31 thoughts on “Why don't women's clothes have good or any pockets?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Because women have done far more to make bags into a staple fashion accessory, so they’re already carrying around all that storage space and don’t need as much on their clothes. The
    >le hab pogits
    meme just comes from women who aren’t as in to fashion, and don’t tend to put much thought into accessories like that

  2. Anonymous says:

    so that women will have one more thing to endlessly b***h about thus bringing satisfaction and meaning to their hopelessly dull and uninteresting lives

  3. Anonymous says:

    not a fashion designer but i’ve designed some jeans:
    its because women prioritize how the upper block of their jeans makes their thighs/cooch/butt look over having pockets.
    large pocket bags and large pocket openings start to make your jeans look like mens jeans.
    if you want to see what giving womens jeans normal pockets looks like look at raw denim/heritagey brands that focus on womens cuts like railcar fine goods. i think they look great but its clearly not the kind of jeans most women are looking to buy.
    it is weird to me when i see "boyfriend cut jeans" without normal pockets though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    women had it right from the beginning
    trouser pockets are not meant for hauling around items larger than a pack of tic-tacs (comfortably)
    buldging pockets ruin any fit and make you look like an autist
    honestly they are just there for your hands to put in
    phones are just too large for pockets these days, if i have to contort myself to reach it when sitting down it’s not an option
    it’s either jacket pockets or crossbody bag/satchel in warmer seasons

    • Anonymous says:

      i love how all the zoomer "men" carry little purses around because their iToy6000 is so huge and they need to have a nintendo switch and bad dragon squirting dog dildo on them at all times

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s almost as if women shouldn’t be wearing pants. Or if they absolutely must, quit wearing pants that suffocate you like said.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Women literally co-opted a men’s fashion item (pants) and complain that it isn’t suited to their specific needs.
    heck OFF! WEAR DRESSES/SKIRTS AND USE A PURSE. WOMEN IN PANTS heck OFF. If the woman in OP wore a dress/skirt, it would hide the fact that she has a body that makes her look like a straight up man with no hips. Why do women do things to their own detriment then complain that it’s the fault of men somehow that they are choosing to heck up their own shit? heck YOU!

    I’m not actually mad, I just feel like it needs to be said in an overly exaggerated way for you to get the point because you are likely very stupid due to the fact that you’re even asking this question in the first place.

  6. Anonymous says:

    All women are hauling a foot locker with them at all times, often worth more than their entire outfit.
    Why store anything anywhere else?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it either. I bought some factory/outlet tier chinos and found them totally unwearable due to the very shallow pockets. If all my clothes were like that I don’t know what I’d do

  8. future says:

    few reasons:
    purse industry and jeans industry collaborate to keep pockets out and purses in
    this saves cost in production on one end and creares sales on the other.
    womens jeans are build for the male gaze. smooth legs uninterrupted by pockets and their fillings are supposed to pronounce curves.

      • future says:

        i’m not saying that showing off your body can’t be fun but there’s basically no jeans available that do have pockets. if you could choose to have either or then there wouldn’t be an issue.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have literally never interacted with a woman IRL bro. You sound like a caveman.
          I’m trying to imagine what your fit looks like and I all see is pic rel.
          Seriously post your fashion fit my man.

        • Anonymous says:

          >but there’s basically no jeans available that do have pockets.
          there are.
          when people make them girls don’t buy them because they don’t make your thighs look cute.
          and they do exist.
          i even mentioned examples: https://railcarfinegoods.com/collections/womens-jeans https://tateandyoko.com/collections/naked-famous-denim-womens-jeans there’s plenty more too
          nobody’s forcing you to buy $10 jeans at the mall sweetie…

          • future says:

            i’m talking accessability here also. you can find anything online, but what about the 3 clithing stores closest to your home?

    • Anonymous says:

      >womens jeans are build for the male gaze. smooth legs uninterrupted by pockets and their fillings are supposed to pronounce curves.
      no womens jeans are designed pretty much entirely around what you think looks cute on you when you try it on so you’ll buy it. YOUR opinion of what you thinks might look cute on you might then be based on "the male gaze." but that’s on you.
      i’ve designed women’s jeans.

      • future says:

        actually i wear mens jeans cause they have pockets. you know, which is why i complain about womens jeans not having them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is typical of these third wave salon feminists these days who just parrot a "progressive" tiktok they saw. If you want to have clothes with pockets, hecking buy them, these stupid cunts think you need to buy anything that’s in the store closest to you. I hecking hate this next level whining pretending you’re a victim because most women want more flattering non-pocket clothes. heck women these days are just such useless cunts that they pretend the selection of clothes is something that actually harms them.

    • Anonymous says:

      the best part is how a ton of companies make jeans exactly like how they say they want and none of them buy them.
      30-40% of packages entering the united states the last 4 years have been from shien and temu.
      womens fast fashion is an unironic blight on society and poisoning the water supply, food supply, etc with microplastics and xenoestrogens because women are addicted to cheap low quality and disposable single trend cycle clothes.

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