fantasies is technically racist and disrespectful and because someone had some beef with a furry now everyone wants to pic a side,stop the FURTALITY!

    • Koryo Koryo

      lmao making fun of your little retarded fetish community isn’t discrimination.

      Furry is inherently sexual, you are delusional if you think otherwise.

    • The Fur "Fag" Who isn't Gay The Fur "Fag" Who isn't Gay

      Agrees bro

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Racist? Furries aren’t people my dude. It’s not a race. Furry is not a race. All of you guys are literally a bunch of animals.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Says a human which is a mammal, which aren’t so different from apes, only a tad more intellegent.

        But that’s about it. If furries aren’t human people, and it’s humanity’s fault that the climate is heating up and ultimately leading to homelessness, starvation, and then death.

        Then it’s safe to say we’re not at fault that the earth is dying. It’s all you humans. Us “animals” didn’t do anything. Just minded our own business while you essentially, oh I dunno, made super sure the big bang is done right this time and earth, and you, are erased along with your children and your neighbor’s children and so on so forth.

        So there.

  113. Myron Myron

    This article is pathetic. You almost lost me at the “definition” and then fully lost me when you claimed we all “rallied” around Kero. Most people didn’t want to believe it was true (myself included) as he seemed to be a good person. But when the truth became apparent, I don’t know a single person who actually defended him.

    Generalization doesn’t even begin to describe this garbage.


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      cry more furry, it must suck that your most well known members are a freak who literally murdered animals to have sex with and an obnoxious fighting game player that made an absolute laughingstock out of you all. Wake up man, furries are either hated for being freaks or laughed at for being pathetic. This will never change.

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        You sadistic gently caress. You remind me of a bitch I know called Richie

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Don’t hate him for telling the truth, man. That’s just how it is. I will never be able to take a furry seriously.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        The one being pathetic, I think, is the one that goes out of their way to insult someone publically and doesn’t bother to even think twice about hurting people they don’t even know well enough.

  114. Squibeetos Squibeetos

    Firstly, your article is written really good.

    And how horrible that this is happening. Those furry admins should be fully investigated by the FBI, because for sure they are letting child porn just go free. Disgusting.

    Also, sorry about all the triggered furries in the comments. Only us sane normal people can figure out that being a furry is wrong.

    • Myron Myron

      It’s written poorly because the author neglects to even do basic research on the topic.

      And we’re “triggered” because someone is trying to convince the world that we’re all pedophiles. How would you react if I claimed that everyone who enjoys something you enjoy is a rapist/pedophile/etc. You’d probably defend yourself too.

      • Ash Ash

        Just wanted to quickly post;
        I’m a member of the furry fandom, the furry fandom itself isn’t inheritly bad, however the members within are what make it hell. I can say with totallity and with full earnest that I take no part in sexual activities, however- it is a sex-based fandom. To deny this would to be ignorant. Furthermore, they aren’t attempting to frame an entire group as being pedophilic, they’re simply stating a current problem on an online application. The furry fandom is a disgusting mess, the majority being oversexual youngsters, and it saddens me to see it.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          I think you’re the only furry who gets what he’s trying to report on

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          You claim you’re a furry but you don’t even talk about the positive of the furry community. Everything has pros and cons for every person and I can safely say, you’re either a very biased oldie who doesn’t interact with the community properly, aren’t part of the community at all, or you’ve been on the wrong side this whole time.

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        You have a point bro

    • Matthew J Adkins Matthew J Adkins

      Wow your just a piece of poopy all around huh I am sorry I am not a furry but my wife is and she is nothing like anything in this retards writing people need to stop working on things they don’t understand

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Being a fan of anthropomorphic characters is wrong?

