10 worst things about being an adult "Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists"—Kurt Vonnegut

Most youngsters look forward to becoming an adult and building their own independent life. And when they do, they invariably discover that the ability to buy infinite candy and deciding your own bed time isn’t quite the nirvana it seemed to be. In fact, understanding that nothing is ever what it’s cracked up to be is just one of the many bitter pills you’ll have to swallow as you age through life at an exponentially rapid pace.

You’re no longer invincible

It’s a scientific fact that no matter what kind of horrible mangley accident you get into as a kid, you bounce right back up and suffer nothing worse than a scar or two. Not so as a weak and fragile adult. You don’t even have to do anything and the grim reaper could come to collect any way. That slight pain in your foot? Probably a blood clot working its way to your brain.

Maintaining friendships

While social media certainly makes it easy to stay connected to friends, you will find that it can be hard to maintain these friendships, and people often drift away as they start to build their own life (particularly once they settle down). This is a natural part of life and does not take away from what you once had, but it is difficult when you have good friends from school or college that you no longer have in your life as much.


Money makes the world go round but even those that earn a healthy salary can still find it difficult to manage each month. Life can be incredibly expensive, plus you also have to think about saving to buy a house, planning ahead for the future, the costs of raising a child, and various other large financial responsibilities. Most people were not taught money management at school, which only makes matters worse, so it is no surprise that so many young adults today have huge concerns over money.


Of course, in order to earn money, you need to have a career and this is much harder for many than originally expected. It can be hard enough to find a job in today’s day and age but it can then become such an enormous part of your life that it causes stress even when you are at home trying to relax. Office politics, difficult relationships with bosses, not getting job satisfaction, the daily commute and trying to climb the corporate ladder are just a few of the difficulties that people face during their career.

Not as much energy

As a result of having so many responsibilities and not enough time in the day, many people find that they do not have as much energy as they once did which can make days much harder to manage. This is why you need to prioritize sleep and try to lead a healthy lifestyle which can make a big difference to your mood and energy levels.

Comparing yourself to others

It becomes almost impossible not to compare yourself to others. It can be a humbling experience to see your friends and people that you went to school with getting married, having kids, buying a house, and seemingly living an amazing and stress-free existence. Hopefully you’ll also have the wisdom to remember that you are not getting the full picture (social media truly is of the devil).


You will also find that signs of aging start to happen much sooner than you expected. In addition to not being able to spring out of bed every morning, you might find that you have persistent aches and pains, grey hairs, bags under your eyes and frown lines. Exercise and workouts become much harder and take you longer to recover from even as it becomes ever more essential (no longer invincible, remember) to stay healthy.

Watching your parents grow old

One of the worst things about being an adult is seeing your parents grow old and the relationship changing to where you have to look after them. Senior living communities can be a smart move when a parent starts to need care as they can provide constant, high-quality care and provide a social life for seniors, but the best ones will also still provide a sense of normality and independence which is so important for people even as they start to need care and support.

Romantic relationships

Nothing can really prepare you for the difficulties of romantic relationships and even those that end up with the person that they got together within school find that adult relationships are not all romance and magic. There are, of course, many incredible things about dating and starting romantic relationships, but there can also be a lot of stress, anxiety, heartache and complex issues involved in adult relationships which people may not have thought about when they were younger.

Lack of free time

When you have a full-time job and potentially other large responsibilities, you will find that you have very little time to yourself as an adult which can take its toll. Everyone needs free time when they can relax, enjoy hobbies, exercise and socialize, but it is hard to fit this all in when you have to commute and work every day, pick up kids, cook dinner, do the washing, go food shopping, help kids with homework and carry out various other responsibilities.

Routine and monotony

Every day is the same as the last day and anything new or unusual will have to be preplanned and scheduled — and probably involve spending lots of money.

The news

As a child, the news seemed boring and like it would never really impact your life. As an adult, you realize that the news can actually have an enormous impact on your life and the events of the last few years certainly prove this. Events outside of your control can make a huge difference to your life and the 24/7 news cycle can certainly take its toll and add to any stress or anxiety that you might already be experiencing.

These are just a few of the worst things about being an adult that many people experience. Being an adult certainly has advantages and some people will thrive during this period, but growing up can also be not quite what you imagined and many things can make it much harder in today’s day and age.

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