You may probe into the heart of magick and reap its many fruits, you may rest into the bosom of occult attainment for many years, even ages, but there...

You may probe into the heart of magick and reap its many fruits, you may rest into the bosom of occult attainment for many years, even ages, but there will come a time when all that you conquered and cherish will be violently robbed of you, and you will have to go into dark depths alone and vulnerable. Death comes for all. Each breath you take, each quote you read, each sigil you draw, each ritual you perform takes you closer and closer to the final hour. Death never stops coming closer, and here you are, totally vulnerable to this most terrible god yet without the smallest amount of worry in your heart, just like a naive cow being led to the slaughterhouse where she will be decapitated.

How can you ignore this most important fact? You're all extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in many arts, yet you ignore the invincible demon that will eat your heart very soon! How can you tarry? The intelligent person will clearly see that he should focus all his efforts in overcoming this most definitive destiny. All else is secondary. Don't waste your life!

  1. 2 weeks ago

    There's nothing I can do about it.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Shut up pussy

  3. 2 weeks ago

    >don't waste your life
    It's just a dream, wasted on the dreamer alone.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >It's just a dream, wasted on the dreamer alone.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    It doesn't seem very intelligent to spend your life worrying about death and forgetting to live

    • 2 weeks ago

      You can balance time management for immortality training and casual hobbies you know.

      • 2 weeks ago

        Oh, well how do you figure out immortality?

  5. 2 weeks ago

    god isnt terrible only yourself if you see it as such

    the cosmos is a sea for you can sail it as though seas of water

    used cooking oil and lye you can make cheap af diesel.

    Wood gas generator

    the fermament seperate (fermament the of the planets surface and the universe by the life allowing atmosphere) the waters above from the waters below the waters are seas of the physical world

  6. 2 weeks ago

    this is why one should treat the matyer of birth and death as though one's own head was on fire, working ceaselessly to clarify the matter and attain liberation.
    It's also why you're not supposed to get caught up in siddhis, even when they appear.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    Anyone who craves immortality doesn't deserve it

    Simple as

    Instead of beating on a demon that equals the playing field I'd rather go beat up on the billionaires who are worshipping OTHER demons to try and be immortal

    Like how funny would it be for Jeff Bezos to die to some absolute nobody who doesn't care about money or power or external life, while Jeff has spent his whole life, billions of dollars, and a vast new world order network.

    Bros, we ain't got shit to live for

    They have everything to live for

    Wouldn't it be hilarious?

    One can only hope their own demons betray them

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >It doesn't know how to preserve It's ego post-death.
    Death is nothing to fear.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Death is just another part of the journey, there is no need to be afraid of the one thing that binds all of the living.

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