why was the 'slim shady' look so popular in the 90s?

why was the 'slim shady' look so popular in the 90s?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    cause accessing the power to annunciate the soul is very exhausting

  2. 2 weeks ago

    it naturally follows heroin use

  3. 2 weeks ago

    Slim shady? Layne looks nothing like em mr faceblind autist

    • 2 weeks ago

      holy fuck, you need to turn 360 degrees and walk out of this thread

    • 2 weeks ago

      theyre almost identical bro

      • 2 weeks ago

        Uh they don't, at all
        Definitely faceblind
        Definitely on the spectrum
        Or a brown guy who can't tell white people apart

        • 2 weeks ago

          Definitely looks similar to staley...

          • 2 weeks ago

            I don't know what to tell you other than your brain is broken

      • 2 weeks ago

        >White guy with dyed hair
        Yeah dude

  4. 2 weeks ago

    white guys still all look like that

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Y'all act like you never seen a grunge singer before
    Jaws all on the floor like Kurt, like Courtney just burst in the door
    And started whoopin' his ass worse than before
    And now she's borrowed a shotgun, the crazy whore (ah!)
    It's the return of the-, oh, wait, no way, you're kidding
    He didn't just inject what I think he did, did he?
    And my old man said-, nothing you idiots
    My old man's dead, overdosed in my basement
    All the junkies love AIC
    Chicka-chicka-chicka Lane Staley, I'm sick of him
    Look at him, sittin' around writing more songs about brown
    And how it's oh so bad, yeah, but he's a cute lad though
    Yeah, I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose
    But no worse than what goes in Anthony Kiedis' bedroom
    Sometimes I don't wanna shit but I just let loose, yeah, it's bad
    But it's alright for Motley Crue to say drugs are cool
    "He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
    He's the one that makes ya feel alright"
    And that's the message that we deliver to kids worldwide
    And expect them not to start huffing paint by age 5
    Of course they're gonna know what "horse" is
    By the time they hit fourth grade
    They're all watching COPS after all, aren't they?
    We ain't nothin' but addicts
    Well, some of us use cannabis
    While others cut people open on LSD
    But if we can eat amphetamines and benzedrenes
    Then there's no reason that a man can't sing about heroin
    But if you feel like I feel, I got the antidote
    Tie your arm with rubber hose, sing the chorus and it goes...
    I'm Layne Staley, yes, I'm the real Staley
    All you other Layne Staleys are just imitating
    So won't the real Layne Staley, please stand up?
    Please stand up, please stand up

  6. 2 weeks ago

    Layne looks way better than Eminem.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    I heard Layne had a notoriously small dick. Who can verify this?

    • 2 weeks ago

      I can

    • 2 weeks ago

      Just ask your mom

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >no teeth
    >slim shady look


  9. 2 weeks ago

    It was popular with the "I want to act like I'm 'alt' but don't really want to commit to it" poser crowd.

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