      Maybe you should do your research instead of going by social biases 😀

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        I wish there was an upvote button like on Reddit

  115. Lunar Lunar

    I will say your research is a little off, if any has been done at all. However, Discord does need to do something about the pedophile epidemic. For all we know, Discord could be doing nothing for the sheer fact that someone in the head team is threatened to be sued if they do something. Knowing Discord, they wouldn’t just let this go on by, rather, they would take care of it themselves, and not let the FBI do it for them. As a person overall, I’m not really for the furry thing, but I’m not hating on it. What I’m hating on is for poor children being shown to sex at such an early age! 10 years ago, nobody of today’s society would allow this to happen, and would all team up, and take out those sorry excuses for a human being pedophile’s! Something is definitely going on in the head department of Discord, and I’m not sure what it is. I’m whole heartedly supporting the #changeDiscord movement.

  116. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’ve got it wrong, dude. Furry is not a sexual fetish. It is to some furries, but it’s not the true and only definition. Furry is a fandom, and in some cases, a genre. The furry fandom back when it was first starting out wasn’t meant to be sexualized. It was meant as a family friendly thing until non-furries misinterpreted it as something sexual. The real definition of furries is this: “People who are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters.” It says nowhere in the real definition that it’s fetish, because it isn’t. Those furries who say otherwise are getting it wrong as well as you are. Those sexual furries joined the fandom for the misinformation and lies, not because of what the fandom is truely about.

    • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

      Tbh that was



      What you just said

    • Long Dong Silvers, Pirate of the Seventy Seas Long Dong Silvers, Pirate of the Seventy Seas

      The furry deviancy is entirely a sexual one. You cannot view anything furry and escape with seeing a dog dick or some kind of degenerate thing. The messages between furries are almost always something sexual in nature.

      This is what the free love movement has given us. Generations of hypersexual deviants who will waste their lives whacking it to animal child porn. If there was ever a time for a world war, this would be it.

  117. Sora Wolf Sora Wolf

    For the record, that’s only 8% or less of the fandom. Before all of you start saying that there pedos and what not, I recommend you do your research from actual facts. Every fandom has similar kinks. But for some reason everyone decides to pick this one. So do your self a favor and do something productive.

    • Ash Ash

      I guarantee you that statistic is false.

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        I guarantee you it IS true

        • Ash Ash

          As in words of other comments: I’m a furry. Nearly 80 percent-or more of the ones I’ve met are disgusting people, and I meet to a general populous, not a specific deviancy.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      *citation needed
      anyone can just make up numbers, see: 100% of furries are living failures that the world laughs at
      oh whoops, that one is accurate

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Despite the fact that a good number of them are successful and probably make more money than you?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Find it hilarious on how you find it okay to critize and Target people for something they’re interested into. You can’t just keep your mouth shut because you aren’t mature enough. Grow up. Bullying people is wrong and seeing trash like you even type what your thinking makes me sick. If your an adult gently caressing act like it. But that’d be a miracle because you don’t seem to understand that just because someone likes something different than you do. Doesn’t make you superior in anyway. You poopy and piss just like the rest of us in this world. You aren’t special. Grow up and open your gently caressing eyes that things aren’t going to be the way you gently caressing want and you bullying people isn’t going to change poopy. I know I sound hypocritical with how Im talking but here’s the thing. Your an idiot and immature. You deserved to be treated as such. Grow a pair and act like a gently caressing adult.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Someones a ‘lil triggered, huh?

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            triggering furries in here is so easy, like good lord you’d think they’d wise up but they just go full-bore every time. It seriously must be something linked to autism, like no sane humans could be this moronic. What hilarious failures.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Ahahaha, yeah. Here’s another: 100% of Humanity is killing the earth. Oh whoops, that’s doubly true!

  118. A random furry no one listens to half the time A random furry no one listens to half the time

    I found this article very interesting, but I was not very pleased when the definition you put for furry was it being a fullbody animal suit fetish. I honestly detest such nature, although I will accept the fact that our minority is very much like that. Me, I am a simple person who just loves anthropromorphic animals. They are much more enjoyable to draw as well. Please, do not through us on the hook just because some disgusting pedophiles that happen to be furries are sturring up problems. And, another fact, cub does not have to be a pornographic term. Welp, I’m done ranting! Other than obviously bashing all furries, I heavily support that all pedophiles, even if they are furries, must be banned off of discord!

