Why do women think it's okay to dress like sluts?

They think that showing skin is all it takes to attract a man. They don’t wanna have knowledge, self-esteem, or class, they just want to show off their bodies.
I much prefer a woman who dresses in a practical and comfortable way rather than a woman who shows excessive skin like the slut in the photo. And I see women dressed like her or even less clothes all the hecking time!
Loose, baggy, breathable long clothes are much better for the heat than tight clothes that show a lot of skin and don’t allow airflow. Why don’t they understand that?

33 thoughts on “Why do women think it's okay to dress like sluts?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care how women dress for the most part, only about how I dress. If I can see some fat ass and titties, my dad gets a little bit better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Morbidly obese
    >Posing in exercise clothes for staged selfie to post on social media
    How come they’re never running or in motion when they take these pics?
    Why’s it always a staged photo or selfie and never a candid?
    You never EVER see pictures or video evidence of them actually working out & their weight + physique stays the same for years.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Why do women think it’s okay to dress like sluts?
    Why do you think it’s not? Why do you care?
    >I much prefer a woman who dresses in a practical and comfortable way rather than a woman who shows excessive skin like the slut in the photo
    That woman doesn’t want to be attractive to someone like you

  4. Anonymous says:

    They think it’s okay because women are children. Men, until recently, were their fathers, since all women need guidance. However, decades of feminism, teachings of "toxic masculinity", encouragement of boys to take hormones and become women, micro/nanoplastics, and the demonization of masculinity has resulted in modern numales not having the balls to speak up and out against women when they get out of line. As a result, more women than ever before

    >go to some methhead who permanently inks her body with tattoos
    >get septum/nipple/gay piercings
    >sleep around with anyone and everyone
    >are engaging in "sex work" (because they convinced men to stop calling it what it is, prostitution/whoredom)
    >are saying things like "trans women are women" and "men can get pregnant"
    >support the infiltration and infestation of disgusting filthy brown men into our country, because white people bad

    The solution is simple, and I’ve tried it in my own relationships with the most liberal progressive of Bernietard women so I know it works. All you need to do is say no. Women are hecking mindbroken when you do that. Just don’t let them. Withhold sex if you need to, threaten to leave them if you need to (this one drives them insane, since it takes a page right out of their playbook), and get aggressive if you need to.

    But you can easily manipulate women into behaving like feminine, polite, respectable, classy women. You just have to not be a hecking pussy who is so desperate to have a turn that you’ll do anything and everything she wants you do to (cuck yourself, and like it).

    If you don’t give them boundaries, they’ll behave the exact same way a 14 year old girl will behave if you give her no boundaries.

  5. Anonymous says:

    On a hot chick those same shorts would be fine, but they look awful on a fatass like her. She needs to wear shorts at least down to her knees.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They always give that pathetic excuse that they wear such clothes for themselves, but we all know that’s a lie. There’s nothing women love more than attention. Probably even more than sex.

  7. Anonymous says:

    your loss! personally i love going hiking with women and allowing them to lead the way. the views are incredible

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