20 thoughts on “Why do the masses fear this simple, easy to wear garment?

  1. Anonymous says:

    usually shit material
    super hot to wear
    i get super sweaty in it and then it’s gross
    i can wear a tshirt to work
    trying to wash it and have it look normal again is difficult

  2. Anonymous says:

    I prefer mine off white and made from unbleached linen. It’s comfier and easier on the eyes.

    The plebs hate them because their first encounter with shirts is in school where they’re always made out of very poor materials so everyone can afford the school uniform. Due to this they assume every shirt is polyester and has poor breathability and so they avoid shirts entirely.

    Also people have this crab bucket mindset so they virtue signal by acting in a very Spartan manner and mocking and being passive aggressive to others who don’t (e.g. people who buy more expensive xyz).
    Boomers are particularly bad for this. E.g I was talking to my maternal grandfather the other day about how I make some of my clothes myself. My mother mentioned off hand that my trousers cost about £40 a pair so I’d be saving money. Then my grandfather said something like “well mine only cost £18 at sports direct” very smugly. Completely missing the point that I intended to make a higher quality garment and not be reliant on/supporting commies in China.

    • Anonymous says:


      Also people have gotten it into their head that shirts are “formal” rather than the bare minimum so people assume they only wear them for “formal” events. This differs by country of course but in Britain I blame the postwar poverty (which was completely preventable btw). My family was literally reliant on poaching game to survive. All the pictures of poor neighbourhoods from back then show adults who are decently dressed and kids who are barely dressed (tank top and shorts, sometimes no shoes)/wearing old or tattered clothes. So I assume a large part of that generation grew up dressed like absolute shit and basically didn’t see a problem with it. There’s an Ed Dutton video about this on YouTube somewhere where he mentions a lot of children in that generation were so poor they didn’t own underwear.

      Once when wearing a white shirts and some green shorts someone asked me if I was celebrating oktoberfest. I’m not even German. I guess they just assumed I must be doing something important because of the white shirt.

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