  119. DerpinIrish DerpinIrish

    I have noticed furry servers on discord but not all of them are pedophile servers, I’m 29 and I have seen those servers, they’re not like you think they are, most of them take on their so called fur-sona which is a fictional character of themselves, but calling a furry fanastsy a sexual fetish is beyond FUBAR of your facts. There are fan who want these sexual pleasures in a way out there, but not all of them are like that and none of them would even touch a child in a sexual manner because a poopy ton of them know better, hence cub art, most of that cub art is not sexual most of is based from fictional stories. I can tell you right now where this furry stuff came from, Biker Mice from Mars, Animaniacs, Goof troop, Robin Hood, Road Rovers, Swat Kats, Thundercats, American Tale both movies, Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, because of Aisha Clan Clan in that show, and so on. I’m pretty sure that there is more out there that is not English.

    Some of them furry discord servers actually allow Cub nudity and whenever I see that, I just leave that server to it’s demise, not my problem and I will not support them, the ones that are adults mating, that is something I can look at, and yes we admire each other’s artwork, most of them are just ridiculous made for sex or porn.

    Child pornography I do not tolerate same with Cub pornography, it is the same in a way…..

    • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

      Is it safe to say “I gently caressing love you” no matter how gay it has a possibility of being?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “It’s the same in a way…”
      Except one is a crime, and the other isn’t because it’s fictional characters.

      • QuaN QuaN

        One is a safe way to get off without going to prison. That’s basically what it is. That ain’t righteous at all, the furry fandom isn’t righteous at all, it stands for more disgusting things than good.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          And humans stand for all the disgusting things in the world because that’s where they come from. Humans.

          You laugh at someone breaking their leg, I laugh at how all furry haters that has come to this site because, whoopsie, they care. How do I know? They take time to just write a comment that is a grandma story long to describe how furries are disgusting. Although humans have also done the same and sometimes worse.

  120. Anonymous Anonymous

    You know, before you write an article, its very good to do research, because if you did your research, then you would know that furries are not all about sex. Yes, it is a fetish, but that’s not what the furry community is not every single for reasons sex crazed pedophile who looks for kids online to masturbate to

  121. An Ex-Furry An Ex-Furry

    An older website called said it best.

    “Ten people are in a room. Three are zoophiles, three are rapists, three are pedophiles, and one has a thing for corpses.

    You could say “not all of them are into corpses” but the true thing to say is they are ALL into horrible stuff.

    The furry fandom is the same.”

    • Aeithe Aeithe

      So you are agreeing that 10 out of 10 people in the world are all gently caressed up in some way? I understand that there are some lost people out there in the world… but with that logic I can only conclude that you consider yourself amongst these numbers. I hope you find your way out of the darkness that is your own ass.

      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        10/10 people ARE gently caressed up tho

      • Guns, Trucks, Bald Eagles Guns, Trucks, Bald Eagles

        Your logic is crap

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If you’re an ex-furry, I’m Donald Mothergently caressing Trump

  122. Future Writer Future Writer

    I couldnt take it anymore after they said furry is a sexual fetish. The correct term is a “yiffer” or “yiff(ing)”. It takes 2 seconds to Google that. Please do research on proper terms.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Very much agreed. And they say “furries (a sexual fetish with animal body suits)”, but that’s not every single furry in existence. This article is bullpoopy, they need to fix their description of the word “furry” because what they say is not true. I’m 15, I’m a furry, and I DO NOT engage in any kind of sexual content, I’m aromantic and pansexual. The thought of having “sex” makes me want to vomit and it makes me uncomfortable. They need to get their research right before making fake accusations.

      • Mr_Tadakichi Mr_Tadakichi


      • TheAnonymousFur TheAnonymousFur

        I so gently caressing agree

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Furries are making new terms all the time. Who has time to follow that? I mean, who thought up with “knotting”? Someone with a small penis.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        As if humans don’t come up with hundreds in a matter of seconds.

