............... YES I am certified Philophobic!

I keep falling in love with a wrong person. I love both guys and girls. but sadly, i always ended up licking my own wound when it comes with LOVE. When i love someone, i'll love them 100% that even when they hurt me, i still said "it's ok".

My biggest heartbroken moment was happening last year. i was in love with this girl. Very very deeply. I really care about her, i sacrifice so much for her. And i told her she don't have to return my love, and just let me love her alone. That i can handle. but she ended up confess her love to me. And 2 weeks later she said "oh i don't have feeling for u anymore". i feel so hurt and so devastated. since that time, i feel afraid for love. i don't wanna get hurt like that anymore.

So whenever i develop crush on somebody i will remind myself about that devastating moment and will fight so hard to limit those crush feeling. And so far i succeeded.

Sometimes i feel jealous seeing other with their love by their side while i'm here, single and forever one-sided love. i am scare of falling in love ever again.

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