32 thoughts on “Why is wool so itchy and uncomfortable to wear?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >bad quality
    >you got lanolin allergy
    good wool from merino sheep’s, cashmere goats, alpacas, bisons and so on it’s not itchy
    only wool from sheep’s with short or thick fibers, or recycled wool is itchy, because fibers are short or can easily break and have a lot of pointy ends touching your skin
    keep in mind that most sheep’s around the world are bred for milk, wool is just a byproduct, and that’s why there’s lots of "bad" wool out there
    t. sheep farmer

  2. Anonymous says:

    sometimes when I find a real low quality wool shirt one touch will make my whole body itch. It must have been torture being a poor kid forced to wear that crap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    im wearing a woolen sweater rn and its the comfiest piece of clothing i have
    idk what ur problem is but you should get it checked

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