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    • Anonymous says:

      Unironically non-camo Bundeswehr surplus field pants. is what they look like when you don’t tighten the strings and buckle the belt low (and are a skinny twink like me)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jaded London and Weekday are nice options. Don’t know how baggy you like it but Weekday Astros are a pretty good budget option.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it looks like he’s wearing upwards of 2-4 waist sizes too big in that pic so if you’re buying jeans true to size trying to get them to look like that, there’s your first mistake.
    anyways any basic straight leg jeans with the wrong waist size, a few extra inches of insteam, and a belt will look like that. jeans fits like that are really picky to what sneakers you wear they might look like shit without the right shoe (low top, chunky) but you probably know that.
    thats pretty much exactly how my 501 repros i got too skinny for fit me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    just go to the mall with a measuring tape, try on straight leg jeans in the wrong waist size then measure the pair that works for you & find better shit online with similar measurements. ezpz. american eagle kohls and pacsun should all have jeans that fit like that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    heres fit pic
    they’re 501 repro cut evisus
    32 waist i normally wear 28 in this cut
    so +4 sizes
    if you want them to stack against the shoe like op pic, just get them hemmed a bit longer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    & also don’t have short legs like me that helps.
    jeans with a back cinch will be wearable without a belt otherwise you will need one whether you sag like op pic or not.
    & luckily for you jeans with old reproduction features like that tend to be pretty straight legged.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Im trying to find something like these ankle pants from uniqlo but a bit more baggy/boxy:


    these fit a bit too slim on my calves

  7. Anonymous says:

    If I wanted to get +4 my waist size in just a random brands sizing, should I be looking at straight cuts or relaxed cuts? Is the relaxed cut just redundant at that point? Would bootcut be even better or just overkill?

    • Anonymous says:

      the ones i posted are repros* of some 1930-1940s era levis 501 cut. i’m not sure what year but they have a back cinch so probably older. meaning they’re going to be pretty straight leg.
      straight leg is a kind of broad term when it comes to fashion marketing, it doesn’t always mean perfectly straight it just means anything around there. a lot of straight leg stuff has a bit of slight taper below the knee. the look you’re going for you want straight sausage tubes with no taper.
      relaxed fit just means a straight or straight-ish leg with more forgiving dimensions. you wouldn’t size up as much. when in doubt look at the measurements.
      i’d start with like +2 waist size, don’t go higher on something you can’t try on or return unless you have measurements and have worn something similar. sizing up without having the upper block fit weird is going to be really body specific. bring a belt when trying shit on.
      one thing i would suggest doing is going to the mall, box store, thrift or w/e trying on a bunch of random jeans, picking out the ones where the upper block works but the legs look like how you want, then just writing down those measurments. do it once and you can order shit online with a general idea if its going to work or not.

      *repro means reproductions of old versions of a different pair of jeans, most typically levis 501, which the cut gets tweaked on constantly. typically with different denim, details etc. just the cut’s the same.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘relaxed fit’ isn’t really a cut but stuff marketed like that will tend to have a roomier thigh to waist size ratio.
    stuff just marketed as straight leg might also be cut like that too though.
    you really just need to be looking at the thigh measurement on jeans, then making sure they don’t have much taper (a little is fine) and then fitting to your waist dimension. if you want the sloppy ill fitting upper block sag look in op pic or like i posted then size up the waist a bit. if you want the upper block to fit like a normal pair of jeans, but with wide legs, look for stuff with a wider cut thigh @ your true waist size or +1.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i bought a pair of Cinch Black Label’s off of amazon for 50$ and they fit exactly like your OP picrel. and they’re tough as heck, you wouldn’t regret buying them trust me

    also I sized up 2 sizes in length for extra stacking.
    these shits are cash

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