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  1. Anonymous says:

    Because although he is a traditionally attractive man, his entire look and style is 100% gaygy urbanite larp. He portrays the “masculine western cowboy” and decks himself out in Wrangler apparel, but he does no skilled manual labor because he spends his time living in a west coast metropolis and partaking in all the cushy amenities that these cities offer. Because of this, he likely voted Democrat every single time and unironically believes that 3rd trimester abortions are not murder and that men can literally become women. In summary, his appearance is such a gross, disconnected representation of real cowboy lifestyle and values. It’s uncanny and just completely cringe. A total gay

    • Anonymous says:

      >believes that 3rd trimester abortions are not murder
      nobody is getting an abortion that late stop fear mongering stupid chud

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not about whether there are tons of people doing it that late or about whether people are doing it that late it all. It’s about whether someone believes in principle whether it is or isn’t murder. Not to divert too off topic, but if humans can be born prematurely up to multiple months and if your nervous system and pain receptors start developing after 20 weeks of fetal development, why wouldn’t 3rd trimester abortion be murder?

        • Anonymous says:

          >why wouldn’t 3rd trimester abortion be murder?
          no one is debating this though because no one is getting an abortion that late in a pregnancy. again stop spreading lies and fake news

          • Anonymous says:

            I explained why edgy Albert makes /fashion/ seethe, and part of that has to do with the dude’s personal lifestyle and implied values. If you wanted to latch onto the abortion thing, then okay, I’m going to engage with you on that. When Roe V Wade was overturned so that the states can do what they want, literally everybody was actually debating this. If you were to go into Portland today and ask random people on the street how they feel about the legality and morality of third trimester abortion, the majority of them would say it is not murder and should be legal.

          • Anonymous says:

            sounds liek youve never had a kid. i thought the same as you for most of my life until i had a kid. anything passed 12 weeks is capital M murder

        • Anonymous says:

          you are kind of crazy, even most democrats don’t support or want or think about third trimester abortion. it’s a fringe issue for fringe weirdos. 99% of abortions that happen (for non-medical reasons) are much earlier, and the overwhelming majority are pre 20 weeks, which is totally "safe" in terms of consciousness potentially existing

          • Anonymous says:

            You are still missing the point. It’s not about the fact that third tremester abortions are rare, it’s about the PRINCIPLE of believing that they should be legal or are morally justified. And no, most democrats actually would be in favor of legalizing it for third trimester because they fundamentally do not believe that someone is actually a “person” until they leave the birth canal. The fact that this gay talks about the roots of jeans within “blackness” and calls wife beaters “wife pleasers” is pretty much proof enough to assume that he is also within the camp of believing that you’re not a person until you leave the birth canal. All these things are the reason why we hate him. It has nothing to do with his actual style. He objectively looks good. It has everything to do with his character and how it is completely disconnected from his look and is therefore completely inauthentic

    • Anonymous says:


      Funny story, I moved to Sydney from the country for a year and there was this pub where everyone dressed up like they were truckers/cowboys and shit despite it being in the middle of the city. Literally these gaygy posers arced up on us when playing pool. They all looked exactly like ops

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody is disputing that they guy is good looking and /fashion/, but his overall urban lifestyle is totally disconnected from his look and because of that it just completely ruins it. If he were to have grown up on a ranch/farm or lived in a even just a semirural place then I would have mad respect for the guy

    • Anonymous says:

      you had it until you started bringing out your insecurities there and ended up looking like you pay too much attention to men like him lol

      could’ve just called him a poser in a sentence or two and been done with it

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, it’s totally gay that anon provided a complete, succinct response. Why are zoomers like this?
        >Ask question
        >Give a good answer
        >”lmao bro are you like gay or insecure or something?”

