X ways to increase intelligence

OK I have tried almost all nootropics, shrooms, peptides and other chemical brain enhancers. I have tried meditation, exercise, diet, sleep, wim hoff, Yoga and grounding.all of these have had varying degrees of benefits.

But I'm looking for x ways to dramatically increase my intelligence as defined by one's ability to understand, learn, retain and recall complex information.

I've tried subliminal, frequency heenrators and brainwave entrainment to little avail. I constructed several spells using online guides but they didn't do much.

Let's put our efforts together and see if we can find a way. X ways to increase intelligence must be very dramatic, think overnight mastery of an instrument or a language.

>put in le effort

I have put in my effort elsewhere, my interest and desires however far exceed what is humanly possible. I already play the harmonica, I want to play five other instruments as well. I already learned two languages. I want to learn 50. I already read and study history, philosophy and math. But I want "magickal" ingenuity.

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    How about you freaking study nigga, OPEN A DAMMN BOOK IN OLD STORES

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    NDE schizo claims that NDE havers felt that their mental capacity was increased to its maximum

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    Section and anthropomorphize parts of your brain/mind/psyche.

    One example is Will as masculine/driver, Creativity as feminine/vehicle. This will help (you) understand and label your behaviors and instincts in a predictable manner and puts you in a position where you can direct change. Half the battle is knowing, this takes care of that.
    Other half is directing change, anthropomorphizing helps with that too to a certain extent as a result of the gamification/competition between the parts that arises.

    This is how you become introspective and disciplined. Divide and conquer.

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    >interest and desires however far exceed what is humanly possible. I already play the harmonica, I want to play five other instruments as well. I already learned two languages. I want to learn 50.

    Ok homosexual,my IQ is about 100 and I am a total midwit. However I speak Finnish, Estonian, English, Spanish and Swedish to a very functional & conversational level, as well as Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish and Norwegian on an everyday level, plus a little French and German and Russian so I can kind of get what is going on.

    On top of that I play drums, guitar, bass and piano as well as am able to figure out how to believably play any other instruments you throw my way.

    All of this has taken 0 effort and I have learnt all this without even thinking about it.

    I am not smart or intelligent.

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      Teach me how in the off chance you're not joking.
      I have heard though that you can slow down time in the astral realm to a ridiculous extent (like 1 hour physical = 1 year astral) which I guess could be used to learn things in a "quick" way.

      • 2 weeks ago

        I literally just spent time doing things I wanted to do. Living and working in different countries and trying out different instruments. Once you understand how music works, the knowledge translates into other instruments. Once you know one Latin language, you understand them all if you are good at seeing patterns.

        Idk about slowing time man. Sounds like a pipe dream. Maybe get a job.

        Also I'm nearly 35 which helps.

      • 2 weeks ago

        The things I listed I don't even consider as skills. I also have real skills that are useful. Listed things were in response to OP.

        My advice is to get off social media and start spending your time educating yourself on what you find interesting.

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      >I wish to gain intelligence with little effort
      It's a somewhat empty desire that's truly bottomless. Intelligence in itself is a sport of comparison. For one to be smart others must be stupid, you cannot be smart when others are deemed more intelligent. IQ tards flex their score in a test designed for factory workers and solders from the 40's. See . Why would once consider him intelligent?
      Perhaps it's the languages they know? Or the Instruments they play? Does that mean he has a greater or less intelligence? Lets theoretically put him into a room of Belgian botanists. No offence but unless his field of study reaches that subset I'd argue he'd look pretty stupid.

      That's why it's vapid. I'd argue it's the pursuit and demonstration of knowledge that best illustrates intelligence. Adaptation coupled with the willingness to learn makes the collection of knowledge easy. But true exploration into the academically unknown is what truly separates the knowledgeable from the intelligent.

      True intelligence isn't using big words or coming up with theoretical structures, it's not what you know. It's putting that information into action and deepening humanities knowledge of the universe for the sake of it. Exploring and teaching. If intelligence is that's truly your desire it only takes one thing.

      Curiosity. The more curious you become the easier it is to push forward and gain more knowledge than anyone in your field. If your passionate about a subject you'll desire to read every book, view every lecture, site every source. Then you look past that. Find knowledge within experimentation, make your own books, push your studies forward and one day you might be able to teach what you've learned to the next generation. In that pursuit lies intelligence that goes beyond knowledge. The insatiable human passion for more. Don't speak a language, craft one! Why play an instrument when you can design one that's never been seen before?

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    Nigga all you need is passion. Get passionate about something and just immerse yourself in the topic. If you can't do that you simply don't care enough to get it.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    ars notoria in the lesser key of solomon, old cananite magic is solid. You can pray to Beleth too, thats how Ham discoverd algebra

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