  123. prophet moo-ammad prophet moo-ammad

    k so let me just go ahead and make a prediction that will reveal itself to be true 100%:
    All the “anonymous” commenters will be nasty terrible alt right type posts with swear words.
    All the commenters with names and furry profile pics will be pleasant and use proper grammar.
    Because we are better than you.

    • Kyle Fauss Kyle Fauss

      Your prediction was completely wrong. Also your furry elitism is pretty funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Furries aren’t elite, you’re just a dumbass

    • Koryo Koryo

      lmao what a child.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Newsflash buddy, the entire world thinks furries are pathetic sex freaks who want to have sex with animals, and for good reason. Furries are literally only widely known about because of all the horrific things your community produces. It’s not just evil alt-right trolls. NOBODY likes furries except furries. The most you’ll ever get is people silently judging you and thinking you’re completely insane, but still having the good graces to not say anything about it.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Here’s the funny thing. What you’re saying is like Whites only like Whites and Blacks only like blacks.

        Also another thing. You people who aren’t furries aren’t very nice, as shown by you. You openly tell us you hate us, fine. We have lived like that. So why don’t you tell me where those “good graces” are to not say anything?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Oh no. It’s retarded.

  124. Ackshyually Ackshyually

    Furry is not inherently a sex fetish just as anime is not a fetish due to the existence of hentai.

    Hentai is the erotic subset of anime/manga cultural content, with Loli being the corrupt, abhorrent side of that.
    “Yiff” or whatever they call it is the erotic subset of furry cultural content, with cub being the corrupt, abhorrent side of that as well.

    It can’t be denied that the erotic side of the furry community is vastly larger relative to the greater community than that of Anime/manga, but it can be objectively said that cub and other pedophilic/zoophilic content and consumers of said content are in the EXTREME minority, vehemently detested by the rest of the community.

    This is not an issue with Furry itself, it’s an issue of Discord staff sheltering and harboring the content and exchanges of felons, pedophiles, abusers, and zoophiles. They are the minority, but Discord sure as hell needs to axe them.

    (Also most furries DETEST Kero and those that don’t are swiftly ostracized (for good reason))

    Rip Quackity.

    • KaylaSquox KaylaSquox

      Yeah Kero the wolf doesn’t deserve to be a furry in fact I think it was wrong of him to ever be called one. Being a furry means that you respect others especially animals. Everything he did was pure evil, simple as that. Im 30, a Squox ( squirrel fox hybrid ) and I would never harm animals much like a tree hugger cares for nature. Im a feminine furry dispite my outward apperance. Im honestly sad because we furries were finally being somewhat accepted in society and didn’t have to hide who we are anymore. So much for that… Itll take a miracle to have society trust us even slightly again. Case in point just dont join a fandom just to ruin it for everyone else. Kero- If your reading this – thanks for making it that much harder to live in peace. For some of us being a furry is a escape from life and the horrible things done in the world. Im still going to be myself. Because im a proud furry and nothing will change that- however, im sure your actions have ruined any chance of some of the newer population of semi interested potential furs. And that is what hurts me the most. The new furs are usually the ones who make the best art or suits…

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        “Im 30, a Squox ( squirrel fox hybrid )”
        Jesus Christ you people seriously need mental help. Your community is a freakshow and nobody will ever accept it as normal.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Says humanity where common sense isn’t common any more.

  125. Anonymous Anonymous

    Furry is a sex fetish….. Did you learn that from the csi episode from like 2002?

    • Someone who hates assholes Someone who hates assholes

      Like a lot of these comments say, furry is not a sex fetish. A furry is simply someone who takes interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or characters and SOMETIMES dress up in animal costumes. Before you post a bunch of opinionated lies, why don’t you Google the word furry.

  126. A woman with common sense A woman with common sense

    Furries are gently caressing cringey pedophiles.
    Cub porn is their escape to jack off to kids but with fur and animal parts. They also gently caress animals and will not hesitate to gently caress your pets.

    Everyone here who support these dirty pedo furries who are ruining Discord need to be removed from the gene pool. Filthy disgusting creatures. I won’t even dub these things as humans anymore. Holy gently caressing poopy. We need to revive Hitler so that he can eradicate this breed of cancer.

