34 thoughts on “why do some men shave their pits? it's not attractive

      • Anonymous says:

        If it gets long you can feel it when you put your arms down, or it brushes against your clothing. My comfort comes before appearance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mine gets really long and I feel it too. I don’t shave though because under your arms is a bad place for it to itch when it grows back, but I do trim it all short. If I let it grow it starts poking out through the sleeves of my t shirts and that looks gross. I just trim it down to about an inch with clippers, and trim my pubes down to maybe a quarter inch or less.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also I trim my nipple hair because it gets long and looks weird. IME my deodorant works better after I trim my armpit hair.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hair outside of the head or the eyebrows/lashes is unaesthetic in general on human beings. Your natural “coat” is your bare skin, having sudden patches of thick hair is like an animal with a fur coat having sudden patches of bare skin, it looks gross. Like imagine if you went up to a cat or a dog and it had random patches of no fur under its legs and on its back, it would look weird.

    • Anonymous says:

      b***h, every inch of your skin, besides your palms and soles, is covered in hair, whether you’re a man or a woman. They are simply finer compared to the hair on your head, and less densely packed than animal fur, so they aren’t immediately noticeable.

    • Anonymous says:

      >patches of thick hair are gross, even if they are supposed to be there and naturally attractive to humans
      >except your head and lashes/brows of course, I like those because because. those are totally attractive because
      >yes my preferences are completely biological and not shaped by razor companies

      • Anonymous says:

        >your preferences on being clean shaven are shaped by razor companies
        Ancient Romans didn’t like facial hair either because it looked barbaric. It’s also been the case for most of European history that shaving is better. Just look at any painting or statue of anyone in history, and you’ll see that 90% of the time they’re either clean shaven or only have a mustache. Peter The First of Russia even enforced a tax on people who didn’t shave their beards because he wanted Russian people clean shaven like the rest of Europe did.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ancient through medieval Europeans are almost as backwards, barbaric, and primitive as mudhut bone-through-nose Africans, just with castles built by slaves, a few pretty clothes sewn by women, and some guys doing math at a school.
          They had to shave because they had lice. if you shave, I assume you’re dirty and nasty and have lice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I shave my chest, belly, pubes, arms, pits, and feet. also i keep my face clean shaven. I shave my face daily and the rest I just do once a month.
    i dont have very thick or dark hair but my genes are all french so i have hair everywhere. just now starting to get back hair at 24, so i’ll shave that too. its just more comfortable to be smooth, and why have abs if theyre just gonna be covered by hair?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The truth is both women and men look better with natural armpits. Shaving your armpits is kind of nasty when you think about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i shave my whole body besides my head and eyebrows
    i think the twink look is the best look for looksmaxxing
    im not gay in a signa for chrissakes

  5. Anonymous says:

    if you keep your pits shaved they will literally never smell. they have to be shaved with a razor though, not "trimmed" or buzzed with beard trimmer. if you don’t have the rest of your bodyhair shaved, you aren’t gonna look like a gay.

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