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Google continues its crackdown on conservatives by putting a YouTube video produced by the Polish government into quarantine.

The video hosting platform has sent a video about Europe’s migrant crisis by Poland’s conservative government into “YouTube Jail,” requiring users to sign-in. The company identified the video as “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Produced by the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration, the film is in a limited-access state usually reserved for religious extremist or “white supremacist” videos, which contain potentially offensive content but do not violate the site’s terms of service.

The video opens with scenes of the migrant flood into Europe and showcases European Union leaders’ insistence that refugees and migrants be spread throughout E.U. nations, including Poland, which has been resistant to efforts to open its borders and accept compulsory migrant quotas.

Like many other videos, it was taken down as part of Google’s campaign to crack down on videos containing “hate speech.” The company is working with 15 “expert NGOs and institutions,” including the left-wing European organizations, to seek out and flag objectionable content.

In late November, an E.U. leader threatened Poland for closing its borders to illegal immigrants. Guy Verhofstadt, a fierce opponent of Brexit, threatened to hit the nation with “article 7,” which forces a member state to repeal laws against asylum-seekers and surrender some measure off sovereignty to the European Union.

Verhofstadt condemned Poland for “degrading itself” into “illiberalism.”

As reported by Breitbart, the only way to view quarantined content on YouTube is to receive a direct link to the content, as it is hidden from search engines—including the site’s built in search function. Users must then log in, read the warning, and click a button before they’re allowed to see it.

Furthermore, YouTube has shut down comments on affected videos, as well as voting functions. It is impossible, even for a YouTube creator, to gauge the reach of a quarantined video.

YouTube previously took down a parody video mocking its censorious policies, but reinstated it after widespread complaints.

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Poland seems like the only safe place to move..