    • Sora Wolf Sora Wolf

      For the record, that’s only 8% or less of the fandom. Before all of you start saying that there pedos and what not, I recommend you do your research from actual facts. Every fandom has similar kinks. But for some reason everyone decides to pick this one. So do your self a favor and do something productive.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Found the alt-right

      • FtheSJWs FtheSJWs

        im alt right and i dont agree with this. Cub isn’t pedophilia and whoever thinks it is is a gently caressing sub-human idiot that needs to grow a brain before considering himself a human. Furry isn’t pedophilia. And furry that is into Cub is also not pedophilia. These kinds of gently caressing whiney autists that yell and throw fits against everything that they disagree with are usually leftists and sjw. Yeah furry stuff is gross and weird, but that is my taste on it and it sure as hell doesn’t make it illegal unless it actually hurts someone (and i don’t mean hurting fefes. No one cares about your fefes, grow a pair and deal with it).

        Is being furry a disease? No… there’s no self harm in it, it’s not 100% unnatural. Scat is way worse and i don’t see people throwing anti-scat movements. Maybe you’re all secretly into eating poopye

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Cub isn’t pedophilia? What the hell are you talking about???

    • Big Digger Nick Big Digger Nick

      No lie detected.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If furries are cancer, humans are the grim reapers of earth. Oh whoops, I forgot. They are. They made climate change possible, how sad. Not.

  127. Doctor Rubix Doctor Rubix

    At the end you wrote “to be brought down over some mentally ill men in animal suits.”. Is that about furries or furries that like gore/pedos? If it’s just about furries then you may as well say it about gay people and whatnot. And that’s wrong.

    Not defending anyone or anything here. Not even sharing my opinion. But if you called a sexuality/fetish ill, you will draw a lot of negative attention towards yourself. But of course when it comes to gore and having sex with something’s neck is mentally ill. Just don’t know what you’re calling ill you feel me

  128. Anonymous Anonymous

    We need to get this info to schools and parents. If the child starts to watch that my little pony furry show it’s all already over: he’s been discorded!!

    • KaylaSquox KaylaSquox

      Sigh….cant tell if your trolling or being serious. If your that sick in the head and your are serious then I suggest you admit yourself in a hospital. On the other hand this is a serious topic and trolls like you ( if thats what you are doing ) needs to be reported. Furries have feelings too. We aren’t non humans… As for MLP… Its no different from other anthro style kid shows. For hecks sake Barney and Big bird might as well be considered fursuits lol – ( not really and not going into that hot mess – Im just saying the suits in general not the actors in the suits.) Simply put- think before you post something so ridiculous on here.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Calm the gently caress down

  129. Anonymous Anonymous

    Minor correction, that email conversation was first posted on /r/yiffinhell before the drama spilled over onto /r/discordapp.

  130. Anonymous Anonymous

    Not defending Discord here but your reporting is shabby at best.
    Most furries are against the behaviour you describe in your article. Nutjobs like Kero and others are forced out of the fandom and reported to the police. Yes, there are always some apologists, but you see that everywhere.

    Aside from that, I’m personally not a fan of cub art at all, but just the word ‘cub’ does not necessarily mean pornography. Just like the word ‘child’ doesn’t. “Normal” art of cubs is not pornographic, which is the grey area. The other stuff should be wiped from existence, though.

    • achsually achsually

      I witnessed the Kero drama from start to end and I have to correct you. Most furries speaking up about it defended him and others like him, even if only implicitly or by shooting the messenger. Probably not because you’re all into that poopy, but you do see attacks on a guy literally raping puppies WHILE BEING A FURRY as an attack on furries at large.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Not defending keto, but i feel like when you say,”WHILE BEING A FURRY” makes the fact that he is a furry makes his situation worse. It doesn’t. I don’t know why people just assume that all furries are bad people.

  131. Chris Chris

    So, for those of you without enough intelligents for decent education, let me teach you something basic.

    There is literally nothing wrong with being gay.