        • Anonymous says:

          so we just accept your opinion that his was a good opinion. a long answer isnt a good answer, especially with all that schizo paranoia behind it over a dude that enjoys dressing a certain way even if he doesn’t live the lifestyle

          • Anonymous says:

            OP asked a question and anon answered very directly. You even said so yourself that he had it there, but then you said he was all insecure, whatever you’re referring to. You don’t have to agree with him, but is he really wrong at all for his adjacent remarks about the dude’s likely political beliefs and lifestyle? Edgy Albert is quite literally a hebrew guy who lives in LA, so it’s really not schizo to assume all these things about him, and it’s certainly not wrong to hate him for these things too. Hell man, just watch his YouTube videos on jeans and see him make remarks about how “jeans have their roots in bLaCkNeSs”. He really is a gay

    • Anonymous says:

      >babby’s first time realizing that fashion spreads through groups imitating other groups, even without having the same cultural background or work context
      Welcome to clothing! Enjoy you’re stay

  2. Anonymous says:

    does he actually have any fashion advice? i mean real stuff not "buy jeans that make your ass look nice"
    i just see him here and there because of his jeans autism which is ultimately inconsequential
    anyways he just comes off as a workwear larper in a sea of other trend following workwear larpers so i don’t seethe, more like completely indifferent

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really mind this guy, but I get why he’s hateable.

    What I find annoying about tiktok accounts like his is that they’re essentially just repackaging 2000s-2010’s forum/chan collaborative community knowledge and insight and repackaging it for zoomers, for their own personal gain and advancement. He has no original ideas, knows of no niche brands, and has no particular edge other than being a classically handsome guy who wears shirt and pants. So many contemporary tiktok accounts are just monetising ideas, inspo, and reccs someone came up with for free in like 2013.

    None of his fits are that great, he is a total workwear drone. He wants to lean into 80s tailoring and pleated trousers etc but he doesn’t quite get it and he just looks like an ape in bad orphaned suit separates.

    He seems like an ok guy though, and at least he "posts fit". I cannot stand those "recc" tiktokers that just point at image stills while holding their earpod mic, never exposing any skin in the game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hate these mustaches. The smug older zoomer-younger millennial mustache should be banned. You get the same annoying look with people like eddy burback

  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s hatable because he is as status quo as it gets

    He has designed himself to be the most approvable person to the demographic he wants to heck so we all view him as inauthentic. Even worse though than that, hes probably just a huge pussy

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cause he’s a skinny wide-eyed oaf-faced manlet who larps like he’s the epitome of some kind of marlboro man style just because he throws on a perfectly clean denim jacket and cowboy boots before going to the ultra-gay coffee shop every morning

  7. Anonymous says:

    i hate him because he’s a gay

    shit eating grin always, hebrew, his whole nonchalant white knight humor (calling wife beaters wife pleasers) and yes he larps hardcore. i hate anyone who uses fashion to cosplay as something they could never be in their lifetime because of how much of a gay they are

  8. Anonymous says:

    >widely regarded as one of the most fashionable menswear influencers
    >loved by women
    >/fashion/ hates him because… hes… uhh… umm… he’s not a real cowboy!
    Sure chuddy, the handsome hebrew man looks way worse than you in your cargo shorts and cum stained t shirt. Keep telling yourself that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s your reminder that if this cowboy marlboro man larper were to walk into an actual cowboy bar in eastern Oregon or Washington, he would immediately be patronized and get called a "pretty little thing" or "gay"

      • Anonymous says:

        And if those same 220lb cows were to wander into any Portland or Seattle in their faded oversized olympia hoodies and bootcut jeans dragging ragged on the floor behind their new balances they’d be sneered at as bumpkin trumpmo hillbilly stupids

        Congrats at discovering context

        • Anonymous says:

          I actually live in the Portland metro area and there are a good number of people who live in Portland that actually dress like this. It was not a good comparison. Aren’t you missing your HRT appointment right now?

  9. Anonymous says:

    >Here’s your reminder that if this cowboy marlboro man larper were to walk into an actual cowboy bar in eastern Oregon or Washington, he would immediately be patronized and get called a "pretty little thing" or "gay"

  10. Anonymous says:

    Look, it’s like this: I from buttheck nowhere, grew up in a trailer, own a horse, square dance, etc. But I wear jeans, t-shirts, and converse. This guy looks good, who the heck cares if he’s not a "real" cowboy.

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