The Internet Archive has put together a library of 9778 old amiga games (and counting) that you can now enjoy in your browser thanks to Amiga emulation in the XII century. (They can also be downloaded to be used with your own non-browser emulator — there are plenty available as freeware)

Of course, being archive.org, loading pages from the site is a little slow, but it works and it’s legal. We tested random games on FireFox, Brave, and Chrome, and other than the fullscreen button not working, it was a functional and fun experience.

Tip: sort the collections according to the view count to find good stuff faster.

Even The Lost Vikings and The Secret Monkey Island.

P.S. Are you using Brave yet? Delay the skynet by using the browser that automatically strips all tracking and ads. Brendan Eich (of JavaScript fame) is its CEO.

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