    There is literally nothing wrong with being straight.

    There is literally nothing wrong with being trans.


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      My opinion is different but I agree with you. Furry isn’t any different from the things you listed. If all those things are accepted, then furries should be too.

      But the gore and stuff, sorry, I call that mentally ill.

    • Kyle Fauss Kyle Fauss

      This post didn’t really say any of that. It said that Discord admins are protecting child pornography from the furry community. Cub Play is still child pornography. It is still a child underneath that suit.
      As for the drawings and artwork, that’s a gray area since you can say they are of legal age even if they don’t look like it, and since you are the artist, it can’t be argued.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Wrong. They’re all a disease that need to be eradicated. Especially furries

    • Koryo Koryo

      There is EVERYTHING wrong with being a furry.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Homosexuality cannot produce young, and therefore is aberration as the only purpose of life is to proliferate.

      Transsexualism is a mental sickness that should have remained suppressed violently.

      Being sexually attracted to animals or those with animal traits is an aberration just like homosexuality.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Okay, first of all, being attracted to animals is literally how reproduction works, past humans mated with distinctly different, yet very similar species of human, that can still be found in our DNA today. If you’re truly that closed minded about that, you yourself are an “aberration” from what humans were 40,000 years ago.

        Homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomena in overpopulated environments. Not only is it visible in many species, but it’s surprisingly common. Just because you haven’t noticed it until now doesn’t mean it’s anything new, or should be suppressed.

        I know this is a troll (At least I hope it is), but there are people who exist who do truly believe these things. If your point in doing this is to hold back progress or let out some pent up rage, so be it, but there are more effective, and less destructive ways to do that.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        And you’re the type to be like an employer who would reluctantly employ people who are diagnosed with some kind of mental illness and then tell them to gently caress off when they ask for the pay you haven’t given in 3 months

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “Intelligence”* you addled minded wanbabe animal

  132. Key Key

    Yea I’m with the comments, I was interested to read this but when you called furrys a “sex fetish” I just couldn’t :/

    • Redman Redman

      Looks like someone didn’t read the article (you literally said you didn’t). They just pointed at the part of the furry fandom that was important to this topic. It’s something called journalism. They listed all the details of this problem, and everything else. Alongside the fact that this is a big issue on Discord. The article was actually pretty in depth if you were to have taken the time to read it. It isn’t just an article bashing furries.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Then they should use proper terms. This is how stereotypes and negativity comes from. It wouldnt be confusing and wrong if they did 10 seconds of Googling.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Hide behind your anonymity fur fag. What you have is a mental illness whether you like sex in fur suits or think you’re an animal other than human. Y’all need Jesus

          • KaylaSquox KaylaSquox

            If you were really a follower of Jesus you would not call us ” fur fags”. Additionally, followers of Jesus treat others like family- its in the bible. Finally, Im both a Christain and a furry. Nowhere in the bible does it state furries are wrong, evil , gay or otherwise. So I ask you – Do you need Jesus?

  133. Anonymous Anonymous

    Shouldn’t tar all furries with the same brush, as you get corrupt poopyholes in all social groups. Don’t use it as an excuse to poopy on what you call “mentally ill men in animal suits”

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If you identify as a furry, you are, in fact, mentally ill. You’re best not living anymore.

      • Mark furry Mark furry

        gently caress you

        • Mark furry Mark furry

          gently caress you

      • Mark furry Mark furry


      • Koryo Koryo


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I had to stop reading when it said being a furry is a sexual fetish. You’re completely wrong in that regard. Most people are just fans of anthropomorphic characters. If you’re gonna write a factual article, maybe you should try getting the key facts correct.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        It’s amazing how furries will deny the fact that some people are very much into sexual side of furry community. In fact, a prominent furry YouTuber said that at least 70% of the groups and discords he was in, were pushing him to be sexual, from the time he was 15 to now, and he has timestamped DMs to prove it.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          That person isnt denying, they know there is a sexual side. They are saying it’s wrong to say all furries are sexual.

      • I have to agree with you that gently caressing triggered me

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