24 thoughts on “Why do zoomers look so old?

    • Anonymous says:

      girls are all fubar because they heck up their natural hormones and their period cycles with birth control
      then there’s diet, or lack thereof
      then there’s their self-induced crippling anxiety
      then there’s the mexican/central american admixture among mutts which is a genetic nuke waiting to explode prematurely

      idk anon take your pic of any and all reasons

  1. Anonymous says:

    i thought it was the reverse, zoomers in their 20’s looking like teens while ppl from 80 years ago looking 30 when 20.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have a theory that the cause is due to an occurrence that started around mid august 2022 and ended around late october 2022

    • Anonymous says:

      Unironically true, Zoomers are the largest demographic of vape users. Zoomer girls also use more makeup than any other gen, and that shit hecks up your skin badly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    – Abusing makeup since they were like 8, which takes its toll by the time they’re 18.
    – Shitty diet where they always eat degenerate goyslop full of sugar, and drinking soda and energy drinks all the time instead of water.
    – Vaping degenerate chemicals that deposit on and get absorbed by their skin.
    – Never exercising.
    – Always on their phones, which gives them a shit posture that weakens and ages their body parts.
    – Always indoors with no exposure to sunlight, something you need for a healthy skin and hair.
    – Abusing pills of all kinds, birth control and prescription pills for their BS mental illnesses. Those supplement pills full of unnecessary chemicals don’t help either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right on the money, broke up with my ex because she couldn’t stop vaping and eating literal garbage all the time. She had a lot of mental health issues and I think it’s genuinely from that, she would never eat real meat or vegetables, only slop. Birth control and a myriad of depression pills definitely hecked her up too. I would also argue that dab pens and weed are more prevalent now, and at the very least they lower the iq points of people who are daily users, such as my ex. She’s probably infertile by this point. It’s so sad to know that this lifestyle is replicating everywhere, and one day these women will raise kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why do ZOOOOOMERS LoOk sO oLD?!?!?
    >1930 young men were looking old. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!
    This board is filled with millennials acting worse then boomers against young people. Just admit that you can’t cope with not being a teenager anymore you weirdos

  5. Anonymous says:

    Probably makeup or injections. I work with some zoomer girls that I thought were millennials but they’d just had that much work done that they had that "you look young-ish but you’re probably old" thing to them like you see on old people that have plastic surgery. Idk why but so many of them get those bizarre lip fillers and do some weird shit to their eyes or forehead that I’m not sure of.

    I can’t imagine what will happy with those fillers when they actually get to their 30s. You shouldn’t heck with your face like that at 20 but they do for some reason.

    • Anonymous says:

      >Idk why but so many of them get those bizarre lip fillers
      They’re trying to look like their Black gods. This abomination started the trend back in the late 2000’s, and all these zoomers grew up idolizing her. You can see a ton of zoomer women who are all cheap knockoffs of this kind of look.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least most of them don’t get ass implants like her and instead settle for overworking their glutes and thighs with like a 1000 squats (and twerks) in the gym.

        • Anonymous says:

          >At least most of them don’t get ass implants like her
          A lot do though, back alley ass implants are becoming a serious problem and people have been dying because of it. It’s a bizarre time to live in where people are having their ass size increased in some back alley clinic.

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